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wXw On A Hiatus Again As Germany Begins Second COVID-19 Lockdown

October 30, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that with Germany entering a second lockdown period due to COVID-19 this week, wXw has announced they are going on another hiatus.

The company is moving dates that were set for January and February to November. They regularly used the Martkhalle in Hamburg, but that has been closed until the end of March. The venue will be used to house homeless people during the winter months. wXw is planning to make its return in May to the venue in May.

At this time it’s unknown if their 16 Carat Gold tournament, which usually happens in March, will still run. Either it will be moved to the fall, pushed back to March 2022 or they will simply find another venue with a reduced capacity. That decision will likely be made early next year. wXw’s wrestling school also closed on October 19 and will stay that way until the end of November at least.

The hiatus likely won’t be noticed by fans for some time, however, if at all. The Catch Grand Prix tournament for their TV show on streaming was taped in September and runs through mid-December. They were planning to tape a new season of Shotgun in early November on a closed set. They still hope to resume taping in early December but they will only be able to use wrestlers living in Germany. They are in talks with the city of Oberhausen for using fans as extras.

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