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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Rollins Warns Riddle, Carmella Celebrates, More

June 21, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 06.20.22

-I’m doing this recap from Disney’s All Star Movie Resort as the wife, my 5-year-old son, and I made the 14.5 hour drive from SW PA. They are both getting ready for bed, so I get some time to get this recap knocked out. I will be here all week, so anything other shows may also be done either very late or very early in the morning. Obviously, I missed RAW, so this will actually be somewhat informative. Let’s get to it!

-Scott Stanford welcomes us to the show and he is joined by Kayla Braxton. Nice! Booker T will be joining the show later. Kayla sends a shout-out to all the father’s and makes a dad joke: what happened to the father that evaporated: he was mist. Cesaro would approve!

-For some reason we go back to last Monday for highlights of AJ Styles/Seth Rollins. Seth gets the win and qualifies for MITB.

-Kayla tells us that Omos beat Riddle to qualify for MITB.

-We throw to Kevin Patrick who is with Seth Rollins. Apparently he cost Riddle the match against Omos as Rollins tells us that Riddle had it coming to him. He is Mr MITB and it’s his destiny to cash in on Roman Reigns, who has been ducking him. He is Seth Freakin Rollins!

-They show the graphic with the 4 men that qualified and have John Cena’s theme playing for some reason. Perhaps a clue?

-Booker T joins the show to talk MITB and he agrees that Omos being in the match changes things a bit. He thinks that if there is a will, there’s way for Seth Rollins. If he had to put him money on anyone at this time, it’s Seth Rollins. Booker disagrees with Kayla’s point that there is a strategy to MITB. He knows from personal experience that there is no strategy in a match like this. They debate how Omos is going to be able to climb the ladder and Booker thinks that could be Omos’ biggest fear.

-Carmella and Lashley still to come!

-MITB Vegas commercial!

-Back with footage of Asuka getting the clean win over Becky Lynch to qualify for MITB. Becky loses her mind afterwards to continue that story.

-Kayla apparently relished in the fact that Becky had tears in her eyes. They both think this isn’t the last we hear from Becky as far as trying to get in MITB.

-Moving on as it seems Rhea isn’t cleared for MITB and Carmella won a 5 Way match to become the new number one contender. I mean, that makes sense as she isn’t in the MITB match and they aren’t going to do Becky/Bianca again. It also continues the story of Becky losing time and time again.

-Carmella is backstage and is annoyed the fans were mad that she won. She won the match fair and square is a former champion and 2 time MITB winner. Mella is Money!

-Kayla and Scott discuss!

-John Cena returns next week. Perhaps he joins MITB!

-Stanford brings up that Vince McMahon popped up on RAW to remind everyone that Cena is returning next week. They show some of the photos of various WWE Superstars dressing up like Cena for a photo shoot. Truth dressing as his childhood hero is great!

-To the video as Lashley wins the gauntlet of three men (Gable, Otis, and Theory) to earn a US Title match against Theory.

-Lashley is backstage and he can take the bumps and bruises and keeps coming. He is a belt collector and the US Title is the next one. He thinks Theory is tough and has a bright future, but getting involved with Lashley is a bad decision. He will do the work and will be ready. Lashley tells us that he is timeless.

-Booker T is back and thinks Theory needs some more maturity. He mentions Lashley is a grizzled vet that is closing in on 20 years in the business. Booker knows Theory has talent and Bobby shouldn’t sleep on that. He mentions Theory knows what he wants and knows he will be great.

-Scott wraps up the show and we are out.

-Same show as always, and with that I’m off to bed. Magic Kingdom in the AM. Thanks for reading!

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