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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 05.08.21: Rey Talks Pressure of Going After Tag Titles, Kevin Owens Wants The Universal Title, and More!

May 8, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 05.08.21

-Sorry for the delay with this one as I was at my nephew’s 8th birthday party. For those curious, he is turning into quite the wrestling fan as well right now. His favorite wrestler is Kofi Kingston and it makes my heart proud. Now to Talking Smack. Let’s get to it!

-As we come on the air Heyman is heard telling Kayla he doesn’t want to talk about it and he wants her to start the show. Kayla is rocking the curly hair still in honor of The Throwback episode of Talking Smack. Kayla gushes over Cesaro and how he took out the entire Family and now he is heading to WrestleMania Backlash to face Roman Reigns for The Universal Title. Heyman is shocked by Kayla’s biased behavior as she is supposed to be the host and the neutral one. He is supposed to be the villain or “heel.” Kayla points out that all Heyman wants to do is talk about Roman Reigns even when other guests are out here. Heyman says his bias with Roman doesn’t mean he is wrong.

-We are shown the ending with Cesaro taking out Roman and then laying waste to The Usos. Heyman apparently doesn’t want to talk about it right now, so Kayla announces that Tamina and Natayla get their shot at Shayna and Nia’s Tag Titles next week.

-Rey and Dominick Mysterio are out as our first guests and they have a tag title match of their own coming up in a few weeks. Kayla congratulates Dom on his victory over Dolph Ziggler. He says the match was satisfying and Dolph had it coming. Rey was surprised that Dom wanted the match and all that matters is he got the job done. We go back to SmackDown to hear Dolph insult Dom and Kayla is happy he ate his words. Dom wants to clear the air as he is 24 and not a little kid like Dolph stated. Rey is very proud and they are a step closer to making history as the first father and son to win SmackDown Tag Titles. Rey feels a lot of pressure because he wants this dream to become a reality. It’s a good pain, but he can feel the stress on top of him. Kayla brings up Dom and his WWE history with his father and with Eddie and did he ever think this kind of opportunity would happen. Obviously, he has never thought something like this was possible. Heyman says that only a food would bet against The Mysterios. Rey has proven people wrong his entire career. Paul wishes them both the best of luck!

-RAW commercial as it will be Lashley vs Drew in a non title match.

-WWE2K22 commercial. It’s coming soon!

-Sonya Deville is out next guest and Heyman compliments her which Kayla says he does to everyone. Heyman points out to Kayla that Sonya has a crush on him and Kayla can assure Paul that is not true. “Why? She isn’t a chubby chaser?” Fantastic! Kayla cracks laughing and just wants to move on while Sonya says that Kayla can tell Paul if she wants. Sonya says she is here to make SmackDown and RAW the best then can be for the Women and the Men. She feels she is qualified to do so with her decisions at this point. Kayla points out that her and Adam Pierce don’t seem to be on the same page. Sonya says they are working as a duo, but sometimes a last minute decision has to be made. It’s just part of the job and they are both doing their job. Paul wants Kayla to stop being diplomatic. He mentions Sonya is a MMA Fighter and they have her in a business suit, which looks great he might add. Yet tonight she had to deal with a man that has been dead for 9 years, other than not telling Teddy Long’s family. Heyman brings up that Pearce raised his voice to Sonya on RAW and if he did that to him, he is from New York and would whip his ass. Kayla chuckles on that one! Paul puts over that Sonya could beat ¾ of the men’s roster and needs to take a stand and walk over Adam Pierce. He tells her this because he loves her, and Sonya just says she is not the girl that Paul thinks she is anymore. Paul looks confused!

-Commercial hyping Rhea vs. Asuka vs. Charlotte at Mania Backlash!

-WWE Superstars want you to get vaccinated for COVID-19!

-Kevin Owens is our final guest and he is always great on this show. Kayla wishes KO a Happy Birthday as it was yesterday. He got dumped on his head, but it was great as his wife and kids got him a cake and he got to do what he is doing for a living. KO brings up another good birthday he had a few years ago when he was on the road with WWE and he was riding with Sami Zayn and Big Cass. They were in South Dakota and he asks Paul to guess who the 4th guy was. They had some free time and made the trip to Mount Rushmore and saw some bears. Heyman doesn’t know who would be able to tolerate a prick like Sami Zayn and KO shoots back the same person that can tolerate a prick like Paul Heyman. Yep, it was Roman Reigns. They had a lot of fun and he would never do that with Roman now because people change. Heyman shoots back that some evolve. KO says that his first week in WWE in 2015 he dropped John Cena in the ring as the NXT Champion. He had a pretty good thing going and there was a lot of animosity and he didn’t have may friends. Heyman: “you still don’t” and KO agrees as that is the consequences for all his actions. He was traveling alone and stopped at a Waffle House and sitting at a table was The Usos, Naomi, and Tamina. He didn’t know them so he just nodded his head and sat down and ate his food. They left and when he went to leave he was told they paid for his meal. He remembers that like it was yesterday. He calls it a wonderful gesture, but that is where people change as now Jey Uso has been brain washed. Kayla shouts out manipulated and KO applauds her for the word and compliments her on the work she does on this show even with Paul trying to get himself over as the star. He knows the reach of Roman is long and he can change people. KO doesn’t have a lot of friends and he says he didn’t enjoy his run as Universal Champion because he put so much pressure on himself to make everything as good as possible. This is where he changed because when he becomes Universal Champion again he is going to lose every second. When he gets his chance again he is taking The Title from Roman. Don’t forget about him as he is not going anywhere. It seems Paul gets an open floor when we return. KO: “Breaking news, Paul Heyman has something to say.”

-Stone Cold’s WrestleMania 38 commercial!

-Kayla brings up that Daniel Bryan is gone and Heyman gave him a 10 bell salute. Jimmy Uso returned and doesn’t seem to be on the same page with Roman and Jey. Cesaro took advantage and now he gets his shot at Roman’s Universal Title. Kayla says a house divided means that Roman’s house could fall. She asks Paul for his thoughts and he just makes some faces before checking his phone. He removes his ear piece and throws it down as the show closes.

-Solid episode this week as KO is always a joy and everyone else got over what they needed to and played off Heyman well. Kayla was great here as well as she continues to get more comfortable in this spot and has developed quite the chemistry with Heyman. Thanks for reading!

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