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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Theory Responds to Kevin Owens, Lashley Wants to Fight Rollins, More

September 12, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk 9-12-22 Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 09.12.22

-Happy Birthday to my wife! Lou you dear (even though you will never read this). Let’s get to it!

-We open with Judgment Day destroying Edge’s knee following his match with Dom Mysterio.

-Jackie Redmond is back and she welcomes us to the show. She is joined by Matt Camp and we are told that Jerry Lawler will be joining the show later.

-Headlines: Damage CTRL are the new Women’s Tag Team Champion, Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley meet next week for The US Title. Johnny Gargano made his return to the ring and got a win over Chad Gable.

-We start with Bianca throwing out an open challenge and it was answered by Sonya Deville. To the video as Bianca gets the win. Damage CTRL hit the ring for the attack, but Alexa Bliss and Asuka make the save.

-Bianca, Alexa, and Asuka are all backstage. Asuka and Alexa wanting the tag titles and apparently Damage CTRL isn’t ready for Bianca, Alexa, or Asuka.

-Jerry Lawler is here and wants to know why there is such a love-fest with Bianca when they should be talking about the new Tag Champs. He notes that Bayley has Bianca’s number. He also questions Bianca’s decision to have an open challenge.

-Lawler says he talked to Edge earlier in the day and Edge told him he forgot more about wrestling than Dom ever knew. He feels Dom took a giant leap out of his dad’s shadow. Lawler: “Rey only had Dominick so he had someone to look up to.” I laughed!

-Lashley and Austin Theory still to come!

-NXT 2.0 1 Year Anniversary Show tomorrow night and it seems the fans get to pick matches and stipulations. TABOO TUESDAY/CYBER SUNDAY LIVES!

-To the video as Damage CTRL win the Tag Titles and end the run of Aliyah and Raquel after only a few weeks.

-To the video as Johnny Gargano knocked off Chad Gable in a fun match. Theory attacks with the briefcase after the match and that transitions to Kevin Owens cutting a blistering promo to Theory. Great stuff! They get in a brawl, but Theory avoids The Stunner. Theory suffered a bloody nose in the fight. Again, great stuff!

-Austin Theory is backstage and says Gargano is unfinished business. As for what KO said, he points out he beat KO to get in The Elimination Chamber. He was the last man left against Brock Lesnar. He beat Finn Balor for the US Title. He lost that Title to Lashley and yet still won MITB in the same night. He is tired of people down playing his achievements because he has busted his ass and is the future of the business. Great stuff from Theory here!

-The King is back and he is all aboard The Austin Theory train. Camp mentions that Theory has been in matches with massive superstars all year long. Camp thinks KO is playing mind games in a way to get the contract from Theory.

-Jackie yields the floor to Lawler to speak about Damage CTRL winning The Tag Titles. Lawler says Raquel cost him a lot of money tonight so he is all about Damage CTRL now.

-Lawler takes his leave which lets Jackie and Camp discuss Riddle/Rollins. Rollins wants to move on and gets Lashley next week, but Riddle is still coming after him.

-Lashley is backstage, and he agrees that Rollins is his toughest test for the US Title. The Title means you are the workhorse. Lashley: “Seth wants this Title, let’s fight for it.” Kevin Patrick wants fashion tops and Lashley tells him he couldn’t pull off this look.

-Camp and Jackie discuss Lashley/Rollins for The US Title next week.

-Johnny Gargano and Kevin Owens will be the guests on The Bump this Wednesday at 1 PM.

-Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week.

-Good stuff from Theory. Thanks for reading!

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