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New Overwatch 2 Video Shows Off Sojourn’s Ability Kit

April 15, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sojourn Overwatch 2 Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

The first beta for Overwatch 2 is set to launch in a couple weeks, and a new developer update video looks at new Damage hero Sojourn’s ability kit. Blizzard released the following video with Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman and Narrative Designer Miranda Moyer talking about the new hero’s lore and abilities ahead of her debut in the beta that launches on April 26th.

Sojourn, the first Canadian hero in the game, was a captain of Overwatch who was a bit part of the hearings that led to the group’s shutdown. In terms of her abilities, she has a rail gun that as you fire charges up the alt-fire, which does the massive damage typical of a railgun in other games. She also has a slide ability that allows you to slide forward quickly and, if you leap during the slide, get great height. Her second ability is an AOE shot that slows everyone in the radius and does damage to them, while her Ultimate quickly charges her alt-fire over and over for a short amount of time.

Sojourn will be part of the first beta and one of several new heroes set to debut in Overwatch 2. The beta will include Sojourn as well as reworks of Sombra, Bastion, Orisa, and Doomfist; the switch to 5 vs. 5 gameplay (removing a tank); the new Push game mode; a ping system; and several new maps. You can opt in to the beta here.

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