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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 1.05.16

January 5, 2016 | Posted by Aaron Scott

And our final TNA World Title Series Leaderboard….


Ethan Carter III vs Lashley
Matt Hardy vs Eric Young

For these men and women, sport is everything. Their lives, dedicated to being the very best at what they do… dedicated to being Champion.

It’s World Title Series time! Hey everyone this is AaronScott saying hello and what’s up! Welcome to 2016, welcome to POP TV, WELCOME TO 411’s IMPACT REPORT! Eric Young takes on Matt Hardy, EC3 faces Lashley and one of these four wresters, nay, superstars will achieve their dream tonight it is the debut of Impact Wrestling on POP TV!

Days of our Semi Finalists’ Lives w Dixie Carter

Dixie says words with the title Yay Dixie and ETHAN CARTER III!!!

“Trouble X 3”

Ethan says he wasn’t invited by Dixie but he figures he wants to have an “Airing of Grievances.” The fans chant for him and Ethan sees Dixie was upset that he defeated Angle by himself. Number two, Dixie is mad that he defended the title. NUMBER THREE is Dixie stacked the deck against him by adding Hardy into the main event of Bound for Glory. Tonight it is over because he wins and he will become… well the winner, you know what he said.

Dixie says look in the mirror. All of it is because of what he is and he did. Matt beat Carter at BFG and Ethan used lawyers to get his way. Carter mocks her and all of a sudden MATT HARDY makes his way out with microphone to say none of that shit matters from Carter. The only people that got robbed were the fans when his legal nonsense took away the title. Fortunately the brilliant Series served that and tonight we get a new Champion.


Hardy gets beaten down by EY and smashed into the buckles! Eric Young beats on Hardy as Tyrus and Ethan join in! The Asaiatic Spike from Tyrus! Young chokes down Matt and LASHLEY.

The Destroyer joins the fray and he fights with Tyrus, choke on Tyrus! Young attacks but gets tossed with a backdrop! Matt hits Ethan to send him outside, tosses Eric! Matt follows on the ringside attack! Hardy and Eric fight in the ring as Tyrus and Ethan attack Lashley on the floor. Hardy tosses Eric high over the side and climbing up, splashes down into all three wrestlers!

Ethan Carter III vs Lashley

World Title Series Match – Semi Finals

Both men square off and finally Lashley knocks Ethan down. Carter goes for the 1 Percenter but Lashley avoids and manages a Spear attempt however Carter wisely avoids. Lashley fights with lunges in the corner and an overhead suplex, Carter forced to take a powder to the floor.

Lashley drags him up but takes a chin snap off the ropes. Carter flies for the Splash in the Corner but is caught and reverses, Lashley charges and eats some elevated boots! Ethan sends Lashley through the ropes and Tyrus bodyslams the Destroyer on the floor!

Ethan All Smiles Taunt No. 2.

Carter outside to peel up Lashley and sends the man through the ropes, as they talk about how Lashley is up SCHITT’S Creek. Carter sends Lashley inside to capitalize as Pope says, and starts slamming arms across the chest of a laid out Lashley under the ropes.

Lashley gets caught in the sleeper but works his way up as Josh puts over his 14 and 2 MMA record. Ethan knocks the man down and hits a leaping stomp off the ropes. Lashley manages to power Ethan down with a pickup slam and only gets the two. Carter with the jawbreaker, the Stinger Splash and the TKO- Nope only a two.

The fans are split and chanting for both throughout the match, Ethan Carter lands some knees and 1 Percenter? NO! Lashley from the corner with the clothesline! The pickup and the POWERSLAM!

Tyrus has the ankle! Ethan flying, caught in the corner and Lashley just picks and crashes to smash Tyrus! Ethan moves and Lashley crashes into the ropes, Ethan rolls him up and a handful of tights!


OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III at 9:37, Handful of Tights

Ethan Carter advances to the World Title Series Finals and will face the winner of Hardy/Young.


is here and he is walking to the ring!

Bobby Roode is here and he says he’s been in this company 12 years and he says he will face anyone in the world. Tonight, it might happen. From any promotion. And he means, ANY promotion. Tonight they will find out, that it pay to be rude.

Kurt Angle Returns to Impact LIVE

Angle thanks the fans and says it’s time to celebrate the fan in all of us. He’s been very blessed to be in the spotlight. From the Olympics to 13 World Heavyweight Titles. And he could not have done it without the TNA fans. Every time he came through the curtain it’s been a complete honor.

Angle announces he has made it public he is stepping down from TNA. The fans chant “One More Match” Kurt Angle says he’s faced the best in the business, from Hogan to Austin to Carter to Lashley. It’s important he continues his high caliber matches for his farewell. Who does he want to wrestle? Guys like Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and the man he picked to face- is Drew Galloway.

Drew comes out saying Young Drew inside- he’s freaking out right now, present Drew is honored. He says he fights for what he believes in, he #Stand(s)Up when necessary but this is beyond words. He won’t let this opportunity slip away and Jesse Godderz crashes the party. All the fans what they really want- as he takes a selfie, to post it on social media. With All Due Respect, he is the veteran on This Network and on Social Media.


Drake walks out and says now that those three have bored the audience. Jessie take your selfies, the 13 year old girls love you but he’s been living on his fame a long time. When Anglesaurus talks about the future of wrestling and fails to mention E LI DRAKE. Instead he mentions the Wolves. If he and Jesse teamed up they’d wipe out the Wolves. And anyone with a brain could mark out Drew Galloway like the waste of space he is. Kurt challenges them both to a fight right now. All Four Start Fighting! Angle gets the Ankle Lock on Jesse as he crawls through to the floor and Drew clears Eli from the ring!

Backstage, Jeremy Borash runs into Jeff Hardy. Hardy says Lashley had Matt’s back and promises by the end of the night, he will raise Matt’s hand.

Eric Young vs Matt Hardy

World Title Series Match – Semi Finals

EY tells Stiffler to count him out! Matt comes out despite injury and catches EY in a backdrop high overhead! They brawl into the ring and Eric sends Matt for the ride but he brings the fight to Eric, thrown off from a TOF attempt, Eric Young crotches him up top. He hangs the man in the tree of woe, then slides out to choke him. EY drops the elbow across the chest as he falls to the floor, he has the man and slams his head off the barricade.

Young pulls back the mat but Matt fights off the man, Eric back suplexes him across the steel steps! Pope says that will adjust his spine. Eric stomps Matt on the stairs, he is in control as Matt is down and hurting on the canvas.

Hardy tries to fight but Eric sends him into the corner. A neckbreaker gets two. Eric with the vice grip and Matt gets out, runs the ropes, gets a huge shot! Josh points out Matt’s wearing the same gear he did the night he became champion. Eric runs into a shot and Matt begins to fight as both trade punches. Hardy starts to build momentum and gets the Bulldog for a two!

Matt goes up to the second, Hardy Taunt No. 2 and drives the elbow down into Eric! Kick, Caught and SIDE EFFECT! TWOOO!

Matt to the fans and working them up, TOF- no into the ropes and Eric drives them both through the ropes down to the exposed concrete! Eric Young gets the PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR!!

Jeff Hardy is out and trying to wake up Matt, EY BASEBALL SLIDE INTO JEFF!

He sets up Matt into the ring, pushing him in! He talks some shit and climbing the buckles, leaps off into a Twist of Fate by Matt Hardy!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Hardy at 8:06, Twist of Fate

Matt Hardy will advance to the Finals and face Ethan Carter III.

Backstage, it looks like the Miracle may be here?


Backstage, Ethan Carter and Tyrus come in to talk with Jeff and blames him for costing his title. He tells Hardy that Matt lives in his shadow and he will be responsible for what he does to him. Jeff talks some shit and Ethan walks off.

Bobby Roode vs TBA

King of the Mountain Championship Match

BRAM comes out and declares 2006 is his year! He attacks Roode and they fight, brawling at the ringside floor area. Roode attacks Bram and beats him back, as Bram heads up the aisle and Roode runs him over from behind! Roode gets the fans cheering and sending the man in the ring, looks to the fans as Bram begs off. Roode gets sent to the outside! Bram whips Roode into the guardrail but Roode runs Bram over!

Bram gets sent inside and Roode picks him up, Bram has the ropes! Bram lands the man with the chin across the ropes! Bram runs him into the apron! Roode gets sent into the ropes! Bobby misses the Blockbuster off the rope and Bram with the spinning heel gets a two.

Roode takes the man over for the Roodebomb, he takes a rake to the face and Bram is unable to get the man with a pin, handful of tights. Bram for the Brighter Side of Suffering and Roode counters with a Roodebomb!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode at 4:34, Roodebomb

Eric Young attacks Roode! He goes for the JAMES STORM!

Storm clears the ring and James says he left TNA because he wasn’t having fun, and he wasn’t being who he was. His grannie told him to be himself and as he’s worked across the world, he decided he would come back to rejoin his former partner Bobby Roode in BEER


The Beautiful People are backstage and say that Angelina can’t wrestle, because she’s pregnant with Davey Richards’ demon child. They all announce Angelina has picked their new third, and Velvet says the Doghouse are going to face someone who hates them more than they do.

BEER MONEY for the first time in 5 years will face to fight against Bram and EY this Friday on Pay Per View! They trade taglines and hit their tag line once again.

It is time for

The Beautiful People & Gail Kim vs The Dollhouse

Gail and Jade start off, Jade tosses Gail with the falloway slam. Velvet tags in and Marti leaps in, misses and takes a few chops! Sky sends Belle into the buckles and runs her across the ring! Both bounce off the side and Velvet slams the clothesline! Sky kicks Marti over and hits a flying neckbreaker! Two Count Only.

Rebel tagged in as Sky makes the tag to Rayne, Rebel on Velvet, Rayne tagged in, running kick to Rebel, knocks her back and enzugiri! Rebel manages a standing hairpull on Rayne during the scissors, Kim tags in here comes Jade DDT on Gail! No 1 Stunner on Gail, Marti with the neckbreaker on Velvet, Gail hit the kick and Jade with the kick across the head and bridging suplex! Two count and Gail with scissors on Jade she gets the pin!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim at 4:11, rollup

The Dollhouse attack all three!

AWESOME KONG attacks the Beautiful People! She joins The Dollhouse?

And as Josh and Pope talk, the music of The Miracle begins to play…

Do You Believe?

MARIA KANELLIS makes her way out. She says welcome to her place of worship. She is the First Lady of Professional Wrestling. She sees our pain. Her hoping and praying that our wishes come true. That someone will save professional wrestling. Well today, is your most blessed day. Because what we really want- is a miracle. Do you believe in miracles?

And his name is Mike Bennett.

But all this buzz, but more importantly, but who IS the Miracle? Well I am an International Superstar, a real life Superhero, I am the bad ass mofo on the show, and I am your Pro Wrestling Jesus. Because what pro wrestling needs, is a miracle, it was fun and exciting and it was mainstream. But it’s filled with washed up regurgitated people that call themselves pro wrestlers. Later on tonight speaking of washed up, Matt Hardy will battle EC3. The miracle is gonna be when the TNA –

“HARDY!” chants

The miracle is gonna be when the TNA World Title is in his hands! And when Mike Bennett is the World Champion they will announce Do you believe in miracles and you will say YES WE DO.

Backstage, Matt and Reby are talking as Matt says he will fulfill his destiny. He promises his baby son Maxwell he will win the title for him.

Also backstage, Drew Galloway says he’s not kissing ass while kissing Angle’s ass. The Wolves show up and thank them. They’ve never faced Angle- so they had an idea. This friday night, Angle and Drew vs The Wolves. Jesse and Eli walk in saying they won’t be ignored. Eli says they don’t have enough tingle in their loins. Three way dance this Friday.

Ladies and Gentlemen your 411Mania TNA Report proudly presents…

Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy

World Title Series Match – Finals

Ethan Carter and Tyrus enter, and Matt Hardy joins him as Jeremy Borash does his super special ring announcing. Jeff Hardy says he believes in his brother enough to walk away, he asks Tyrus and the dinosaur says “Cool.”

Tyrus leaves ringside!

In the ring Matt Hardy attacks Carter and beats him from pillar to post sending the man flying over the table! Matt is beating the hell out of EC3! Matt for the TOF no Ethan reverses into the 1 Percenter and Hardy gets taken down and mounted, Carter on him with a series of clubbing blows!

Ethan slashes the chops across the chest of Matt! Carter sent to the corner and Matt unleashes the chops! Matt hits the corner and Ethan yells and STINGER SPLASH missed! Matt for the clothesline and bulldog shoved off and Carter Dropkick gets a two!

Carter for the cravat to a front facelock. Ethan back heel trip on Matt to slam the head, Carter to the fans and now locks the head, suplex to slam and he holds no only two.

Ethan Carter up and kicks Matt’s head into the post! Carter argues with Baby Hebner as he stands on the steel steps, he pulls Matt, Hardy tries for a Side Effect and instead drops Ethan off the stairs! Oh that had to hurt, look at the pain on Ethan’s face.

Matt climbs up and does a MOONSAULT off the top!



Ethan caught and SIDE EFFECT AGAIN!



Ethan takes advantage, TKO! Takes the man up and TKO AGAIN! Matt Hardy hurting as Ethan Carter III

TWIST OF FATE! Ethan rolls on his face so his shoulders aren’t down and Matt tries the pin, no! Carter counters Twist into an enzugiri! He hits the 1 Percenter! It’s a Kickout!

Both are down as Hebner stands over, MATT HITS THE TWIST OF FATE! KICKED OUT AGAIN!!!

Matt Hardy drags the man up, and sits him up top! Matt for the punch! He crawls up to join the man for a Twist off the Top! Carter is blocking! Ehtan ONE PERCENTER OFF THE TOP!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III at 10:27, 1 Percenter

Ethan Carter III has won the World Title Series, he is your NEW World Champion. He is now the only wrestler to win TWO World Heavyweight Championships whilst undefeated.

That’s all everyone, for all of us here at 411mania, my name is Aaron Scott saying thank you for reading. Please check out Larry Csonka’s review and we will see you next time. Thank you!

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