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Zicky Dice On Who Inspired ‘Outlandish Paradise’ Twitch Event, Potential For More Shows

January 14, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Zicky Dice

Zicky Dice is set to host his Outlandish Paradise Twitch show over the weekend, and he recently discussed who helped inspired the show and more. Dice spoke with Fightful to promote the show, and you can see some highlights below:

Zicky Dice on Thunder Rosa helping inspire the idea: “This has been my baby. This has been my idea. I might have mentioned this before, but if it wasn’t for Thunder Rosa, I have to take my fanny pack off to her once again, she reached out to me a while back and said, ‘Listen, you need to focus on one platform, whether that’s Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, put all your energy into one.’ ‘Okay. Alright.’ It was the very next day that Twitch approach me and said, ‘We’re trying out this program, we’re bringing on some wrestlers, we’ll start you with a partnership, and let’s see what you can do.’ I said, ‘I don’t play video games.’ They said, ‘perfect, how creative can you get?'”

Zicky Dice on growing his Twitch viewership and pitching the show: “It’s been about a year and a half since that conversation. We had a front-page stream on Twitch averaging anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 live viewers every Wednesday. I hosted a game show called Hive Mind and making great connections with other creators on the platform. Every single meeting I would have in-between, I would pitch them this idea. It would fall, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’ll think about it. It’s not the right time.’

“Come this August, I finally made the pitch and they said, ‘Yeah, we’ll do it.’ You know what sold them? Cable television is soon to be absolute. I can see into the future. What I saw, I saw fans hopping the barricade, all these fans want to get into our business, so why not bring the people interactive professional wrestling? If you want to be part of it, that’s what I’m doing. It’s not my wrestling show, it’s yours, and I’m giving it to you for free at Twitch.tv/ZickyDice. What does that mean? It means the chat has the opportunity to get involved in these matches individually and actually control what happens in the matches in real-time”.

On the possibility of doing more: “It’s a pilot. If all goes well, there is going to be a lot more. There is going to be a lot of learning curves. The show hasn’t earned the respect that it deserves just yet, but we’re going to change that next week. It’s about time that things are all about me. It’s about time that my name I popping up on the dirty sheets again and that I start turning heads lets Zicky loves to do. We’re doing that at my Paradise. With the interaction where we can check and take predictions on who is going to win. Something I came up with is the Hey Brother Battle Royal. All the people that replied the eyes, I chose a good amount of people, 20 of them, to be part of the show. Hopefully, win an opportunity.

“I’m trying to put asses in seats. I’m trying to bring you something hot that is in a small capacity building. Small and intimate, just the way I like it. With the Hey Brother Battle Royal, I’m going to introduce it right here, something I call the Sack or Save. The chat is going to have the opportunity, if someone gets eliminated from the match, to get them either back in the match or sent home packing.”

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