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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 12.6.23

December 6, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 12-6-23 Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 12.6.23  

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What a time to be alive as a wrestling fan, man.

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

We start with an update for the tournament as well as run down the card tonight, and to be honest, it looks kind of stacked.

Let’s get to it!

Jon Moxley vs Rush

This should be a hell of a beatdown. They start with rights to each other then quickly hit some chops then end up outside. They toss each other around into barricades and into the crowd. The ref starts the count as Jon chases Rush into the crowd further. They go back and forth, with Rush smashing a beer can onto Jon’s head. The ref is letting them fight, and they make their way back towards the ring. Rush sends Jon into the ring then follows. Rush with a chop to the chest as the crowd chants for Moxley. Jon with some chops, then a right, then a chop, Rush reverses and hits his own chops. Rush looks to hit the running dropkick, stops, and kicks jon in the chin with a smile. He poses and Jon is pissed. Jon is up, flips Rush off with the double fingers. Rush stands, pissed. Rush with a forearm, Jon hits his own, again, another, they go back and forth. Jon hits the ropes. POWERSLAM FROM RUSH! Cover! 1..2…NO! Rush with a snapmare, hits a few stomps, then mocks the crowd but turns right into a cutter from Jon. Rush in the corner now, Jon with a fist, sits Rush up top. He climbs. Right hands! He locks up for a suplex, hits it off the 2nd rope! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Jon grabs the hands, tries to stomp, but Rush grabs the boot, chop to the chest, they trade forearms again, both at the same time. They end up on the apron. Jon with a right, Rush hits his own. Jon locks the hand, hits a headbutt then a knee. Rush drops to the outside mat. Jon runs….right into a belly to belly into the barricade!

We are BACK and Jon has the hips locked but Rush reverses and tries to pikedrive moxley. Jon escsapes, so Rush switches it up a bit and hits a different type of piledriver. Cover. 1.2….NO!!! Rush sends Jon to the corner, lifts him to the top, SUPERPLEX! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Jon sends Rush out of the ring. Suicide dive from Jon! Ref starts the count. Jon is up at 8. Ref hits 9, and they both slide into the ring! They trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Rush gets the better of Jon, hits some chops to the chest, Jon with a lariat, Rush doesn’t drop, he spins, discus elbow. Jon drops in the corner. RJon stands, shoulder from Rush. They collide.

Rush sends Jon to the corner, rushes for a dropkick, but Jon pops up and hits a HUGE Lariat! DEATH RIDER! COVER! 1…….2……NO!!!! SLEEPER!!! Jon with leg scissors! Rush reaches back! He tries to grab! Rush is out! KO!

Winner: Jon Moxley
High impact and hard hitting. LORDY.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 14:31

WE are informed that either Mark Briscoe or Jay Lethal will be eliminated tonight if they lose. SHIT IS GETTING REAL!!

Lethal and Jay White get a back and forth promo/video package for tonight.

Renee is at the top of the ramp! She welcomes Roderick Strong and The Kingdom out and I’m already annoyed.

Strong rolls down in the center. He asked for this time. He screams Renee, then says its obvious that MJF will put his dagger into the heart of Samoa Joe. Joe is a big boy, and life has taught him that actions have consequences. Tonight, Joe will put his hands on a hot stove, and it will burn.

Strong calls Renee crazy. Decisions have consequences. Look at him. This is his life. He is in this wheelchair due to decisions he’s made. This is his life daily. Strong stands out of his chair, says it’s held him back for far too long. The Kingdom act like this is a miracle. Strong repeats “Far too long” and they celebrate his standing up.

We come back and Renee is looking to get a word with MJF, but here is Hangman Adam Page and he has a message for Swerve. Basically, he’s going to prevent him from ever winning the title.

MJF shows up, says hello to “Seabiscuit!” He says it was impressive watching him and Swerve fight and see who could get the most STDs! Page says he doesn’t have thirty minutes to talk to him and walks away.

MJF says the reason he needs 30 minutes is to wake the crowd up from boredom due to Page’s horrible promos.

Page comes back into frame and they each share their revisionist history of their last match, then MJF reminds Page of the diamond ring win, but Page says it made him so upset that he won the World Championship. MJF calls this cute, says what did it last? 6 months? Page says MJF is sure he’ll be proud when he’s 70 with his only cat. MJF says of everyone in this locker room who he thinks is The Devil…it’s Page. Page says he’s known MJF for a long time, and he’s been a manipulator the whole time. It’s probably just MJF. Page wants him to be honest. MJF says honestly, he’ll beat the living shit out of…

Here comes Samoa Joe to stop the potential beatdown. He screams at MJF sayin they have other issues tonight that do not involve Page.


Swerve Strickland vs Mark Briscoe

Lockup! Arm drag from Mark. Swerve’s shoulder all taped up. Mark trips up Swerve, side headlock, turns into a front headlock. Swerve works the left arm, tosses Mark down, covers for 1. Swerve with a sleeper from the back, Mark escapes, side headlock, to the ropes, a tackle from Mark. He gets another side headlock down on the mat. Swerve escapes, tries for a sunset flip, Mark hits the ropes, another headlock. Swerve corners Mark, shoots him away, Mark hops over the head, another side headlock. Swerve to the ropes, he bounces off of them, and Mark hits ANOTHER side headlock. Scissors from Swerve, he’s up, hits the ropes, and Mark with a big boot! Mark with a boot to the chin. Chops in the corner from Mark. Suplex to Swerve. Cover for 1..2.NO!! Side Russian Leg Sweep from Mark! He lifts Swerve, hits a right, to the corner, chop to the chest. Swerve tries to shove him away. Mark whips, reversal, uppercut from Swerve, snapmare to Mark, and an uppercut to the back of the head. Swerve with a kidney shot in the corner. Neckbreaker. Cover for 1.2..NO!! Mark sends Swerve to the outside then hits a flying dropkick! Mark to the apron, runs into a kick! Chop from Mark! Chop from Swerve. Another back and forth. Kick from Mark drops Swerve to the floor. Chop from Mark. He hits another against the barricade, then tosses Swerve. Mark rushes but Swerve sends him flying over his head into the crowd. Swerve to the barricade, grabs Mark and hits a suplex onto the mat!

We back and Briscoe is hitting some big chops. Whip and Swerve reverses, but mark hits him with an elbow to the face. Swerve with a drop toe hold sends Mark into the corner. Swerve tries for a half nelson, Mark escapes, go behind, Swerve grabs the boot between his legs, spins onto Mark’s back, and hits a German! Swerve runs out the corner. Flatliner! Big whip kick to the head! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Mark sits Swerve on the top buckle. Mark hooks the head, Swerve hits some uppercuts then a big chop to the side of the head. Damn. Swerve looks to leap, but Mark hops up and hits an uppercut! Swerve tumbles down hard. Mark flies over the top rope onto Swerve! He sends Swerve back into the ring, hits the ropes, BIG LARIAT! Cover! 1..2…..NO!!! Mark hooks the head, double underhook. Tries to lift, cant do it. He attacks the back with some rights, tries again, but Swerve with a back body drop, Briscoe holds on, roll through, HOUSE CALL FROM SWERVE! Swerve to the top! 450 ONTO THE KNEES!!!! Cover from Mark! 1…2……NO!!!! Big kick out the corner from Swerve. Mark with a DVD! He heads to the top rope! Froggy NO!!! KNEES!!! Crucifix pin from Swerve! 1..2….NO!!!! We are at the 15 minute mark!

Both men on the apron. Mark with a kick, double underhook, THIS IS AWESOME chant. He tries to lift, Swerve breaks free! Death Valley Driver onto the apron from Swerve! Swerve to th top rope! STOMP!!!!! Cover! 1..2…..3!!!!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland
BRISCOOOEEEEEE!!!!! Good God, if that went to a DRAW I don’t think anyone would have been upset! What an ass kicking match. They took their time and allowed that to grow into a beautiful crescendo of a finish. Bravo.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 15:43

Backstage, Mariah May is with Renee for the first time. She says her and Tony planned her debut. It will be full of glamour. Renee asks who her first opponent is, but Mariah says it’s none of her business, and changes the topic to Toni Storm later tonight.

Up next, Joe and MJF teaming up to take on

Samoa Joe is out. He hits the ring, and the lights go out then flicker. We got masked men on all four sides of the ring. Joe ain’t ever scared, though. He’s ready for a fight.

The lights go out!

We are stuck in darkness for a while, then the lights come back on and the masked men are gone.

We see the screen and it’s The Devil! Screen flickers and we head to video of MJF laid out with his title. There’s pieces of a broken beer bottle surrounding MJF as we go to break.

Jon Moxley cuts a quick promo about being the “Ace of the World.” Here comes Swerve Strickland to tell him he’s willing to o whatever it takes to win. Jon says good. Swerve says he’ll see him in Texas.

Let’s go.

We are with Ben Mankiewicz now to talk about the greats of the cinematic world, who he says never before has an artist encapsulated the trials and tribulations of a woman in professional wrestling. He names some of Toni’s greatest hits but says tonight may be the greatest of all. He introduces Toni, and we head to the ring.

AEW Women’s Championship Match
Toni Storm vs Skye Blue

Toni says it’s “time to grapple” lol. Nice. Side headlock from Toni into a takedown. Leg scissors from Skye. Toni spins into it and escapes, then gets a side headlock down on the mat. Skye tries for a pin, gets a 1..2.N!O!! Skye works the wrist, Toni stands, blocks out of it, spins Toni and stands proud. Skye with a wrist lock and a toss down of her own. Toni screams with a right hand and a kick. Another kick. Toni whips, tries for a side slam, but blue with a rana. Skye tries to dive, but Toni clocks her then sits on Luther’s shoulders. He runs with her holding onto Skye. Toni sends her flying off the apron.

Skye corners Skye by the barricades then chops her across the chest. Another chop across the table then a whip to the corner barricades. Toni with a hip attack!!! Skye is dead.

We are back and she’s still alive! Skye hits an elbow from the apron, heads to the top rope, dives off with a crossbody. Cover! 1..2..NO!!!Skye with a double underhook. From behind, Toni elbows out and switches then hits a big German! Skye in the corner, seated. Toni calls for the hip attack! She runs, Skye moves, big kick to the chin! Skye calls for her own version. HIP ATTACK TO TONI!!! Skye hits the ropes. BIG RUNNING BOOT! He tosses Toni into the center, CODE BLUE!!!! 1..2…….NO!!!! Skye is pissed. She heads to the top rope again, this time really far away from Toni. Toni stands, attacks Skye with a right hand. She hits some headbutts, then climbs. Toni attacks the back of the head with some elbows. She locks the head, pulls upward, SUPERPLEX TO SKYE! Blue rolls away into the corner.

Toni with a HIP ATTACK! Toni locks Skye up, Skye with a reversal into a bridge for 1….2…NO!!! Toni reverses with a pin of her own! Skye’s shoulders don’t look fully down but we still get the 1…2….3!!!

Winner: Toni Storm
Toni has a firm grasp on who her character is and who she wants her to be. Just amazing work. This was also one of Skye’s best matches, and even with it being less than ten minutes and a faulty finish, it was great.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:18

Toni celebrates for a bit until Riho’s music hits and out she comes. Big dropkick sends Toni to the apron. Riho hits the ropes, looks to attack, but Luther grabs Toni and takes her away in his arms.

Switchblade Jay White vs Jay Lethal

Lockup! White overpowers then Lethal pushes back. We get a stalemate. Another lockup and this time Lethal gets a side headlock. White with one of his own. Lethal reverses. They trade side headlocks into takedowns until Lethal tries for a strut. White attacks the back. Chop to lethal. White looks to do his own strut but chops Lethal instead. Hip toss from Lethal, drop toe hold into a cradle for 1.2..NO!!!!Another hip toss from Lethal, cartwheel, dropkick to White! Lethal with the strut! Lethal with a fireman’s. Switchblade with a DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

We are back and Lethal with a Lethal combination. Kick out of the corner from White, he kicks again, Lethal ducks under, hits a lariat, White to the outside, Lethal qwith a suicide dive! Lethal gets White to the shoulders, torture rack1 He then hits a rolling senton, nearly crushing his own head. Lethal to the top! He flies with an elbow! Cover! 1….2….NO!! Lethal tries for the Injection, White grabs the leg. Big kick from Lethal. He elbows the corner, White moves, drops the leg onto his shoulder! White with a underhook and a toss into the corner back first. White grabs the head, BRAINBUSTAAAAA!!!!! 1…2….NO!!! They gocounter for coutner until Lethal sits down for a pin! He gets 1..2..NO!!!

Lethal tries for a Lethal Injeciton, but White clips the back of the leg!!! Lethal rolls through, overshoots it! White sits onto Lethal for a stacked pin! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Jay White
Not nearly as much heat than the previous two matches, but still a solid affair. Thankfully, my money was on Jay to win.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:24

TNT Championship Match
Adam Copeland vs Christian Cage

Adam starts with a HUGE slap to the face! He locks a sleeper down on the mat! Cage gets to the ropes to break it. Cage to the apron. Adam grabs him and beats down on the chest! Adam hits the ropes then hits a tackle to send Cage flying. Adam follows and sends Cage into the table a few times. Adam sends cage back into the ring, pleads for mercy, tries for a low blow, but Adam catches it and stomps the hand. Adam sends Cage back outside and whips him into the barricade. Another. Boot to the chin. Cage is able to gain control off a whip into the post as we go to break.

We are back and Cage corners Adam then mounts for some rights. He switches to left because of the injury to the right hand. Adam bites the right hand!!! He turns and hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep off the 2nd rope! Cage to the apron, Adam tries for a spear but Cage hits a kick, swings up for a kick but Edge stops it! Adam to the apron! He clmibs to the top rope. He dives with a leg drop! Cage sends him into the steps! He sends Adam into the ring then heads ot the top rope! Frog Splash! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Cage tries for a spear, but Adam counters with an Impaler! Cover! 1……2….NO!!! Adam to the top rope! Cage stands! Clips the legs! Adam drops across the top ropes. Cage attacks the leg. He sits Adam up then Headbutt! Cage back up. Adam slinks down. Sitout powerbomb! PIN! 1..2…..NO!!! Cage is up! Tries for Killswitch, Adam turns it, works the arm, tries for an arm bar, Cage counters, Adam shoot him into the ropes, cradle! 1..2..NO!! big boot from Edge is missed, Cage tries for Killswtich, but Adam grabs the head and slams Cage down hard! 1..2….N O!!! Crossface from Adam! Adam drops some hard forearms to the head of Cage. Cage looks to be knocked out. Adam is going full crazy hobo! Adam tries for a Spear! Cage hops over him! KILLSWITCH!!!! COVER!!!! 1…..2….NO!!!! Cage calls for a Spear! Adam shoots himself out of the way. HE sends the ref into the ropes! Ref is trying to get himself tohether, but Cage just kicks the ref in the balls!!!!

Cage grabs his TNT Title! He tries to hit Adam with it! Adam ducks under, both men hit the ropes, both try for a spear! BOTH MEN DOWN!

Here comes Nick Wayne’s mom for some reason. She enters the ring, ref still down. She grabs the title. She sizes both men up. Cage looks at her, pleads on his knees, she seems torn, then clocks Adam across the face. Cage is shocked. Cage grabs his title as Wayne’s mom leaves the ring. He grabs Edge by the head and lifts him up.

KILLSWITCH! Cage stands over Adam. He then spins Adam onto his shoulder, face on the title, and stomps the back of the neck of Adam. Cover and the ref is alive. 1…2…..3!!!!!

Winner: Christian Cage
As far as a match goes, they did better than I’m sure some expected. A lot of action and good story-telling. The ending will likely divide the crowd, as it is a bit overbooked, even if it makes sense that a mother would seek revenge for what Adam did. A number of us were questioning how “facelike” that move was, and here comes the fruits of said labor.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 17:59

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another great episode, to be honest. Swerve was, yet again, the highlight of the show, with Moxley a close second. They are seemingly trying really hard to make this tournament incredibly important, and I think it's paying off. The main event will probably have us divided, but I was ok with it.

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