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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.30.21 – Daniel Bryan Talks Rumble 2015, AJ Styles Wants to Put Paul Heyman Out of a Job, Plus More!

January 30, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack 1-30-21 Daniel Bryan

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.30.21

Today is the final push for tomorrow’s Royal Rumble as it starts with this edition of Talking Smack and then the return of Backstage later this evening. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman who is still getting his make-up applied. He tells Kayla that just because she goes on air without her make-up finished doesn’t mean he has to. Kayla blows him off and covers the big stories coming out of SmackDown. Heyman says he doesn’t care and it is about time that everyone understood his position. He is not in the business or SmackDown, RAW, NXT or WWE. He is in the Roman Reigns business and states the entire WWE Universe orbits around the sun that is Roman Reigns. Every person Kayla plus Kayla herself are all supported by Roman Reigns. On Sunday Reigns will be the last man standing. He admits he likes and admires Kevin Owens and he is going to miss having Owens on SmackDown. After the match they will watch The Royal Rumble and whoever wins is going to pick Roman Reigns.

-Daniel Bryan is our first guest and Bryan pimps his new shirt because it is made out of 100% recycled material and for everyone bought it plants a new tree. With that said he doesn’t condone buying unnecessary shirts, but if you need one pick one up. Bryan than goes full dad joke mode as he was excited hearing Paul talking about science and the solar system. He asks Paul what his favorite planet is and obviously we know where this is going and so does Paul based on the look on face. Bryan gives us the punchline we are all waiting for as he says if Roman is the sun then Paul is Uranus. Kayla cracks up and her and Bryan fist bump each other as Heyman just sit their nodding his head. AWESOME! This show is already a win this week! Daniel says Paul is capable of having his own opinion and he has always been interested in Paul’s opinion. He calls Paul a genius, but the difficulty is finding his true opinion as you can’t always just go by what he says. Bryan asks Paul is there was ever a point in his entire career when he thought Bryan was the best. Paul hesitates to answer so Bryan says they will sit silently until it is answered. Paul says yes and no because he worried that Bryan could be the best. He doesn’t see Bryan’s career winding down as he thinks if he gets that taste of glory again he will want it over and over again. He says that he and Roman are screwed if Bryan is on his best the night they eventually meet. Right now he Roman is the best of the best but on any given night he knows Bryan can be the best. Bryan says he isn’t interested in the glory and the adulation. He loved wrestling in the PC in front of 0 fans with 0 noise. Bryan brings up the 2015 Rumble in Philly that Roman won and how he was only in the match for 5 minutes. Roman won and everyone booed and booed so much they even booed The Rock who was trying to put Roman over as the man. He agrees that Roman may be the best, but he doesn’t wrestle with his heart. He debuted wearing a bulletproof vest because what he put on was a façade. The fans get behind him because he wrestles with his heart. He loves being the ring and wrestling someone like The Miz, who he absolutely hates. He doesn’t know if Paul can tell how passionate he is about this. There is a simple joy about it, but the fact he is looking to wind down shows how passionate he is about his family and that is his real passion. With that said he likes to have fun and experience new things. He has been training with The Alpha Academy and brings out Chad Gable and Otis. They have been working on how to use their hips and really drive. He has Otis give a demonstration on Heyman and Kayla is just losing it and I don’t blame her. Heyman’s disgust is amazing as Bryan talks about how explosive Otis’ hips are. Bryan, Gable and Otis all do their hip dance as they leave which is the Three Amigos dance and I have no words for how amazing this show is.

-Bianca is out next and Heyman is so happy to see her and at this point he is happy to see anyone other than Daniel Bryan. He doesn’t know why he leaves black and blue every time Bryan is on the show and now he has to file a complaint with human resources against Otis. Bianca can’t help but laugh and Kayla gets things back on track as she brings up Bianca’s recent network documentary. You can find my review here. Next they discuss Bianca getting the win over Bayley last night. She is on top of the World as she got that win over someone like Bayley. That was the biggest win in her career and now she can focus on The Royal Rumble tomorrow night. Kayla asks if Bianca is focused solely on The Rumble or if there will be carry over with Bayley. Bianca knows Bayley will be coming with her, but she wants history to herself and is looking to eliminate at least 9 this year to break the tie she has with Shayna.

-AJ Styles is our last guest and oh man, Heyman and AJ next to each other. No handshake between the two as AJ just stares at Omos. AJ asks him if he has a staring problem and now we get the handshake. He tells AJ that Roman is not here and he, himself, is no threat to AJ. AJ asks Paul if he would feel better if Omos left. Paul says no and just blurts out, “my God are you huge.” AJ says that Omos is not a bodyguard and more a bouncer. He hasn’t done anything wrong since he has been with AJ and he is a friend. AJ Is looking forward to The Rumble on Sunday and they have a plan. He has never won The Rumble though he has only been in two of them. When he wins he will be going after a Championship. He has not decided yet which one, but when he does he will let Paul know. That interests Paul as he had a vested interest in his answer. He mentions AJ has faced Roman before and Roman has defeated him. The impossible mountain for AJ to climb has been Roman Reigns. AJ has been on a tear since he has been on Monday Night RAW. They way he views it is that when AJ wins the Royal Rumble he can announce Monday he is going after Drew or Goldberg. His other option is he can wait until SmackDown and challenge Roman Reigns in the Main Event at WrestleMania. He wants to see that match as AJ is recognized as the best performer of this generation. Roman can’t be the best performer of this generation until he beats AJ Styles. To him AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns in the WrestleMania Main Event is box office platinum. That sounds great to AJ and Omos agrees to which Heyman responds “thank God.” AJ says that if he picks Roman and beats him that would put Paul out of a job. “Nothing would make he happier than putting you out of a job.” Oh man, shots fired there! I guess you could say they were shots fired from a Machine Gun. Paul wants to wrap things up as Omos stares at him.

-I am running out of ways to explain how great this show continues to be each and every week. Bryan always delivers on this show and easily just flips the switch from serious to goofy and it always works. Bianca was solid and continues to build a strong case to be the Women’s winner on Sunday and then we close with the AJ/Heyman stuff. It was fantastic the way Heyman showed his fear of Omos and also built up the case for AJ Styles to win on Sunday and challenge Roman Reigns. Then AJ nailed in with his wink wink jab about putting Paul out of a job to close. This show made me want to see Bryan vs Roman and AJ vs Roman and that is all because this show continues to let these guys and girls talk as humans. Crazy how simple that sounds, but this show proves it works. Thanks for reading!

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