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Hamilton’s wXw Shotgun 2020 Review 07.24.20

July 24, 2020 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
wXw Shotgun
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Hamilton’s wXw Shotgun 2020 Review 07.24.20  

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— By the way, wXw are looking at a second season of Shotgun – you too can help out by buying a “virtual ticket” (and getting your name in the credits, along with posters) over at https://www.universe.com/events/geistertickets-wxw-shotgun-2020-season-2-shortcut-to-the-top-2020-tickets-essen-N4ZCF5

Quick Results

Marius al-Ani pinned Anil Marik in 5:40 (**¾)

— It’s straight in with the titles, as Sebastian Hollmichel introduces the show. We jump to a Leon van Gasteren promo, as he “properly introduces himself,” complete with old promo photos as he tells us he came through times the current generation wouldn’t have survived in. There’s more than a few digs at the rookies of today, saying he’s here because he’s got heart and passion, and he’s proud to be part of the best German independent wrestling promotion. Leon’s got his eyes set on a wXw title… and we cross away.

To Marius al-Ani winding up the rookies last week… and then Avalanche giving Anil Marik some tips at the Academy. Avalanche warns him not to take things lightly, then gave Anil extra training to help get out of the ankle lock. Avalanche still has a bum knee, thanks to the high tackle-like dropkick he got at the hands of Metehan last week… I dig those little touches. And the cheapshot that Avalanche had to prepare Marik for…

Anil Marik vs. Marius al-Ani

Marik’s out in his wXw academy shirt as he’s still very early in his wrestling career. This may be almost mission impossible for him…

From the off, Marik’s taken into the corner from a lock-up, which Marius broke cleanly from… before we washed, rinsed and repeated. There’s a shoving match, with Marik ending up being taken down with a waistlock, before al-Ani began to work over the arm. Marik snapmares his way free, before a crucifix pin nearly upset the former Shotgun champion.

Marius is back as he rolled down for Marik’s leg, and quickly went for the ankle lock… before throwing the rookie skyward so he could punt him in the chest. al-Ani keeps the attack going, following with a snap suplex for a two-count, before switching to an armbar that Marik meekly tried to fight out of.

A spinning heel kick dumps Anil for a two-count, but Marius stays on top of him with a chinlock, ending in the ropes. There’s another cheapshot as Marius rushes in with a clothesline in the ropes, as Sebastian wistfully hoped that Avalanche recovered from his injury. Marius keeps throwing in cheapshots as Marik was on the ropes, but Anil finally catches a break with a floatover in the corner before landing a Slingblade.

That offence quickly gets crushed with a dropkick from al-Ani though, before he trapped Marik with a roll-through into an ankle lock. Marik rolls through and pushes away though, which shocked Marius… who rushes back in with a series of clotheslines for a near-fall before a knee strike and a Diamond Driver gets the win. A pretty solid squash, with Marik showing some progression from that academy vignette – to the point where he visibly had angered al-Ani by the end. **¾

Nico Schmidt’s in the ring afterwards. Is he Marius’ personal interviewer? Nico congratulates Marius for beating another academy trainee, then asked if he went a little overboard. Marius tells us this is a contact sport, not acting, and so he’s forcing these kids to “walk the way of the professional.” Marius took aim at Avalanche for not training the academy lads in discipline… which brought the head trainer out.

al-Ani accused Avalanche of “farming a bunch of wimps,” which prompted Avalanche to shoot back and say that Marius is his own worst enemy judging by where he is vs. where he should be. Marius replied to say he’ll become champion while Avalanche “farms wimps,” before a shoving match ended things.

— Last week: Absolute Andy booked Killer Kelly vs. Levaniel for the women’s title shot.

— This week: Levaniel’s breaking the news to Amale. Levaniel has an idea to protect the title… but it’s him taking credit for Andy’s idea. Amale wasn’t thrilled with Levaniel “taking care of her business”… that match will be on next week’s season finale!

— They recap Norman Harras losing to the Rotation earlier in the season… then it’s promo time with Norman in a suit. He addresses how this series has been a “stumbling block” for him, even though he reckons he’s put a target on his own back. He called his match with Rotation a “throwaway match”, annoyed that what came beforehand counted for nought. Norman promises to show what he can do in the future… then storms off.

— Another recap, this time of Alexander Wolfe forfeiting the Shotgun title at the start of the season… next week, it’s Metehan vs. Hektor Invictus for the title, and now we get recaps of their path there.

— Hektor Invictus is with Nico Schmidt ahead of the match. Hektor says he’s hit the business like a hurricane, and has paid attention to EZEL’s tactics… but the “one man army” is no match. Then we get the Metehan recap and promo, with Metehan retconning his past as Lucky Kid… he’s asked what Metehan how he’ll do better than Lucky Kid, and in response, Metehan says he’s fighting for his family. Metehan takes umbridge at Nico’s questionning, then tells him to piss off…

— Next week: Metehan vs. Hektor Invictus for the Shotgun title, plus Killer Kelly vs. Levaniel for that women’s title shot, and that’s it.

The final score: review Average
The 411
A massively truncated show, with previous events forcing wXw’s hand. It’s also meant we’ve lost an entire episode as the 10-week run became nine… but considering that shooting new content wasn’t an option, wXw’s made the best of a bad situation - and at least that Marik/al-Ani match was good for a TV squash. As for the Avalanche/al-Ani match, I’m guessing that’ll be saved for season two of Shotgun 2020...

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