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Zoey Stark Says Trish Stratus Didn’t Notice Hitting Her With a Chair In Raw Match

November 24, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Trish Stratus Zoey Stark WWE Raw 6-19-23 Image Credit: WWE

Zoey Stark got hit with a chair by Trish Stratus during Stark’s Raw match back in August, and Stark says Trish didn’t notice it happened at the time. The moment happened on the August 28th episode of Raw where Stark battled Becky Lunch in a Falls Count Anywhere match; Trish was tossing chairs into the ring to help Stark out and one hit Stark in the face. She talked about the moment in an interview with Fightful and some highlights are below:

On getting hit with the chair: “You can’t even plan that. If we were to plan that, she would have missed. It’s one of those weird things where she’s putting the chairs in, and as I turn around, a damn chair comes flying at my head. I’m just more baffled of what just happened. How did I even get to this position where Trish Stratus is throwing chairs into the ring and nails me with one perfectly. I heard people in the back were like, ‘You know you hit Zoey with the chair, right?’ She was so focused at what she was doing, she didn’t realize it, which is hilarious.”

On how she felt after the match: “I felt great. That was my first main event match and to be able to do it with Becky Lynch in a Falls Count Anywhere match and we bring weapons into it, it was amazing. I never in my life thought I would have that opportunity. To be able to have that is great.”