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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 06.05.21 – Kevin Owens Wants a Title, and Paul Heyman Warns Rey Mysterio, Plus More!

June 5, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 06.05.21

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and is joined, as always, by her co-host, Paul Heyman. Apparently it is Kayla’s birthday as the set is decorated with balloons and Kayla has been gifted flowers. Heyman reluctantly wishes her a Happy Birthday and Kayla says technically it her birthday is Monday. Heyman questions her saying it’s her birthday weekend. “So you mother was in labor for 72 hours and your head popped out and it took 71 hours and 59 more minutes for the rest of the body to come out.” He rants about birthday weekends as it is a birthDAY. He jumps in to make fun of his age before Kayla gets the chance to make that joke. He is not okay with Kayla celebrating a birthday month. He also doesn’t understand why a big deal is made about the person celebrating the birthday as the mother did all the work. “Give your mother’s womb the presents.” Kayla says her parents were very proud and Heyman says it’s because she sits next every week to a legend.

-Guest List: Kevin Owens and The Street Profits. Guess that means Paul closing the show again.

-Paul pops one of the balloons as Kayla is shocked. Paul actually breaks character a bit as he smiles and then laughs as they fade to a commercial.

-Bret Hart A&E documentary drops on Sunday.

-Lashley/Drew contract signing on Monday and Shayna continues her issues with Alexa.

-Kevin Owens is out as our first guest and he is always great on this show. Owens says he doesn’t have a problem with birthday weekends, but he doesn’t celebrate his own birthday. He asks Paul what he celebrates and Paul says the acknowledgment of the multi-verse that Roman Reigns is the end all be all. He cherishes every moment that his star power grows and extends into the multi-verse. KO laughs and then we see the video of Owens being attacked by Commander Azeez. KO says he isn’t frustrated because he did everything Roman and Apollo have done when he was champion. He would be a hypocrite if he complained. He says that Roman never reached these heights until he let Jey Uso fight for him and Apollo is the same with Azeez fighting for him. KO says he deserves everything that has happened to him the last year. He will take the beatings as the last year he has spent everyday with his wife and kids. That stuff goes away soon as they are going to be back on the road. Carrying a Title is the only thing that will make him happy then and if this stuff keeps happening then it will be a problem. Owens brings up Sami Zayn and Heyman works in calling him a prick. KO tells Heyman it takes one to know one and Heyman agrees as he admits he is a prick. The issue is Sami thinks it is a conspiracy when people call him a prick. KO will deal with Sami and then Apollo and tells Heyman what he said last time he was here still stands. He shakes Heyman’s hand and then offers a fist bump which Heyman sells. Awesome! Heyman then calls KO as prick once he is off the set. I want a KO/Heyman weekly show!

-WWE is heading back on the road. New cities available next Friday and seems Pittsburgh will be one of them.

-NXT In Your House commercial!

-The Street Profits are out next and it’s announced they will face Otis and Gable next week. The Profits seem a little subdued this week. They are focused on next week as they look ahead to the battle. This is a different type of battle and Dawkins says they are pissed off. They are looking to shut down The Academy next week. Dawkins promises to bust their heads next week. Dawkins is a beast and one dude I wouldn’t want pissed at me. Ford says Alpha Academy has been getting views on social media, but they are chasing the wrong currency. The Profits chase profits and looks for gold. They like to have fun, but they aren’t New Day and they are about their business, but they aren’t The Hurt Business. They are in the business of throwing hands when it is warranted in a match as they call it disrespectful to put your hands on someone over a disagreement outside the ring. They are grateful for their chance to spread their message and entertain. Next week though they will put in work with their hands and The Academy better be ready. They live their life by 4 words: We Want The Smoke! This was great as they made me pumped for this match. As I said last week, I want a Street Profits/Usos feud to last the rest of the year,

-WWE superstars want you to get vaccinated.

-SummerSlam is coming Saturday August 21. I believe we find out the venue on Sunday during The Belmont Stakes on NBC.

-Back as Kayla mentions KO is looking to finish the score and Heyman says he will finish the score with Apollo and Azeez and with that prick Sami Zayn. He also says The Street Profits will settle the score and says they are Mount Rushmore of Tag Teams. Gable and Otis have no idea of what they are stepping into next week.

-Kayla throws to footage from the close of SmackDown as Roman wrecks shop on Dominick while Jimmy Uso tries to stop him. The beating just continues though because Roman is great and his cousins are conflicted. Kayla says Rey will be coming for revenge. Paul says he understands as a father and he would come for revenge. He tells Rey not to make that mistake as he won’t win that battle. KO can win his battles and Owens vs Azeez and Owens vs Crews is interesting to him. Owens vs Zayn is also interesting because he likes seeing Sami get his ass kicked. Fantastic! The Street Profits will win their battle. Rey is a legend breaking his son in the industry, but he is coming up against The Tribal Chief. Rey hasn’t declared his mission or vendetta and Heyman tells him not to. He begs him to stop as what Roman did was on a whim as his family was disrespected. Next time it will be calculated and the show will end in silence as something really bad will happen. It ends with Dominick never wrestling again and Rey will be known as a father that couldn’t protect his son. “You can’t win this one.” It’s nothing against Rey as a man, but more about Roman being #1 in this universe. Now I want to see Reigns vs Rey and knowing Reigns character perhaps he faces Rey at Hell in a Cell after Rey defends the tag titles the same night with his son against The Usos.

-Good show this week as KO, and The Street Profits killed it and Heyman got me to but into Rey vs. Roman. Thanks for reading!

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