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WWWF Championship Wrestling (11.12.1977) Review

December 12, 2020 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Chief Jay Strongbow Peter Maivia WWWF Championship Wrestling
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WWWF Championship Wrestling (11.12.1977) Review  

-Originally aired November 12, 1977.

-Your host is Vince McMahon.

-Your jacket color is canary yellow.


-Vince has expanded his name to “Honorary Indian Chief Jay Strongbow” and I have to wonder if there was some scandal with a local newspaper exposing kayfabe, because suddenly Vince’s whole thing on commentary the past few shows has been acknowledging “Okay, yeah, he’s not REALLY a Native American.”

-Peter Maivia gets worked over by the jobbers. Rodz comes off the top with a boot to the stomach and Estrada applies a chinlock. Maivia just uses an amateur takedown to break the hold and tags in Strongbow, and Strongbow gets caught in the wrong corner and takes his licks. They target the head, which gets Strongbow fired up, so apparently Strongbow is also an honorary black guy.

-Jobbers get their bearings and start attacking again. Hard Irish whip by Strongbow, but he staggers over and manages to tag Maivia in. Maivia takes on both opponents with chops. Strongbow tags in and finishes with the sleeper. Actually wasn’t a half-bad match.

IVAN PUTSKI vs. “The Continental Nobleman” JOE TURCO

-Well, this guy just zoomed to “Favorite Jobber of 1977” for me. Great attention to detail with his facial hair; he totally looks like an old-timey painting of some Victorian-era knob.

-So Putski pulls on his facial hair to a big pop, then clamps him in a side headlock and punches him across the ring. Turco tries clubbing blows, but Putski shrugs it off. Vince shocks me with a literary reference on commentary, as the cameras cut to smiling kids at ringside and Vince points out all the “Lilliputians” in attendance this week. Bearhug by Putski gets an emphatic submission. Crowd yells “Yayyyyy!” like in newsreel boxing footage for the victory.

-Vince McMahon talks to the Super Chiefs, who challenge Fuji & Tanaka to a title match.

BUTCHER VACHON (with Captain Lou Albano) vs. STEVE KING

-Vachon strangles King against the ropes and puts the boots to him. King fights back hard enough that Vachon retreats to the corner to get advice from Captain Lou Albano. Albano’s advice: “Take one step, and then the next. Do the Mario.”

-Vachon boots down King and then splashes him for three. Vince says that Vachon squashed King, and…well, yes.

LARRY ZBYSZKO vs. STAN STASIAK (with The Grand Wizard)

-Stasiak unloads on Larry with his taped fist. Larry fights back and gets Stasiak on the mat with a hammerlock, and that’s your story for the whole match, as Stasiak repeatedly escapes it, but then keeps screwing up his next attempt at offense and ends up trapped in the hold again. Amazing how easy pro wrestling used to be.

-Stasiak FINALLY gets something accomplished, just heaving Larry out to the floor and then ramming him into the turnbuckles. Side note: Watching old wrestling, I’m a little amazed at how color-coordinating the turnbuckles apparently used to be an impossible task.

-Larry tries to re-enter the ring, but Stasiak keeps blocking re-entry, and Larry gets so exasperated that in a major rage-dump, he yanks Stasiak by the ankles out to the floor and rams him into the ringside table repeatedly, then whaps him with a chair! Damn, Larry, have a Snickers! Jjjjjjjjjoe McHugh declares it a double count-out. Betcha we have to settle this at house shows near you! Good match.


-This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen non-Missing Link Robertson, and it’s funny to see him just as “Canadian Bob Backlund” here in a singlet with a neutral facial expression.

-Full nelson by Robertson. Tanaka escapes but ends up in a headscissors. Tanaka makes the ropes and tries to work the leg, but Robertson wriggles away from him. Champs try to double-team him, but Robertson just gets mad and aggressively punches back before tagging out.

-Rivera gets caught in a purple nurple. Tanaka works the neck over and then lets Fuji have a turn. But then it’s hot tag Robertson and he gets Fuji caught in an abdominal stretch. Tanaka breaks it with a chop to the neck, so Robertson tags out and Fuji lays into Rivera with kicks to the rips and a kamikaze clothesline (flying clothesline) for three. Not bad.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This is actually as good a week of this show as I've seen since I started reviewing. Actual competitive matches made for a brisk hour.