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Xavier Woods Considers Tyler Breeze His Archenemy for UpUpDownDown, Explains Logic for Game Selection for the UUDD Tournament

December 3, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Xavier Woods WWE

Gamespot.com interviewed WWE Superstar Xavier Woods this week. Woods was promoting the launch of the new podcast for The New Day, The New Day: Feel the Power. Below are some highlights.

Woods on Tyler Breeze winning the UUDD Championship: “I despise Tyler Breeze. I despise Charles, whatever you want to call him. He who has many names because he is nothing but the devil. He is a beast. I hope that all of the bad things in life happen to him. He has fully invaded UpUpDownDown with his disgusting LeftRightLeftRight crew. He is the current UpUpDownDown Champion. But I don’t know if that win was actually valid, so we’ll have to go back and watch the tape. He is my arch-nemesis. He is my rival. These are dark days for me. But I will persevere, and I will defeat him.”

Xavier Woods on the UpUpDownDown Superstar tournament: “I try to create a situation where we’ve got a chunk of games that are kind of even. So, yeah, Mortal Kombat 1, if you know how to play that game and you’re good, you’re going to crush somebody. But if you’re mashing buttons, you could still get lucky. With Tiny Toons, the obstacle course, if you figured out the buttons and just move around with them, you’re going to win. You know, if the other person doesn’t. But if you both figured out, now you’re kind of, now you’re neck and neck in something that’s ridiculous.”

Woods on how he tries to make the tournament evenly matched: “I try to make it as even as possible because they don’t know what the games are. And so to see someone who’s saying, ‘Oh, I grew up with these games.’ So it’s like for one, it’s cool for me because now I get to have my friends play these retro games that lots of them haven’t played before. But then for you, the viewer, you see me ‘reveal the game, and everyone’s seeing it at the same time. ‘Oh, Tiny Toons!’ Now you’re watching, and you go, ‘Oh, I remember that game. That was dope. Oh wait, what Big E is going to play this game? I’m super into it.’ So that it creates environments where we get moments like that where you can really, you as an old school gamer can really resonate with what’s going on. You know? And especially if you’ve played the game and it’s close to you, you know the buttons and watching people freak out trying to figure out how to play it that’s funny. At least to me it is.”