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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Drew McIntyre Wants to Run It Back with Kevin Owens, More

August 15, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Drew McIntyre WWE Smackdown Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 08.15.22

-I didn’t catch the first hour or so of RAW as I went mini-golfing with my wife and two boys. That means this show can fill me in on what I missed. Let’s get to it!

-Scott Stanford welcomes us to the show and is joined by Matt Camp. Jackie should be back next week I believe.

-Headlines: Theory knocked off Dolph Ziggler in our Main Event. Riddle returned to continue his feud with Rollins and it seems they will finally have their match at Clash at The Castle. Bobby Lashley successfully defended his US Title in a sweet match with AJ Styles.

-Judgment Day kicked off the show and were attacked by Rey Mysterio. He avoids the numbers getting to him wielding a chair, but can’t hit Rhea with it and that is his downfall. Judgment Day get the last laugh on Rey tonight with another attack.

-Judgment Day is backstage and the interview is on hold as Rhea finishes her set of 100 pull-ups. Rhea scares off Sarah so JD can handle the interview alone. Priest has a message for Edge and hopes he saw what happened to Rey. Edge will get it even worse next week. Their Judgment Day will end Edge.

-Peter Rosenberg joins the show as now he is apparently the face of A&E per Stanford. They discuss Rey’s pride and how that makes him continue with the fight. Camp brings up that Rhea started following Rey’s daughter on twitter to continue with the mind games. The story has been that Rhea is always the difference maker because nobody can pull the trigger is taking her out. I still like my idea of Edge bringing Lita in to offset Rhea. They discuss Edge and his history in Toronto and now next week he gets Damian Priest. Camp calls the biggest match of Priest’s career as he faces Edge on enemy territory.

-Bayley and Drew McIntyre still to come!

-SmackDown this Friday in Montreal!

-To the video as Asuka and Alexa Bliss win and advance over Nikki/Doudrop in the Women’s Tag Tournament. They face off with Sky and Kai next week while also having their 6 Woman Tag at Clash at The Castle.

-Kevin Patrick backstage with Bayley, Iyo, and Dakota. Bayley says they are doing what they want and doing it their way. Dakota got her first RAW win and she feels great. They plan to control and dominate the division. They plan to bulldoze through Alexa and Asuka. Sky tells us that the division is belongs to them.

-Camp and Stanford discuss!

-To the video as Bobby Lashley beats AJ Styles to successfully defend his US Title. The match had the crowd rocking and Lashley gets the tough win with a spear. Stanford brings up that Lashley has a ways to go to match the record run of Lex Luger, but if anyone can, it would be Lashley. HISTORY MAN! I love that they are bringing up history. It just makes me so happy!

-Drew McIntyre up next!

-Tomorrow it’s NXT Heatwave.

-To the video as Riddle outsmarts Rollins with video magic. The brawl through the crowd and Riddle chases off Rollins. The crowd loves Riddle!

-To the video as Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens decided to provide us with wrestling on this wrestling show since they are standing in a wrestling ring. No finish as The Usos hit the ring. KO hits a stunner on Drew. The Usos try to pick the bones, but Drew makes his own save.

-Sarah is backstage with Drew and it felt good to be back on RAW. His focus is on Reigns and Clash at The Castle. He talks about taking the titles where it all started for him. He won’t forget what KO did tonight and he enjoys that KO stepped up. When he beats Roman, KO gets the first shot as he wants to run it back.

-Rosenberg is back to discuss all things Drew McIntyre. He loves where Drew is at right now as he just wants to fight anyone. He loved the promo as it was most fired up Drew he has ever seen. Camp agrees that Drew has to go there and this reminds him of the Drew that won The Royal Rumble and beat Brock Lesnar.

-Next they all discuss Rollins/Riddle and it seems we are getting the match at CATC.

-Camp plugs The Bump as Raquel Rodriguez will be the guest Wed at 1 PM.

-Stanford wraps things up and we are out this week.

-Same show as always. I appreciate Drew planting the seeds for a future match with KO. Little things like that are appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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