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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.16.22

November 16, 2022 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Jon Moxley MJF Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.16.22  


Ah man, I dropped my Pizza.

Match 1: Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli vs Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Claudio and Jericho go at it, Bryan and Sammy go at it, we have a mess of a match to start! Jericho sends Claudio outside with some chops, but Claudio hits some uppercuts. Sammy corners Bryan and bites the wound from last week. Claudio in the ring. He grabs Sammy, Bryan grabs Jericho, and they drive elbows into the chest over and over.

WE finally get some legal men in the ring, with Bryan and Sammy. Bryan gets the Mexican Surfboard for a. bit then tags in Claudio. Claudio dives under, grabs Sammy, delaaayyyyeeeeddd suplex!! In comes Jericho, and Claudio suplexes him down. He hits the ropes and dives off with a splash onto both men. Tag to Bryan. Claudio grabs Sammy, Bryan with a chop. He corners Sammy. Hard chop. Sammy attacks the eye! Tag to Jericho! Chop. Another. Another! Bryan is able to exit the corner, gain wrist control, then lay Jericho down and stomp the elbow. Chop in the corner and a tag to Claudio. Uppercut to Jericho, another sends Jericho down. Jericho up and corners Claudio, Claudio grabs the head, tag to Bryan, Jericho chops Bryan into the corner, tag to Sammy. Sammy in, whip to Bryan by both men, shoulder tackle from JAS. Sammy and Jericho pose. Sammy corners Bryan, mounts for some punches, then slinks down for a chop instead. Bryan reverses, chops Sammy, kick to the chest, chop, kick, whip to the corner, Bryan flies with a kick to the face, another!!! Bryan with a third, but it misses! Drop toe hold sends Bryan to the corner. Sammy favors his face, the ref checks on him, and here comes Jericho to slap the taste out of Bryan’s mouth.

We are BACK! And Jericho with a cocky pin to fill his Finisher Meter. Jericho sends Bryan to the corner, chops him up a few times, but Bryan reverses and hits some of his own. Whip to Bryan, Bryan flies over the top, hits the ropes, flying elbow!!! Jericho down! Bryan down! Claudio in! He grabs the entering Sammy! He tosses Sammy INTO Jericho!! Running uppercut!! Punches to Jericho over and over! Uppercuts over and over!!! Another one! Ref tries to hold ihm, but he keeps them coming! Claudio hits the ropes, clothesline! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Claudio sets up for the Neuralizer, Jericho with aback body drop, Claduio lands on his feet! Hits the rope! Uppercut! Cover! 1..2….NO!!!

Claudio shoots the legs! He wants the swing! Sammy in! Kick, this catapults Jericho to the corner, he lands on his feet! Jericho turns, shoots the lgs, locks in the Walls! Sammy hits the ropes and dives over onto Bryan outside!!! Claudio reaches for the ropes, Sammy pulls the ropes away, Bryan there to send Sammy into the post HARD! Ouch! Bryan to the top rope! He dives with a dropkick to Jericho!!! Bryan wants the tag. Sammy enters the ring! Bryan enters! Forearms over and over to Bryan, but Bryan blocks it…WITH HIS FACE!!! Sammy hits the ropes, elbow strike from Bryan! HUGE Kick to Sammy in the center of the ring. Another. Another. Another. Head kick is missed and here comes Sammy attacking the eye again! HUGE KNEE from Sammy! He calls for GTH! Tries it! Bryan slinks under!!! Hooks the arm! LaBell Lock!!!! Sammy reaches to the ropes! Rope break!!! Bryan releases! He goes for the head, hooks it, sits Sammy on the top rope! Chop! Bryan follows. Sammy bites his freaking eye!! Springboard cutter off the top rope!!! Tag to Jericho. Lionsault! Cover! 1…2…NO!!! Claudio pushes with the shoulder!!! He shoot Sammy in the air. HUGE UPPERCUT!! Jericho shoves Claudio out of the ring. Whip to Bryan, Bryan hits the ropes, Jericho to the rope. They collide in the middle of the ring! Tag to Claudio! Sammy has the bat! Bryan flies over the top rope onto Sammy! Jericho gets the bat! Claudio shoots the legs! GIANT SWING TO JERICHO! HE STIL LHAS THE BAT!!!!

Claudio drops Jericho, tries for a Sharpshooter, Jericho swings the bat, Claudio grabs the bat with ease! He locks in the Sharpshooter!!! Claudio holds onto the bat! JERICHO TAPS!!!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli
Claudio is a beast. That is all.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 18:03

Video package for Moxley and MJF.

Speaking of package, long time readers will know of the name Michael Ornelas, a verboise former writer who couldn’t just pick a section when he was here. Well he’s got a new project, and he’s anxious to share it with the world that is 411, even if he only reads reviews by Steve Cook.

Anyway, show him some love for, what I am sure, is the first EVER Olive Garden Musical!

Bedknobs and Broomsticks? More like Red Slobs and Breadsticks…amirite?

Darby and Sting have a little video package followed by a very, very – thankfully – short Jarrett promo.

The Acclaimed have a music video for us, and honestly, starting with Big Show reprising Captain Insano is just….GREAT.

Swerve makes his entrance after The Acclaimed, and BILLY GUNN ATTACKS!!! Spera to him, so the refs come out to kick out Max AND Gunn!

Bowens hits Swerve with a right! He stomps the fingers. Into the ring.

Match 2: Anthony Bowens vs Swerve Strickland

Swerve with a rip, side headlock from Bowens, he releases, kick to Swerve, another, leg lariat to the back of the head! Swerve shoots his legs up, locks the head, rana to Bowens, who is sent to the outside. Swerve hits the ropes and dives over the top rope onto Bowens! Back to the apron, Bowens stands, Swerve with a huge kick to the face of Bowens. Swerve drags Anthony to the exposed cement, then drops him back first onto the barricade!

We are BACK and Swerve is doing pushups while pinching the side of Bowens. He stands and swings with a kick to Bowens. Swerve to the top rope. Bowens trips up the leg, and Bowens lands on the top rope, back first. Bowens pulls himself up, Swerve misses a splash. High kick from Bowens, back elbow out of the corner. Right hand to the face, another. Shove to the ropes, Bowens hits the ropes, shoulder tackle to Swerve. Kick to Swerve, right to the head, elbow to the head, back and forth. Bowens rushes the corner, hard forearm, to the ropes, antoher big elbow. ANGLE SLAM! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Bowens locks up, Swerve elbows the head, wrenches the arm, go behind, Bowens spins Swerve, msises a kick, Swerve drops Bowens, rols through and captures for a brainbuster!!! Swerve sizes Bowens up, runs, step up, kick to the back of the head! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Seve locks the hands of Bowens behind him, then locsk the hand, pulling back on it, stretching it, he then steps on the left arm hard!!! Swerve to the top! He dives with a stomp! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! SWERVE IS SHOCKED! SHOCKED I SAY!

Swerve tries for a running kick, Bowens catches him, tries to roll up, but Swerve spins and drops a knee, then drops Bowens with a modified driver and a cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland
Whew! Swerve is so damned smooth. This was a great showing for Bowens, who doesn’t see a lot of Singles action. Solid affair.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:32

Video package for Jade and Nyla.

Schiavone is in the ring! He is here to interview Joe.

Joe tells Tony it’s an honor being in the middle of the ring. It’s a shocker what he did to Wardlow? Unexpected? Is it shocking for a man to refuse to be a victim? Shocking that he took what Wardlow said for face value and took action? Shocking that Wardlow ran his mouth weekly and failed to recognize the most dangerous man in the ring? For that mistake, he paid the ultimate price. He refuse to wait around and be a victim like most the people in the building. The type to wait for the storm to hit, wait for someone to save them, he saves himself, and if anyone has a problem, they can take it up with Joe.

Powerhouse Hobbs is here, telling Joe he is the one who has been kicking Wardlow’s ass for the past several weeks, so how bout he comes down to the ring to kick Joe’s ass?

Joe wonders if Hobbs bumps his knuckles as good as he bumps his gums.


Well, his music, anyway…Hobbs and Joe both wait, and Wardlow comes from the crowd!! SPEAR TO JOE!! Hobbs in to attack Wardlow!!! He mounts and beats him down, and….

Out comes the roster of jobbers.

BOOOOOOOO! Man, I hate that spot.

Everyone is outside except for The Dark Order and Wardlow. Silver tells Wardlow go ahead and do your thing, bruh. Wardlow dives over the top rope onto everyone else outside.

Britt Baker is backstage for a promo. Four times, she says, Four times, Saraya has reminded her that she doesn’t know what to take to be a star. She’s only been here for three years, but in those three years, she became a leader. As a leader, you take all the blame while everyone else receives the credit. In 3 years, she became her own damned role model. She was not handed anything Saraya wasn’t already handed. She was handed an opportunity, and now every person in this arena chants along with her.

No, she didn’t wrestle in MSG, but she did in Daly’s Place, in Jacksonville for over a year, when the fans couldn’t come, they were there for them. They kept the fire of pro-wrestling burning in the darkest of times, and that’s an era Saraya will never know. She respects Saraya, her drug addiction, and the fact that she paved the way, but this business owes her nothing, and it has moved on. Saraya will NOT belittle her because she is stuck in the past. She is the heart, soul, and pulse of AEW, and if Saraya thinks she is above that, she can get the hell out. This is Britt’s house.


Match 3 AEW Trios Championship Match
Top Flight and AR Fox vs Death Triangle

Rey and Darius to start! Rey with a weird cover off of the ropes, kick from Rey, locks the knuckles, walks the ropes, flies off, alands on the apron, Rey sends him down, Rey flies over the top, they roll all th way to the other side and to the outside. Rey back in, shoots the ankle, rolls out, back onto Darius, wheelbarrow, arm draf rom Darius, Rey holds onto the ropes, mises a right, left, back bend to dodge a kick, kip up from Rey, and we get a stalemate. Good lord Tag to Penta. Tag to Dnate. Penta rushes, Dante flips over, then runs up Penta. Dante hops to the 2nd rope BEHIND HIM, flies ith a le lock, spins into a cutter. Drop kick to Penta to the outside! Penta to the apron. Tag to AR. Tag to PAC.

Pac picks the leg, flies over the drop, gets picked by AR, Pac rolls and both stand proud.Pac with a shoulder tackle, hits the ropes, leap frog, AR tries, kick from Pac, both hit the ropes, PAC ducks a right, AR ducks a kick, kips up hits an enziguri, rushes the corner with a back elbow, then rolls Pac into the center and hits a Cutter!! Pac to the outside, AR with a moonsault! Returns Pac into the ring and hits a senton off the top rope! 1..2.NO!! Penta kicks the head of AR! In comes Dante to send him out! Rey sends him out! Darius attacks Rey, sends him outside. Darius shoots Pac into a cutter!!! All three hit th ropes, in come Lucha Bros with a superkick to Dante and Darius. Kick to the knees from Pac. Triple Superkick to AR! Kicks send Top Flight off the apron! Rey code Reds Penta ONTO AR at the same time, Pac moonsaults! Cover for 1..2…NO!!

We are back and Darius is hitting a running boot to Pac. Brainbuster! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Dante, Darius lies to the outside onto Penta! Darius flies onto PAC AND REY!!! AR springboards and fucking cannonballs onto everyone outside! He sends Rey int othe ring, runs into a kick. Kick to Darius on the apron. Fox flies up top, Spanish Fly to Rey! He heads to the top roep! AR FOX WITH A 450!!! Cover for 1…2…NO!!! Pac there to stop it! Penta sends Dante out, Pac has Darius. Rey gets sent to the ropes, swings back with a heel kick, tag to Penta, kick to the side of AR.

Penta grabs Fox, hooks the arms, FEAR FACTOR!! Rey dives to the outside to Top Flight!!!! Tag to Pac! Pac with lack Arrow! Cover for 1….2….3!!!!

Winners: Death Triangle
A bit of a rough start with the returning Darius, but they clicked almost immediately, and good lord was it beautiful.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 11:32

Pac with the mic. He has a question. Do we think the Death Triangle are stupid? That they are not aware? That they haven’t seen the videos, heard the rumors? They have this to say: if there are certain individuals who think they an make their triumphant return this Saturday, and if they think they can just walk on in and best The Death Triangle. Well that’s ridiculous. They know who they are. THEY are Triangulo De La Muerte, and if they want some this Saturday, then bring the heat, because Death Triangle runs from nobody.

A clock tics, and we see a graphic of Death Triangle vs….no one.

This fades to…THE ELITE!

Pac says finally, some transparency. You may think that you’re coming for Death Triangle, but they’ve been waiting for The Elite.

RICKY STARKS has a message for Archer. He says this week, on Rampage, let’s start backstage with him wrapping his braids around his hands and dog-walking his ass around. He will beat Archer this Friday.

Ethan Page is out first for the semi-final match.

HE calls the crowd some simple basic ass civilians. He wil walk through Bandido then he will become Number One contender Saturday. He doesn’t care if it’s Mox or Max. At Winter is Coming, he is the next World Champ.

Match 4: Ethan Page vs Bandido

A wrist lock from Ethan, but Bandido escapes and points the finger gun. Page kicks the gut, flies over the prone body, Bandido flies over, springboard, lands on his feet,rana sends Page to the corner. Running uppercut to Page. Page captures the head, tries for a suplex, knee from Bandido, who deadlift suplexes Page! Cover for 1…NO!!! Bandido hits the ropes, Stokely captures the boot.

WE are back, and Page has Bandido in the corner for an Ego’s Edge, but Bandido hops forward, locks the head, and sends Page flying!!! He drops Edge onto the mat, hard. To the top rope! Frog Splash to Page! Cover for 1…2…..N!O!!! Bandido to the top rope. Page clips the ropes, and Bandido tumbles to the mat. Page to the corner. Bandido with a right. Page is seated, Bandido lifts him up, but Page grabs him and looks to body slam him off the top rope! He does!!! He sends Bandido flying!

Page off the top rope with a battering ramp of a shoulder!!! EGO’S EDGE!!! Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Ethan Page
Page gets another win on his way to the main event, and Bandido made him look good doin it.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 9:05

Jungle Boy v Lucha video package

Saraya is with Renee backstage. Renee brings up it beingbeing five years since Saraya has been in the ring.

Saraya feels happy that she can do this, lucky even. She is sick of the back and forth between her and Britt, though. She wants to be here, she chose to be here. She wants to beat the best, and the best is Britt. She no longer wants to talk, she’ll see Britt this Saturday.

Match 5: Anna Jay vs Toni Storm

Toni tries for a lockup, but Jay ducks underneath and wags her finger. They try again, and again, Anna dodges it. A third attempt and dodge so Toni locks in a headlock into a takedown. Toni stands with Anna in her clutches, hits the ropes, rope work, kick from Toni, and a high kick to the chest. Toni rushes the corner, holds on for a monkey flip. Toni rushes the corner, anna side steps and kicks the angkle, then a backstabber drops Toni in the corner. Anna rolls through with a kick to the head.

We back with a Thesz Press and some punches from Storm. She lifts Jay and attacks the back over and ove with clubbing blows. Hits the ropes, lariat to Jay. Lifts the head again, locks up, hooks the leg, Fishermans Suplex and a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Storm wants the Cloverleaf, but Jay kicks away and gets to the ropes. Toni hits the ropes, hip attack to Jay off the apron!!! Toni to the outside, Jay sends her into the barricade, rolls her back in, hits a Gory special, then covers for 1..2..NO!!!!

Jay tries for the Queen Slayer, Storm blocks it!! Drops Toni in the corner, hits a dropkick, HIP ATTACK to the corner! Toni drags her to the center, Cloverleaf!!! Anna taps!

Winner: Toni Storm
It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good, it was just there.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 7:02

Hayter’s music hits, and out she comes lookin hot. She rolls into the ring, tells Toni she just wants to talk, points at the title. They go face to face. Toni holds the title up and goes chest to chest. Jamie shoves her as Toni tells he rto leave.

Excalibur runs the card down for this Saturday without a single breath.

I could do that too, Excalibur…


We are BACK and we’re getting Mox and Max to close the show.

Mox and Regal are out first. Jon introduces himself. They say, he says, that the championship doesn’t make the man, the man makes the championship. So who is Jon Moxley? He is the best professional wrestler on planet earth. He talks shit and backs it up. He has traveled the world, seeking the toughest challenges, taken on all, and has defined the title. The announcers say he loves to fight, like it’s a good thing. It’s not. He is literally sick in the head. He loves this shit. You cant hurt him because he literally doesn’t care.

Last week, he asked who is MJF. Well he found out that he is a very good singer, found out he has exactly ONE win in this ring in the last 6 months. He leaves for a summer vacation, comes back in a Halloween mask, He then gets handed a chip in the worst ladder match he has ever seen and now he has a title shot. Forgive him if he is not shaking in his boots. MJF has hand prepped speeches and hand-picked opponents. He sees a kid playing wrestler, and a man living in fear that maybe he wont live up to the hype. We will see something special at Full Gear. MJF is not challenging him, Moxley is challenging MJF to show him something. Show him the guts, the balls, something. Why does everyone think MJF is the future? Show him.

STOKELY is here. Lee tries to surprise attack Jon. Here comes Morrissey, and The Gunns attack REGAL!!! Say whaaaaaa.

Lee kicks Moxley in the back.

MJF’s music hits and Page tosses Moxley aside. MJF is out in a black tank top, he is pissed. He punches The Gunns down, hits Lee with a huge clothesline, rolls into the ring, GOOZLE from Morrisey. MKF kicks him in the. Balls! Page with a pump kick, but MJF moves, and he hits Morrisey!!! Eye poke to Page, kick to Page, and he rolls him outside.

MJF grabs a mic, tells everyone to get the hell outta dodge before he takes his boot and shoves it up their ass.

Moxley is on his back, Regals stands tall over him.

MJF wants Moxley to be clear here. He didn’t save him because he cares. He wants him 100%. No ring necessary. Ain’t that right, Will? MJF with a small nod to Punk the way he delivered the opening to that promo.

When he got in this business, his goal was to become the best wrestler in the world. He knows Jon is the best. Know this, he ain’t the same guy as the last time they fought. Jon can make him bleed buckets, he could snap his joints, bones in his body. He needs that belt more than water, food, and oxygen. When you are the man that holds the AEW Title, that makes you the best n God’s green earth, and its his time.

Regal continues to scowl, standing on front of Jon as he tries, slowly, to stand.

MJF heard Jon last week, when he said MJF isn’t the devil. MJF says the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist, and this Saturday, Jon will find out that he is the devil himself, because his name is MJF and he is better than Jon…

Jon rips the mic from his hand. He looks him to his face. He never saw what the big deal is, but this weekend, we’ll find out. If MJF cant find it, Jon will reach in and pull it out because that’s his job. This Saturday…Full Gear…the training wheels come off.

They go face to face as we

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
It's rare, but sometimes a company builds a PPV so well and quickly that there's a show or two that sort of sits in limbo since the pieces are already in place. I won't say that this episode was exactly that, but it was almost that, particularly when it came to MJF and Moxley. Nothing new was really said, and Jon kind of lost his footing there near the end. Of course, it's a minot gripe, but noticed nonetheless. Meanwhile, we had a hell of an opener, a solid follow up with Bowens and Strickland, and some awesome six-man action with Death Triangle, Top Flight, and AR Fox. I also have to give props to Britt for essentially making herself the DeFacto face in her match against Saraya this coming Saturday. In many ways, she's right, and Soraya's "I dont want to talk anymore" really only added to that. I'd say we had a good go-home show for a PPV that, if you weren't sold on it, this didnt do much to change your mind.

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