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Young Bucks Take Shot at Randy Orton, Seek Out Action Figures Latest Being the Elite

August 17, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Being the Elite

The latest episode of Being the Elite is online, with the Young Bucks making a joke at Randy Orton’s expense plus plenty more. You can see the full video below along with a recap.

* The episode starts with Best Friends figuring out how to kill Brandon Cutler and approaching him, only to be stopped while a witness walks by. That gives Cutler the opening to apologize and talk about he was hallucinating last time they talked. They let him go. They still can’t wait to kill him though.

* After the credit sequence, we get a look at the AEW Unrivaled action figures with an ad. Then the Jacksons are at a Wal-Mart looking for their action figures because they haven’t had a chance to see the final finished product. However, there are no figures there as they’re all sold out.

* They’re next at Daily’s Place for Dynamite, which is Tag Team Appreciation Night. Nick and Matt talk about their match against the Dark Order and their history with them and say it should be a fun night.

* Alex Abrahantes is up next with Speaking Spanglish where Santana and Ortiz are facing charges. Dasha Gonzalez is the judge. T%he charges, argued by Alex Marvez, is that allegations from the two have caused Marko Stunt’s Tinder analytics to plummet. Ortiz argues Marko didn’t get Tinder dates before and is a liar, which offends Marko and it turns into an arguing match until Dasha calls for Order, and John Silver and Alex Reynolds appear. Rick Knox chases them off, and Santana and Ortiz say it was “just chisme.” Dasha then sides with Santana and Ortiz because that’s part of their culture.

* The Jacksons are in the EVP room when Daniels comes in seeking Colt Cabana. They realize that no one has seen him for a couple of weeks. Daniels leaves and the Bucks question if Kenny Omega did something to Colt. They see that Omega’s “The Cleaner” ring gear is in the room.

* After some footage of the Young Bucks vs. Uno and Grayson match, we get Daniels’ infomercial about AAAAGGGGG poison mortgages, which are complex enough that he doesn’t quite get it himself.

* Matt Hardy runs into Mike backstage and apologizes for punching him last week, thinking he was Sammy Guevara. Ryzin shows up and puts a hand on his shoulder, and Matt goes into attack mode again and puts him into a chokehold thinking he’s Sammy. He realizes it’s not Sammy and lets him go. When Ryzin says they have history, Matt says he doesn’t know anyone anymore..

* Backstage, Matt is on the phone with Brandon and asks him to film something for “50+ for 50+” segment. He says it has to be something boring, slow and plodding. After Brandon offers a suggestion on the phone, Matt says, “Yeah, it’s a good idea but I don’t think WWE is going to license out a Randy Orton match.”

* We then see Cutler teaching people how to build their own computer for the 50+ for 50+ segment.

* Silver and Reynolds talk about needing to get their act together and recruit someone. They talk about potential recruits like Jon Moxley (if only he didn’t hate them), Tom Arnold (married to Roseanne, so tough), Sinbad, and Pauly Shore. Peter Avalon shows up and says that he’s interested in joining, much to Leva’s disdain. Silver and Reynolds aren’t down with the idea and tell him he’s not in and can’t sit with them. They berate him but he doesn’t seem to get it.

* Brodie Lee demands to see how well Evil Uno can throw paper. Uno doesn’t seem too impressed, and tells him to throw the next paper right at the head of the next guy to come in. That ends up being Tony Schiavone, who says, “What the f**k?” Lee yells at Uno and walks out with Tony.

* Finally, we see Colt Cabana in a POV segment walking through a hallway backstage with messed up vision and in pain. He avoids the EVP room and goes to medical, where the doctor asks what happens and says “Scotty, that’s a lot of gold, man.” And that’s the show.

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