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PFL Fighter Kayla Harrison Calls Out Cris Cyborg For a Fight

August 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Kayla Harrison knows that Cris Cyborg will be free of the UFC soon, and she wants to get in the cage with the former champion. Harrison, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and member of the PFL roster, spoke with TMZ and said that she would like to face off with Cyborg.

Cyborg is set to be released by the UFC after a bitter public dispute with Dana White and the company. Harrison told TMZ that she’s impressed with Cyborg and wants her to join the PFL.

“For sure,” Harrison said. “I think that she’d fit right in at the PFL. First of all, it’s 155 pounds so she wouldn’t be dying to make the weight like she does at 145. And I think that there’s not really anybody else out there who’s going to give her — I’m going to beat Cris Cyborg if she comes to the PFL. And I don’t think any other organization can offer her that. Plus it’s a ‘You win, you fight, you move on’ atmosphere. So she doesn’t have to worry about the promoters liking her or not liking her, which seems to be a big problem for her. Like, you win, you get to continue.”

You can see the full interview below: