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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.21.20

October 21, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.21.20  

Welcome to a special birthday edition of AEW Dynamite! That’s right, tomorrow is the ol day of birth, and I wouldn’t spend my pre-birthday day anywhere else other than here. Or a strip club. Or both.

AEW, as they so much do, gets right to it, as Wardlow makes his entrance for his most recent meal.

Match 1: Wardlow vs Jungle Boy

Lockup to start and Wardlow slams Jungle Boy down face first. He does it again. Jungle Boy slaps Wardlow, which upsets him, Jungle is able to hop behind Wardlow, slide under a big boot, clip the leg, dropkick the knee, hit the ropes, dropkick the side of the face. Wardlow is still standing, but he’s stirring. Wardlow sends Jungle to the apron. High kick off the apron. Wardlow rushes, and Jungle Boy holds the ropes. Wardlow falls to the outside, stands, catches Jungle Boy from a plancha, lifts him for a fallaway, but Jungle Boy lands on his fet on the apron. Kick to the face from Jungle Boy. He flies off the apron for a head scissors, but Wardlow catches him and tosses him into the ringpost back first.

Stomp to the back in the middle of the ring. Cover for 1…NO! Wardlow with a suplex, tossing Jungle Boy to show dominance. Another suplex toss. Wardlow chokes Jungle Boy in the corner. Wardlow with a gutwrench into a powerbomb. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Wardlow goes for another powerbomb, flings Jungle off, Jungle lands on his feet. Clothesline to Jungle Boy! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Wardlwo lifts Jungle up and sits him on the corner. Chop to the chest, GOOZLE! Wardlow calls for the knees strike, but Jungle clubs the arm. Knee strike to Wardlow. Wardlow misses a splash in the corner. Elbow, another, forearm. Kick out of the corner. Jungle flies from the top rope with a missile dropkick. Another dropkick while Wardlow tries to hop on the apron. Suicide dive to the BACK OF WARDLOW!! Wardlow rolls into the ring. Jungle to the apron. Shoulder to Wardlow. Springboard into a tornado DDT! Cover for NOT A DAMN THING! Jungle to the top rope as Wardlow kips up gracefully. He clocks Jungle Boy a good one then gets on top of the corner. 2nd rope, looks for maybe a rolling senton, but Jungle Boy hops up into a hurricanrana! Double knees to the back of Wardlow into a backstabber! Jungle back to the top rope. He dives, knees to the gut! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Wardlow to the outside. Jungle Boy tries for a DDT but Wardlow catches him on the shoulders. F10 into the ring to Jungle Boy!

Wardlow takes his time to enter the ring. He grabs Jungle Boy, gets him on the shoulders, spins again for an F10, sending Jungle spinning into the air.

Winner: Wardlow
Good showing for Wardlow, but a lot of that has to do with Jungle Boy taking the lead here. You could see who the ring general was here, and that’s amazing considering Jungle Boy is only 23. I give him a lot of shit for his seemingly Teflon like resistance towards moves, but tonight, he made Wardlow look like a milli.
Total Rating: **3/4
Match Time: 8:17

We are taken to last week when Eddie Kingston went in on Moxley, leaving them behind. We get some stuff that didn’t air, Eddie saying he’d die for this sport. He loves this sport. He had to struggle while Moxley left and made millions. Eddie tells him to take the title because he’s going to make Moxley quit pro-wrestling because he never did. He kept going.

Officially, we get an I Quit Match at Full Gear.

JR says Moxley demanded this, and since he beat everyone in the Top 5, Khan allowed it.

Video package for Moxley and Kingston. Jon speaks of loving Eddie for his integrity and loyalty, a dud ethat would never change. Moxley will not apologize for his success or spending thousands of days on the road so he can give his family a better life. Moxley always had his back. He was proud to share the ring wit Eddie, but the whole “I Never Tapped” bullshit was enough. Moxley guesses he didn’t, though. He was too busy blowin snot bubbles and passing out. So he will beat and torture Eddie until he gets his friend back or he ends him. And finally, Eddie will have nobody else to blame but himself.

Well, shit.

Kenny is announced, but this time, all of his accolades are read off before his introduction. OOOOOO What a heel!

Pretty sure he has new music, and there are two chicks with brooms sweeping the entrance. Not sure if he’s calling for a sweep, or he’s becoming The Cleaner once again.

Match 2: Kenny Omega vs Sonny Kiss

They shake hands. V-Trigger from Kenny! One-Winged Angel! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Kenny Omega
Did NOT expect that. I feel like I give a lot of shit to squash matches; and I really don’t want to sound like an AEW apologist, but a squash after that over the top entrance…just kind of made it all the better.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 21:90

Kenny helps Sonny Kiss up after the move, then holds his hand up. Sonny is shwonig pain as Kenny asks the crowd to cheer for Sonny. He hugs Sonny then leaves the ring.

ORANGE CASSIDY IS HERE!!! OR he was, because this was Earlier Today.

He says sometimes calls go your way, sometimes they don’t. Tony asks how he is preparing for Cody. He says they’re on to Cincinatti. Tony says next week is Jacksonville. Orange says “whatever.”


Cody pulled up earlier today in a limo. Arn hops out with Cody, and Dasha is there to ask for a quick word.

Cody isn’t surprised they want a rematch. He’s surprised at how swiftly it was added. That’s fine. Champs advantage. Cody has gained 14 lbs, says Dasha. Is there a goal in mind with this weight gain?

It was time for Cody to shift into heavyweight territory. Cody is AEW’s giant killer. It’s time. Today, he has it off, and he’s excited to be EVP and watch from afar.

Eddie is backstage, laughing and crying all at the same time. Before he gets to Jon, he wants to go to his family first. Unlike Jon, he doesn’t forget about his people. Penta and Fenix, they’re gonna go out there and show why they’re the best to ever come out of Mexico. Then Butcher and Blade and Bunny later tonight. They’ll knock out all the tag teams then take on FTR, and when they’re done, make a phone call to their old bosses to have them come back.

Speaking of old bosses – let’s get a little reality here; what Moxley said was all true. His response? He had to become bitter and angry and a snake. Do you think he looks at himself in a mirror now? No. But he’s had to become this because his ends justify his means. When he wasn’t playin the game, when he wasn’t a snake, he got nothing. Now, he’s getting a World Heavyweight Championship shot in an I Quit match. He never quits at nothing in his life, and he won’t quit at Full Gear. Jon will have to go to a really really dark place, and Eddie lives there.

Ok guys, time for me to pretend I know the names of a thousand moves I’ve never seen.

Match 3: Penta El Zero M vs Rey Fenix

Rey extends his hand. Penta stalls. They shake. Head to head. Aubrey calls it. LOCKUP! Go behind from Penta. Fenix reverses with a hammer lock. Penta reverses. Fenix pulls the leg, hits the ropes, hops over, arm drag to Penta. Penta gets one of his own. Kicks, Rey catches, Penta rolls through and locks the right leg with an ankle lock. Rey swings back with some right hands. He flips his leg giving Penta an arm drag with his leg! Penta grabs the head, looks for the package piledriver, Rey escapes, hits the ropes, flies back, I miss like 4 moves that are awesome, Penta kicks Rey in the side of the head, goes for a second, roll up for 1.2..NO!!! Another roll up for 1..2…N!O!! Penta tries for a cover, Rey flips out of it. Penta stands, Rey stands. OOOOOOOO!!!! Standoff.

Rey wants a chop challenge. Penta is down. Rey hits one. Penta removes his glove in dramatic fashion, calls for silence. CHOP to Rey! Rey stands. Shakes it off. He chops Penta hard. Penta calls for silence. CHOP to Rey! Rey shoves Penta into the corner, Rey slides through the ropes, to the apron, springboard, and Penta with a kick to the chin! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Both men on the apron, Penta wants the piledriver, Rey to the inside, kick to the head, he hops to the top rope and spins a thousand times down onto Penta! Penta rolls into the ring. Rey to the top rope. He walks the ropes. Penta pulls the rope! Rey drops off the top onto the mat!

WE go PIP and it makes me so sad. Penta grabs the head of Rey. Rey chops from his knees. Penta kicks him in the head and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Penta lifts Rey by the mask, chokes him up on the 2nd rope, pulls back on the chin. Ref holds him back. Rey rolls to the outside. Penta follows and kicks Rey in the mid-section. He pushes Rey against the ring post, punches his mid, then hits a right. Rey tries to fight ack but Penta sends him back first into the barricade. Penta breaks the count, heads back outside, and chops Rey. He goes for another one, but Rey ducks and Penta chops the post!!! Kick to the face!!!! Rey gets flipped onto the apron upside down, but Penta kicks HIM in the face!!! Both men down on the outside!!!

Back in the ring, and Penta hits a pump kick. Slingblade off the springboard from Penta! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Rey up in the corner. Kick to the running Penta. Swinging kick to Rey on the top buckle. Penta stands on the top rope with Rey. Rey hops up. Head scissors takedown to Penta. Penta locks the head of Rey and goes for a reverse DDT that looks kinda sloppy, to be honest. Cover to Rey for 1..2…NO!!! Aubrey checks on Rey. Seems to be ok. He’s sellin well or got himself a stinger there. Penta pops him up for a powerbomb, but Rey lands on his feet and superkicks Penta! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Rey locks the fingers. Chop to Rey. Rey flies through the ropes, holding the hand, kick, Rey struggles to get up to the top rope. Penta kicks his legs out! Penta to the apron, then up to the top rope. Rey hits some right hands. He springs up to the top rope! SPANISH FLY!!!!! Rey hits the ropes, ducks under a clothesline, flops upwards, looking for a head scissors, but Penta slams Rey down hard!! Cover for 1….2…..NO!!!! Penta grabs the arm, pulls back hard, looks to break it! He snaps it!

Rey to his knees, favoring the arm. Penta shows concern. Penta says sorry, hits the ropes, Rey is up, they lock up in the middle of the ring. DESTROYER! PIN! 1…2……3!!!!

Winner: Rey Fenix
Holy shit. That was lovely. I don’t know what I expected to end this match, but I didn’t think it was going to be a Destroyer, as it’s become more transitional than anything in recent years. A few slip up from Rey didn’t hurt this match in the slightest, as they played with those mistakes. For instance, Rey nearly missed a leap up to the top, but Penta waited for him to land correctly, then kicked the legs out. Ugh. These guys are great, and the small show of concern from Penta was so unexpected yet made sense. This is the one to beat.
Total Rating: ****1/4
Match Time: 14:07

Marvez is backstage with The Dark Order and Colt Cabana.

Reynolds and Silver and Colt to be exact. Silver is flexin hard then Reynolds says tonight is their biggest opportunity. Mr. Brodie gave them the chance to be stars. And they did just that. They will be Number One Contenders. Colt says he is on a mission to become the AEW World Champion. This is a sign. He has a great single’s record. He feels zero pressure.

Silver rushes up to him screaming that the whole Dark Order is under pressure. They will be champions. Next week, Cody has a match with that jokester Orange Cassidy, and last time the entire Dark Order will be there, and no matter who wins, he and Brodie will beat them up and take back his title.

Oh dear…

Match 3: Colt Cabana vs Hangman Adam Page

LOCKUP! Page works the arm, Colt rolls out of it. Side headlock from Page. Colt escapes. Go behind from Page. Colt breaks it, flips Page forward, works the ropes, forces Page to stop mid run, arm drags, but Page is pissed. He gives Colt a right hand. Colt with an elbow to the face. Big Boot from Page. Running shooting star press! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Another cover for 1..2..NO!!! Chop to Colt. Hard elbow to Page’s face. Another right from Page. Whip to Colt. Reversed. Colt goes for a splash in the corner, Page gets him to the apron. Clothesline from Page. He flies down to Cabana with splash! Rolls him back in the ring. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!!

Colt rolls to the outside. Page follows him. Right hand from Colt. Right elbow from Page. Page lifts Colt up near a table. Colt locks the leg. The ref calls for Page to take it back in the ring. Page sends Colt back in. Page to the apron, enters the ring, Page lifts Colt up and hits a fallaway slam into a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Hangman gets the fireman’s, Colt slides down and goes for a rollup, Page stops him, but Colt rolls him up and pins for 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Page. Page kicks Colt in the middle of the ring. Colt swings hard and connects with a right hand. Page with a forearm to the face. Colt with one of his own. Colt works the arm, locks up for a body slam, Page reverses and hits a Fallaway Slam! Kip up! Page runs. ELBOW FROM COLT! Head scissors from Colt! Right fist to the face. Right from page. Colt hits one, another, juke and jive, and an elbow. Colt runs to the corner, flies off of it, tries to crawl under Page, Page rolls Colt up, but Colt reverses for 1..2..NO!!! Chop to Page! He runs into the corner wih a back splash, but Page catches him! GERMAN!!!! 1…2….NO!!!!! Spinning forearm to Colt on the apron. Page to the top rope. COLT PUSHES HIM OFF! Page falls onto his back on the apron!!! COLT WITH A DIVING SPLASH OFF THE APRON!!! Yeeesh!

Colt lifts Page and sends him into the ring at the count of 7. Colt to the top rope. Another splash, but he misses! Page with a pop-up powerbomb! 1..2……NO!!!!! Page wants the buckshot! Colt runs into the ropes to prevent it! Page kicks forward, Colt grabs the leg and slams Colt down on the apron. They’re on the corner. Chicago Skyline, but Page drops to the apron! He goes for Buckshot, Colt dodges.

Superman dive into a pin for 1…2…NO!!!!! Page fakes a buckshot then gets the pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page
The first half of the match was a little slow for my liking, but it’s most likely due to them knowing they’d be PIP> Once we returned to full screen, though. Damn. Page showed his strength, and Colt showed he’s not some noob.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:43

The Dark Order comes out to grab Colt Cabana and take him to the back. Page watches on.


Tazz, Ricky, and Cage come out to demand a response from Hobbs. Tazz then says that Darby getting a shot at the TNT title burns his ass. He shows up at work earlier today, minding his own business, and walks by Tony Khan. Tony says, hey Tazz, do you have a second? Sure thing. They meet in the office. Khan says if Ricky Starks would have been victorious over Allin, it would be him for the title. Oh no kidding, you mean Ricky that won 9 of his last 10 matches? Ricky who fell victim of a bullshit match against Darby? Why does Darby get what he wants? What about cage? What about Starks?

Starks says he’s proven his worth. He’s telling us this, he’s gotta watch Darby get a shot at the title and be ok with it? Someone will pay. It will be Darby. Here’s the thing; he promises – he doesn’t know when or where, but he puts it on all he loves. When they meet again, he’s putting him in the grave.

Jericho and MJF!

MJF orders a 20 oz Porter House Steak, with a baked potato, and he wants it well done.

Jericho asks for the same, but he wants it Medium Well.

MJF says, his apologies, but he’d like to strike down that previous order. He wants his Medium.

Jericho, change his order to Medium Rare.

MJF wants his order RARE.

Jericho tells Velma to change his order to “Blue” aka Extra Bloody Rare.

What are we doing here, asks Jericho. They’ve been here for twenty minutes, and MJF has been rude with everyone. Next week, they’ll have a Town hall to see what people think about MJF joining Inner Circle.

MJF says they are the two biggest stars in all professional wrestling. Them working together needs to happen. Jericho says The Ratings Ruler sucks. It’s got as much chance as getting over as Orange Cassidy (they say this together).

MJF says just picture them together.

We get a….



It’s a duet! I can’t…I don’t….

It’s beautiful.

I can’t even.

I am literally, smiling.

MJF asks for a favor, can we get it one more time?

And we get it one more time!

I cannot do this justice. WATCH AEW!

We get back to Jericho and MJF at the table. Jericho’s blue steak comes, and it’s RAW as fuck. MJF’s is also a slab of beef that is most definitely not a Porterhouse cut. Jericho says they’ll have to send it back.


Match 4: Britt Baker vs KyLinn King

Side headlock from Britt into a snapmare and a choke hold from behind. King escapes it quickly and grabs the wrist. Britt reverses, takes down King, locks the fingers. Roll forward, and drop toe hold from King. King works the arm behind Britt, Britt stands up out of it, holding the head, turns, and takes King down then rolls into a Lockjaw but King counters and gets a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Kick is blocked, Ripcord, Baker grabs the arms, stomps the back of King, sending her into the mat face first! Right hand to King. Knee strikes to the face. King takes her to task against th ropes, whips, Britt hold the leg and trips King down then locks the waist and pins for 1..2.NO!!!! Elbow drop to the shouldr. Another.

Britt on the apron, swings with a kick, King catches it, Britt sends her away with some kicks then distracts the ref. Rebel sends King back in the ring. Britt locks the head, King escapes, kicks the arm, high kick to the head. King locks up from behind. King rolls back off the ropes, sends Britt into the ropes.

Slingblade. Britt with a DDT! Fisherman’s neckbreaker from Britt. LOCKJAW! King taps!

Winner: Britt Baker
This is one of those matches where you know it’s a squash, but the opportunity for the opponent to shine is not removed, and King did just that. Girl looked great here, and even though this was Britt’s match to show up and show out, her opponent played her part damned well.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 4:09

We head over to Darby and Steve-O. Steve-O narrates Darby allin rolling down a skate ramp in a body bag.

Admittedly, I don’t see how this makes him more apt at winning the title, but you know…Jackass or whatever.

FTR is on commentary for the main event.

Match 5: Private Party vs The Young Bucks vs The Butcher and The Blade vs The Dark Order (Reynolds and Silver)

Reynolds and Nick to start. Wrist lock and a dropkick sends Reynolds into a tag from Silver. Tag to matt who hops to the top rope and stomps the arm of Silver. Arm drag from Matt. Tag from Nick. Tag to Blade. Double dropkick. Blutcher enters, gets kicked, Matt launches Nick onto Butcher. Both Bucks are ni the ring to celebrate. Kassidy enters the ring. Test of strength, Nick trips, Kassidy hops up onto the top rope, flies off, hits the ropes, head scissors, kick to Nick, double kip up andKassidy dodges a superkick. Tag from Quen. Matt enters the ring. Bucks try for Superkicks but Private Party slowly drop those kicks. THEY HIT SOME SUPERKICKS OF THEIR ON! IN come Butcher and Blade to attack. In come Dark Order to join in on the fun. Butcher and Blade team up for a chokeslam to Quen. Tag from Blade and he enters, grabbing Matt. Right hands from both. They go back and forth. Whip to Matt. He ducks under a hit. Tag to Quen who comes in with a pele kick, inverted atomic drop, dropkick to Reynolds. Silver in. Dropkick for him. Butcher in, he gets a dropkick as well! Quen is left standing by himself!

Quen suicide dives onto Butcher on the outside, then dives over the top rope to Silver. He heads to the corner and flies off with a senton onto Reynolds! Quen slides back in, hits the ropes, looks to dive, but Bunny is there to stop it. Quen sends Blade into Butcher on the apron. Quen to the top rope. Shooting Star Press. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Butcher there to stop the pin. Butcher lifts Quen and drops him hard. Kassidy back on the apron. Blade sends Kassidy off the apron. Chop to Quen. On the outside, Sammy rushes in to attack Matt Hardy!!!

Back in the ring, Silver drops Quen. Blade gets a blind tag. Silver is upset. He calls for a double team. Whip to Quen, back elbow to both. Silver barks orders, asks for a high claw. Silver is happy about it. In comes Butcher and Reynolds, and Silver calls for both of them to hold their hands up. Bunny is on the apron, though. Silver is hyped. Reynolds stares over. Butcher and Blade attack from behind. They then sends Young Bucks off the apron. Kassidy is next. Butcher goes after one of the bucks, sending hm over the barricade. Blade grabs the other one and sends him into the barricade. Butcher then grabs Kassidy and drops him onto Blade’s knee. They had back into the ring, but Quen is on the top rope and dives off with kicks to both men. Silver into the ring, whips Quen into the ropes. Quen sends Silver over th top, hits a right hand. High kick to the abs of Quen. Silver runs around the ring attacking everyone!!! He heads back in, dives off the top rope, misses, Reynolds gets a tak. Kick to Quen, A nice sequence with Silver and Reynolds! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Young Bucks stop the pin. Dark Order sends them right back outside. They grab Quen, ref calls for one of them to get out of the ring. Double suplex attempt, but Quen hits a knee to the head, kick to Reynodlds. Tag to Kassidy, slingshot over the back, hits the ropes, SILLY STRING!!! Kassidy to the top rope. Quen to the top rope. They dive. CROSSBODY/LEG DROP COMBO!!! In come Young Bucks to stop the pin! Butcher and Blade send thme to the outside. Blade drags Reynolds to the corner and tags himself in. Butcher with a backbreaker to Kassidy, then a suplex onto the knees of Blade! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Bucks AGAIN break up the pin! Butcher and Blade send The Bucks to the apron, they hold the ropes and Butcher tumbles outside. Tag to Blade. Stunner off the apron to Blade. Blade rolls to the outside. Nick enters, Reynolds to his feet, kick to Silver, kick to Reynolds, kick to Silver, high knee to Reynolds, then a bulldog/clothesline combo to Dark Order. He runs to the apron. Flies onto Private Party! Matt and Nick send Kassidy into the ring. Tag to Matt and they superkick the incoming Butcher. Bucks to the top. Nick to the top rope. He dives off the corner, piledriver and senton combo! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!!!!

Matt stands over Kassidy, Kassidy with an inside cradle! 1..2..NO!!!! Matt misses a splash, Kassidy tries for a tag, but Quen is pulled off the top. Matt sends Blade off the apron. Kassidy tries to tag, kick to Matt. Kassidy tries to tag in Silver. Nick is there to pull him off the apron.

Matt sets up for Meltzer Driver. Quen pulls Nick off the apron. Rollup from Kassidy! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Reversal! Matt gets the 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
This was much more balanced than a lot of previous Young Buck matches, leaving room for the possibility of another team open. The ending wasn’t in question, truly, but it was a nice ride getting there. I hope they alter the storyline moving forward, because Douche Bucks are annoying.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 13:27

FTR enters the ring to offer beers to The Young Bucks. The Bucks send the beers flying with a smack. In comes what’s supposed to be The Time Keeper. He smacks The Bucks with a chair. FTR holds one of the bucks and the dude with the chair hops to the top rope then flies off with a spiked piledriver. FTR wraps the chair around Matt’s leg. Cash to the top rope. He dives off and snaps Matt’s leg in the chair.

IT’s TULLY! Tully can move! YOU STILL GOT IT!!!

End Show

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite may be done, but the discussion continues with 411’s post-show Dissecting Dynamite! The full video for the show is now online and you can check it out below, with host Andy Perez and guest host Blake Lovell discussing the events of tonight’s show including Chris Jericho and MJF’s Le Dinner Debonair, Hangman Page vs. Colt Cabana and more!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another amazing show from AEW. I'm a sucker for tournaments when they are done well, and this one was. A special highlight to the Fenix vs Penta match, which was more awesome than I expected it to be, and although it didn't sit well immediately, the Omega squash just makes sense considering the over the top entrance he had. Darby's little video segment with Steve-O was a rare miss for me, since we've seen him do much worse for no reason. Him rolling down a ramp doesn't make him more credible for his title shot. Britt Baker may very well be the next big thing in the women's division, and that's ok. They'd be better served to work on more than just one woman though. Let's not forget the awesomeness that is Eddie Kingston, and Moxley's promo before that was nearly as good. I loved that the promos spoke to one another. They weren't just filled with cliches that could have been played in either order. They were both necessary, both told a story, and spoke to one another. Small, but it matters so much. The one thing I think will divide the crowd is that musical number by Jericho and MJF, but if you're looking for my opinion, I loved every minute of it. It's just as ridiculous as they are.

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