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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Kurt Angle Talks DX, Street Profits Want a Title Match, More

January 24, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-RAW is XXX was a fun show and did a lot of things well. Now for RAW Talk! Let’s get to it!

-THE BEAST RETURNS! To the video as Brock Lesnar returns and destroys Lashley and Theory but makes sure that Theory lands on Lashley after his F5 so that Theory gets the win and retains.

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and is joined by Matt Camp. Camp has to correct her when she mentions The Royal Rumble is 6 days away. It’s actually 5 days because Saturday PPVs are awesome!

-To the video as Paul Heyman wants Sami Zayn to be found guilty at Tribal Court. Hearing Paul yell, “Guilty as Charged,” gave ECW flashbacks. Sami is hurt and has no defense. Roman is annoyed and sends Solo to destroy him, but Jey Uso stands up for Sami in a wonderful twist to this story. The Usos back Sami and Roman tells him he is safe for now. He lays the law down that Sami is good tonight and then he doesn’t want to see him or hear from him until Saturday when he gets his final test.

-Jackie and Camp discuss. Camp covers that the reason Sami has no defense is because he has been loyal to Roman to a fault and doesn’t need to defend himself.

-To the video as a DX/Kurt Angle segment turned into a 6 Man Tag with Rollins/Street Profits against Imperium. Having DX and Angle basically back down from GUNTHER was awesome! Angle gets to be the guest ref and Rollins and The Profits get the win in a match that made the crowd happy. This was fun and as mentioned, the crowd was happy and GUNTHER didn’t take the pin.

-Kurt Angle is backstage and he says it was cool to go out there with DX. He will remember this night forever. Byron asks him about 30 Years of RAW. Kurt: “That is a lot of content my friend.” Kurt just sounded so happy and grateful to be here tonight.

-The Street Profits and Damage CTRL still to come!

-Royal Rumble commercial!

-Cathy is backstage with The Street Profits. Tonight they combined their talents with Seth Rollins and came out with a victory on RAW is XXX. Dawkins should be in a great mode considering his Bengals won yesterday and Ford brings that up. He teases Bengals/Eagles Super Bowl (BOO! Go Niners) since they were in Philly tonight. WE WANT THE SMOKE! Dawkins ends with a “Who Dey?”

-To the video as we see highlights from The Usos taking on Judgment Day for the RAW Tag Titles. Jimmy gets a knee injury and are close to forfeiting, but Sami takes his spot (with Pearce’s blessing as he notes he let JD do the same thing in a nice little touch). Fun match where they did a great job of teasing Sami taking the loss for his team, but instead 1D is hit and The Usos retain.

-Jackie and Camp discuss how Jey and Sami have bonded since Survivor Series.

-To the video as LA Knight calls out a legend and THE GONG sounds (massive pop) and transitions to American Bad Ass to bring out BikerTaker! Knight tries to bail, but Bray Wyatt is out and Knight backs off and into the ring. Taker goozles Knight, but leaves him for Wyatt as we get a kind of passing of the torch here. Cool moment and it was great how the WWE used the legends tonight to put over the younger guys. Notice, Taker didn’t do anything to Knight and let Bray do it. That is how they need to do these Legend appearances in the future.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-Bayley and Damage CTRL up next!

-This Friday on SmackDown: Solo vs. Owens, and Rey vs. Kross

-To the video as Lynch/Bayley inside the cage never happens as Damage CTRL mugs Lynch before the match and leaver her laying in a cool old school angle where they locked themselves in the cage with Lynch to beat her ass. Reports are the Tribal Court ran long and instead of doing a short cage match, they went with an angle to build to another match.

-Damage CTRL are backstage and Bayley notes Becky can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to. She is smarter than Becky and is The Ultra Superstar. It’s RAW is XXX and they wanted to enjoy the show and not hurt themselves. They are off to go celebrate and sing on their way out of the camera shot.

-Jackie and Camp discuss! They both thing what Becky did tonight was smart.

-To the video as we get highlights of Theory/Lashley for the US Title. No DQ match in a little nod to Philly and their extreme roots. Cowboy Brock returns and plants Lashley with the F5. Theory takes one as well but does so that he lands on Lashley to get the win. Cowboy Brock is happy! Bring on more Lashley/Lesnar HOSS FIGHT!

-Jackie and Camp run down the card for The Royal Rumble on Saturday. Jackie asks Camp for surprise appearances and Camp won’t name them as he wants to verify who will be in town.

-Camp plugs The Bump: Brawling Brutes, Raquel Rodriguez, and Roxanne Perez.

-Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week. Thanks for reading. Go Niners!

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