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WWWF All-Star Wrestling (9.13.1975) Review

July 24, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
WWWF All-Star Wrestling 9-13-1975
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WWWF All-Star Wrestling (9.13.1975) Review  

-After reviewing that MSG show from 1975, I thought I’d pop over to the Network and see what their timeline looks like for the syndicated programming from that era. They have one episode that falls smack in the middle between the show I just reviewed and the next house show that I have sitting on the hard drive, so I figured I might as well review it.

-Originally aired September 13, 1975.

-Opens with a disclaimer in fluent Vincese, as we’re warned “Discretionary viewer participation is advised for the following wrestling exhibition.” So…viewer discretion advised.

-Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Antonino Rocca. Rocca’s commentary style is like Johnny Weaver, except that English is Rocca’s second language so you actually expect him to talk like that.


-Hey, we’ve been seeing “Ultimate Dream” Tom Stanton on the past few weeks of Mid-South! Graham and Grand start right off with a great piece of shtick, with scrawny little Grand Wizard struggling like a Looney Tunes character to pull Graham’s t-shirt off him because his biceps are just so damn big.

-Graham does a nice amateur takedown to start off, and then some hammering blows, followed by hammering blows. The WWWF definitely…had a style and a pace. Stanton retreats to the floor, and Graham snaps his neck over the top while bringing him back in. HARD elbow by Graham square on the chin. Stanton is taking some great bumps here, aided by a well-miked ring, with audible squeaks and creaks on the impact from an Irish whip. Bearhug gets the submission win for Graham.

BLACKJACKS (Tag Team Champions, with Captain Lou Albano) vs. BUDDY PORTER & BUZZ SAWYER
-Oddly enough, no, not that Buzz Sawyer. The one you’re thinking of won’t be in the business for another three years. His partner, Buddy Porter, is 100% what you’re picturing when you try to imagine what a wrestler named Buddy Porter might look like.

-Blackjacks trade off with hammerlocks on Sawyer. Lanza throws punches, his combover going askew each time a blow lands. Mulligan tags in and targets the ribs with his shots. Sawyer tags in Buddy Porter, and the Blackjacks go after the throat, with Lanza giving him thumbs to the Adam’s apple, then distracting the referee while Captain Lou chokes him out. Lanza finishes him with the claw.

-And this instantly becomes the best episode of televised wrestling you can ask for in 1975, because Vince McMahon is here with The Grand Wizard and Superstar Billy Graham, who, out of “the goodness of his enlarged heart,” has agreed to let Vince speak to him…but just SPEAK to him, Vince isn’t permitted to touch him. Vince Sr. was crazy for not seeing the potential of this guy as a babyface because this promo is wall-to-wall hilarious. Bruno Sammartino is sitting in his easy chair, and he’s fat, pot-bellied, and doesn’t even have a tan! Meanwhile, Graham has been drinking mineral water and lifting thousands of pounds in Arizona. Graham calls Bruno out for not signing matches with promoters outside of the northeast, because he was afraid he’d be on the same bill as Billy Graham, so Graham has come to the WWWF to keep Bruno from having a place to hide.


-Baron hammers Miranda and hammers him and hammers him and hammers him and hammers him and hammers him and hammers him. Vince and Rocca have so little to say here that they’re promoting the other squash matches coming up later on the show. Knee to the throat gives Baron the win.


-Monte looks like a job guy version of Jimmy Valiant. He punches and kicks Flores and it’s always nice to see guys working safe, but he’s throwing the most gentle, timid shots and zooming in was ill-advised for this match. Flores catches Monte mid-run and hiptosses him, which shocks the crowd because it was neither a punch nor a kick. Monte fights back and throws Flores over the top rope. Flores is good and mad and this just turns into a fight, with Flores finally getting the decisive upper hand with a slam. He goes for an abdominal stretch, but Monte turns it into an airplane spin and dumps Flores outside. They brawl on the apron for a bit before the referee gets fed up and counts out both guys, which is not the ending I was expecting for this match. That actually turned into a pretty good little match.

LOUIS CERDAN & TONY PARISI vs. WALDO VON ERICH & BUGSY MCGRAW (with Fred Blassie & Captain Lou Albano)
-Parisi & Waldo start this off. Waldo breaks out dirty tactics right away, so Parisi won’t even give him the satisfaction of waiting a bit, he starts fighting back with eye gouges right away. Crowd is actually yelling “Hooray” with every bump like they’re in an old-timey boxing movie. Albano immediately jumps on the apron to start something while Blassie yells at the referee. Cerdan & Parisi see that and immediately sense that the managers are going to be trouble, so they whisper something to the referee and leave, and the referee actually makes a time-out signal and just declares that he’s stopping the match while we wait for something.

-And a few minutes later, Parisi and Cerdan return to the ring with Andre the Giant following them, and the heels lose their shit. Andre is actually still relatively thin, and watching him bound up the stairs into the ring is a surprisingly jarring visual.

-So the match restarts. Parisi and Waldo take turns missing their stuff and Cerdan tags in to work the legs over on Von Erich. Blassie and Albano are now standing on the apron for the entire match because they’re so terrified of Andre. Referee gets distracted long enough for the managers to try something, so Andre heads over and the managers scatter, so Andre settles for just hitting Bugsy, which is funny because it’s just so out of nowhere the way he does it.

-Bugsy tags in and slams Parisi down, but he misses a splash. Cerdan cuts off an attempted tag by the heels, and then takes on everybody including the managers. And this is just the most surreal thing ever because Blassie never took manager bumps, but Parisi just kicks the shit out of him here, and he and Albano are clinging to life on the floor after he’s done with them. Referee tries to restore order again, but the managers run in and it turns into a 4-on-2 brawl, and NOW Andre finally does something about it, and he runs in and beats on both managers as TV time very abruptly runs out and Vince signs off.

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The old WWWF isn't for everyone, but the main event is wild and the Superstar Billy Graham segment is marvelous. This one is worth a look.