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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Finn Balor and Zelina Vega Talk Tournament Finals at Crown Jewel, More

October 18, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 10.18.21

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and to WWE HQ. She is joined by Matt Camp and this is the final build towards Crown Jewel. Tonight was also the last RAW before the Draft picks kick into effect so new rosters starting on Friday.

-We starts with Woods getting the win over Jinder (thankfully) to punch his ticket to Crown Jewel and the King of the Ring Finals. Woods then celebrated with a robe and scepter, but there is still one match to go and that’s this Thursday against Finn Balor. I am fine with either choice, but I am going with Balor because I mean, Demon King is right there. Again, I don’t think they can go wrong with either choice though. Should be a fun match.

-Speaking of Finn he got the win over Mace to give him another win as they continue to rebuild him after the feud with Roman. Finn should and needs to be a big time player on RAW going forward. Kofi plays peace maker as Woods and Finn come face to face.

-Kevin Patrick is backstage at RAW in Sac-Town and he is with Finn Balor. Finn says it feels great to be back on RAW and he started things strong tonight. He will kick start the new version of The Prince with a King of the Ring crown on Thursday. He mentions Xavier does a lot of talking outside the ring and he knows how much the tournament means to him. He knows Xavier wants to emulate his heroes: Booker T and Mabel, but Balor looks to Stone Cold as he used KOR to jump start his career.

-Camp and Jackie discuss!


-Back to the show and next is Queen’s Crown and insane to me they had Shayna take the loss. She should have ran through this field, but instead Doudrop gets the upset and we are getting Queen Doudrop or Queen Vega. Good for them and hopefully Shayna gets the push she deserves on SmackDown.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Zelina Vega and Zelina is not intimidated by spirit fingers. She is excited to face a rookie and she won’t get lucky like she did tonight against Shayna. Zelina says she will rule with the class and grace of Cleopatra and Doudrop will be the first to kiss the ring.

-Jackie and Camp discuss! Then move to our Main Event which saw Sasha and Bianca tear the house down before a downer of an ending as we get no winner thanks to a DQ. Bianca stands tall and surprisingly no Sasha or Becky.


-Back with Drew McIntyre and Big E winning a tag match over Dolph and Roode. Drew and Big E stare down and talk trash put the final touches on the build to their match at Crown Jewel.

-KP is backstage with Drew McIntyre and his mind is on taking a long flight and coming back with The WWE Championship. Drew doesn’t know the rules of what happens when he wins the WWE Title. He isn’t sure if he takes it to SmackDown or appears on both shows. Drew is going to miss being on RAW and KP corrects him by letting him know the flight is 21 hours and not 18. I am driving 15 hours to Florida in a few weeks and I would rather do the 18 hour flight I think.

-Camp and Jackie run down the card for Crown Jewel and yes, they are now mentioning Ali vs Mansoor. The show actually looks like the best put together card for one of these and that’s probably because it’s the only PPV this month and is getting all the attention. Camp plugs the kickoff show as it will at 11 AM and Kayla Braxton and Peter Rosenberg will be joining him. Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week.

-Another basic episode of this show which means brief interviews, lots of recaps and for this week the hard sell for Crown Jewel. I will say having Jackie and Camp as the hosts every week now has brought stability to things and they have decent chemistry. A breeze of a show with nothing memorable, but for those who skipped RAW it fills in the most important blanks. Thanks for reading!

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