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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.30.20

September 30, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
JOn Moxley AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.30.20  

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AEW…where the only retribution is me getting MJF’s gum flavor correct after my brutal mistake last week. Note to self – MJF does NOT like Fruit Stripes.

Boy, I’m runnin late! Thankfully, AEW starts with a recap of Starks doin Starks things as he makes his entrance. Starks is in action, and I have such a man crush on this guy.

Match 1: Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin

Ricky starts with a hard slap to the face. Darby dropkicks his ass to the outside. He follows, sends Starks into the ring, Starks goes for a spear, Darby locks the head, stuffing him. Ricky stands and breaks the hold. Wristlock takedown from Darby, he kicks Starks in the air, then spins onto Starks back and pulls the arm back. Ricky gets to the ropes. Ricky to the apron, Darby grabs Ricky’s head and turns him, Ricky hits him, grabs the head, they go back and forth attempting suplexes, Ricky gets Darby over the top rope oneo the apron. SUPLEX FROM DARBY TO RICKY ONTO THE APRON!!!

Darby into the ring, hits the ropes, dives through with a suicide dive!!! Darby grabs the wrist of Ricky, and drags him towards the ring.

Brian Cage is here! He enters the ring to go up to Darby, but out comes HOBBS! to attack! They go back and forth through the tunnel to the back.

Darby heads over to Ricky, but Ricky is ready! He locks the wrist and pulls Darby OFF THE APRON ONTO THE FLOOR. Ricky sends Darby back into the ring, drops an elbow, stomps in the corner. Chop to Darby. Another chop. Stomp from Ricky. Whip to Darby, into the corner hard. Ricky grabs the leg and gets a half Boston Crab. Darby reaches the ropes to break it. Ricky with a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Ricky grabs both hands. He pulls Darby up and stomps the hell out of Darby’s chest. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Chop to the back! Ouch. Ricky a dick. Ricky lifts Darby up, Darby lands on his feet. Kidney shot, Darby rolls over, CODE RED! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Darby locks up the arms of Ricky behind him, preventing a rope break temporarily. Ricky is able to get to it, breaking the hold. Darby holds it till 3. Darby slaps Ricky. Ricky returns. They stand and Darby hits a right, right from Ricky. Slap to the face, back and forth. Darby is beating the shit out of Ricky, Jesus. Darby runs for a chop block, Ricky rolls through, Darby hops on the back, STUNNER! Darby springboards. SPEAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING AIR!!!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!!!

Ricky gets Darby seated on the top rope, facing the crowd. He locks up for a backslide, no Roshambo, Darby slides off the back, drops a right to the neck. Kick to the face and arm of Starks.

Darby to the top, COFFIN DROP! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Darby Allin
Hell of an opener! I personally would have ended the match after that sick spear, but I suppose seeing Darby win one isn’t all that bad. I’m just a Starks mark.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 9:54

After we run down the card for tonight, Cody makes an overly elaborate entrance. Who does he think he is, Undertaker? Geez.

WE RETURN to Cody in the ring to talk about handshaking with Dasha. He speaks of losing in three minutes, then going to Hollywood and sitting next to a-list celebrities that are more like b-list, and feeling out of place. He says AEW is over a year old, and as much as he’d like to line himself up with the champs of the AEW, he can’t.

Dasha asks if he accepts the collar match. Cody says the optics of a match that unsafe, that bloody, that violent – as the Executive VP of this company, his answer is no.

Cody walks out of the ring and pauses at the top of the stage. He turns and heads back to Dasha in the ring, grabs the mic, and says NO as in No Regrets, No Looking back, TNT Title, Dog Collar match, next week, he accepts.

Out comes Lee and the Dark Order! He attacks Cody!!! Agents and random wrestlers who shouldn’t care at all whether Cody and Lee get into it come into the ring to stop the fight. We get a pull-apart brawl

Brandi runs out to the ring, heads to the top rope, and flips with a senton onto The Dark Order. Anna Jay attacks Brandi from behind, and they go in with the right hands until some female wrestlers go to stop the madness. Out of nowhere, Nyla Rose comes from the audience to stomp out a ginger.

Things calm down for a second till Lee runs back into the ring to get one more hit on Cody.

BACKSTAGE, Tony Schiavone is with FTR and Tully. He brings up SCU and Cash says they did The Best Friends a favor. They weren’t 100%, and they just weren’t on FTR’s level. They are participation trophy guys. SCU, they’re a different story. Two of the best in the world. They are THE First Ever AEW World Tag Team Champs. For them to cement their legacy, they have to beat SCU.

Tony asks about The Young Bucks.

Dax wonders what constitutes a match for them? They had a match against Kenny and Hangman, and they blew it. They blew the gauntlet match. If it’s the Meltzer love and the stars, then sure, maybe. But other than that, they don’t deserve it.

Tony brings up Full Gear. He wonders if

Out comes Matt, and he Superkicks Tony Schiavone, then wonders if he interrupted anything.

Cash and Dax, call them out on their shit, sayin their chins are right here, and why they didn’t kick them.

SCU cuts a promo about chess and checkers then walk towards the ring. They are stopped by Spears, who tells them good luck.

Hangman Page is at the booth to help with commentary during the next match.

Match 2: AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

We start with Dax and Kaz. Kaz wrist locks Dax down then stands up and drop toe holds Dax down. He locks up from behind, Dax escapes, front face headlock. Hangman says he’s not done with the tag divison. Side headlock takedown and we get a stalemate. Shoulder tackle from Kaz. Another, hop over, Dax tries to block a hip toss, Kaz blocks one, too, and hits a clothesline to Dax. Tag to Scorpio who flies off the top rope with a dropkick. Cover for 1….NO!!! Tag from Cash, and Sky runs back to his corner, wanting a fair fight. Ref tells Dax to head out. Cash with a go-behind, lfit up, SCU breaks the hold, reverses into a sie headlock, takedown, rope work and Sky hits a shoulder tackle, seding Csh down hard. Leapfrog off th ropes from both men, Cash hops over Sky, hits the ropes, and Cash pretends to fall and blames it on Daniels! Lol. Ref kicks Daniels out to the back. Nice.

Whip to Sky, Dax misses a clothesline, crossbody off the corner from Dax, Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cash drops an axe, but Sky moves and he hits Dax. Back body drop to Dax, but Cash gets a tag beforehand. He comes in, gets sent to the outside onto Dax! Sky hits the ropes! He dives over the top rope and flips onto FTR!!! Cover in the ring for 1..2..NO!!!! Dax pulls the leg of Sky out to the mat. Sky stands tall and goes for the attack, but Cash comes out of nowhere with a clothesline! Dax mocks him for going nite nite. Cash steps on the face of Sky. Cash sends Sky back into the ring. He uppercuts Sky down. Tag to Dax. Leg drop from Dax. Cover for .1..NO! Whip to the ropes. Dax drops Sky down with an elbow. Tag to Cash. Boot to the chest of Sky. Ref breaks it up and Dax gets a cheap shot in. Cash with a rest hold. Sky escapes, hits the mid section with a right, and Cash locks the head and drops his hips. Front face headlock in the middle of the ring. Cash rushes the corner for a bronco buster, but Sky moves and Cash gets crotched. Tag from Dax, sends Sky back into the heel corner, Sky fights back, gets kicked for it, body slam attempt for Dax, but Sky gets an Inside Cradle. Cash distracts the ref as the pin is held. Ref finally sees. 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to cash. He comes in, and Sky hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Tag to Kaz. He ducks under a right, hits an elbow in the corner. Clothesline to Dax, leaping leg lariat. Cash on the apron, sends his head in and gets leg dropped. Whip to Kaz, who comes back with a right to the head of Dax. Csah is in, kicks, and Kaz flips him onto Dax. Dax is the legal man, tags in Cash, rFrankie rolls up Dax, sees Cash, Suplex into a pin for Cash!!! 1..2.NO!!!! Fisherman’s to Cash. Cover for 1..2…N!O!!! Kaz locks up from behind, attacks the back, Dax prevents a German, Cash locks up, Dax flies off the corner for a Sunset Flip, Cash is there to kick Kaz backwards, and we get a pin for 1..2…NO!!!

Dax and Kaz are the legal men. Kaz with a right hand to the face. Uppercut. Another, Kaz locks the right, then the left for a backslide, Kaz kicks off of the face of Cash, though, hits an elbow to Dax, tag to Sky, who kicks Dax. German to Dax from Kaz! Cover from Sky for 1..2…NO!!!! Whip to the ropes. Uppercut from Dax. Sky falls to the outside. Cash is in, they double team Kaz, but he is able to Sunset flip both men, or try to. Sky flies off the top rope with a cross body! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Kaz flps Kaz into a cutter! Sky flies into the ring with a cutter of his own to Dax! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Tag to Kaz. He’s in to grab the head of Dax. Tag to Cash. Cash locks up, sends Kaz into a punch from Dax, hits him on the neck. Powerbomb from Dax, dragon suplex from Cash! 1….2….NO!!!! Cash grabs the boot, tells Dax to come to the corner. He heads to the top rope. Dax tries to attack, but Kaz sends him into the corner, dropping Cash. Kaz to the top rope, he locks the head, but Dax is there to stop it. Kaz kicks Dax, Cash drops Kaz into the buckle head first. Tagfrom Dax, powerslam but Kaz reverses with a belly to belly and falls onto Dax just as Sky sends Cash to the outside!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!!

Sky flies off the top rope with a crossbody. Cash rolls through. Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Crucifix pin from Sky for 1..2..NO!!!! Rollup for 1..2…NO!!!! Sky grabs the leg of Cash, Tully has his hands! Ref kicks the arm, Sky rolls into a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Cash on the apron. Sky locks the head and sends Cash back into the ring with a suplex!

Sky rolls Cash onto the apron, lifts him up and goes for another suplex, but Tully trips up Sky and Cash covers! Tully holds the leg down! Pin for 1..2…..3!!!

Winners: FTR
Jesus, these guys can go. This was an amazing match that I thought they were going to push all the way till the 20 minute limit. It’s a nice surpise that they didn’t, as that would have been really predictable. Back to the wrestling; this shit was poetry in motion.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 15:39

We have a tournament coming soon, and Kenny Omega is in it, causing Page to spit his whiskey out, and leave the booth, enveloped in sadness.

Match 3: Isiah Kassidy vs Chris Jericho

Jericho shoves Kassidy by the face a few times, punking him into the corner. Jericho turns, grinning, and Kassidy attacks him from behind with some rights He hits him with a barrage of punches, then a hard clothesline. Another. Kassidy shoots the legs and mounts with punches to the forehead. Kassidy with back elbows. Whip to the ropes, Kassidy slides under, hops up, head scissors, arm drag, drop toe hold. Oklahoma roll! Cradle! 1..2….NO!!!! Nice little segment there. Kassidy shows Jericho just how close he was. Jericho with a hard right. He sends Kassidy into the corner. Right hand to the forehead. Another. Kassidy grabs him, catapults Jericho to the outside! Kassidy tries for a baseball slide, but Jericho moves and shoves him into a barricade. Jericho runs, and gets sent over the barricade!!! He runs into Luther! Jericho shoves Luther, so Luther drops his ass! Sammy and Hager come over to help Jericho. Kassidy flies over the top rope with a spinning crossbody onto everyone! He rolls Jericho int othe ring. SWANTON BOMB!!! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Right hand to Jericho. Chop to the chest. Right. Another chop. He hits the ropes, Jericho launches him up and pushes him down hard.

Shit, didn’t realize they were PIP. Hager yells at the fallen Kassidy until Jericho grabs his arm and goes for a bck suplex. He hits it and Kassidy falls hard.

We are back and Jericho goes for a suplex, Kassidy tries to knee out of it, but Jericho is able to hit it anyway. Jericho with a right hand to the face. Kassidy with right hands to the mid section. He hits a back elbow, runs to the ropes, but Hager is there to punch Kassidy in the back!!! It looks like Hager’s cut his nose!! Sick. Jericho runs for a bulldog, but Kassidy shoves Jericho INTO THE CORNER CROTCH FIRST!!! Clothesline to Jericho. Again. Jericho kicks, and Kassidy spins with a kick to the head. Kassidy to the top rope. Forearm to Jericho. Jericho with a lionsault! But Kassidy has the knees up! KASSIDY WITH A LIONSAULT! HE HITS IT! Cover for 1…2…NO!!!! Kassidy springboards. JUDAS EFFET!

Winner: Chris Jericho
Awesome showing from Kassidy, and even though I’m not a Luther fan, the organic interference and following beatdown afterwards was a thing of beauty.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 11:08

The Inner Circle runs in to attack, but Matt Hardy is there with a chair! Jericho and Hager turn their attention to Serpentico and Luther! They attack, but Luther and Serpy fight back! They brawl for a bit.

Miro and Kip talk about the bachelor party. Miro tries to party plan while Kip throws an axe. Miro is up, and he gets a good one in. Kip tells Miro its going to be an amazing bachelor party. They play an arcade game, and in comes some dude in a white suit and an American Flag tie and handkerchief. This guy can help Miro if he wants to do something really crazy.

Apparently, it’s some gamer named Billy Mitchell who is famous for…*checks notes* best score with a donkey’s dong?

Backstage, Dasha talks to The Best Friends, asking them where they are at mentally, but FTR comes up and says their spot is the middle of the card. They are comedic backyard wrestlers. They can be the comedic relief everyone needs. FTR is above them, and that’s ok.

Best Friends make them flinch, and Orange grabs the mic to call them weenies.

Match 4: #10 vs Orange Cassidy

Cassidy puts on the elbow pad! Shit just got real!!! Ten removes Cassidy’s glasses for him, and puts them on Silver, who is on the apron. Silver mocks Orange. Orange smirks, Ten attacks from behind. He sends Orange into the ropes, Orange ducks under a clothesline, Ten catches him. Hits an End of Days. Cover for 1…NO!!! Orange rings out the vertigo, gets sent into the corner, clothesline to Orange. Locks the head, delayed vertical to Orange. Cover for 1…NO!!! Cradle from Cassidy. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Ten lifts Orange and slams him down hard on the spine! Orange on the apron. Huge kick sends Cassidy to the mat outside. Ten sends Orange into the barricade. Ten sends Orange inside the ring. Dark Order mocks The Best Friends by hugging. Orange Cassidy on the top rope. He dives off and lands on The Dark Order outside! He sends Ten back ito the ring. Orange to th top, flies, he’s caught!

Tornado DDT from Orange! THE ELBOW PAD IS OFF!!! HOLY FUCK!!! ORANGE PUNCH!!! BEACH BREAK! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen Ten wrestle, and the dude can go. He’s also much bigger than I thought. Slid effort, but he’s no match for the greatest technical pro-wrestler in the entire world.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 3:28

MJF is backstage with a gift for Jericho!!!

He enters Jericho’s locker room. The Inner Circle is there. MJF offers him a gift as a congrats for his big win tonight. MJF unwraps it and pulls out a nice looking windbreaker. He’s got one for Hager, one for Ortiz, one for Santana “my dude,” and Jericho! Oh, sorry, Sammy doesn’t get one. MJF looks to Wardlow, wonders what’s going on, he knows he got Sammy one. Was it there? This is embarrassing. He tells Sammy that this was not intentional. Sammy says whatever, bro, what are you doing here. Jericho tells Sammy to shut it, and says exactly what Sammy says.

MJF says he’s here just to congratulate them. Jericho says the jackets are great, but he asked MJF a question a long time ago. He’s pickin up what he’s putting down here. Does MJF want to join The Inner Circle? MJF says he asked Jericho a question a long time ago, and he never got back to him. Does Jericho want him to join The Inner Circle. Jericho wants to know if he wants in. lol.

Hager walks up to Jericho, Wardlow walks up to Hager. MJF and Jericho tell them it’s cool. Jericho appreciates the gifts – very classy move, very MJF. MJF says it’s a very Chris Jericho move to notice that it’s a classy move. MJF tells them to enjoy the jacket.

MJF leaves, Sammy is about to call him a loser, and Jericho stops him and says…perhaps he’s not.

Britt Baker is back!

Match 5: Britt Baker vs Red Velvet

Lockup and Britt works the wrist. Red kips up out of it. Baker twists the arm, rolls into a pin for 1…NO!!! Britt keeps the wrist lock on, Side headlock from Red into a takedown. Britt leg scissors out of it, inches the head with the knees, underhooks the arms and pulls. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Tazz calls it a barbed wire hold. Sick. Britt works the wrist again, drops it on the shoulder. Britt blocks the hold then punches her dead in the face. Whip to Red, arm drag attempt, Red escapes and rolls with an arm drag, but Britt reveres and gets the wrist lock from behind. She drives a forearm to the back of the head. Red turns into the hold, and Britt hits a hard back elbow. Whip to the ropes, Britt misses a hit, leg lariat from Red! Wheelbarrow into a bulldog from Red. Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Britt with a hard right to the face. Hammerlock into a clothesline from Britt. Hard right to the face, again. Another. And another. Double underhook into a butterfly suplex! Britt pulls back on the arms of Red, and kicks her into the rope. Again, this time to the bottom rope. Knee to the back of the head of Red. Ref stops it at 4. Slingblade in the middle of the ring to Red! Red escapes a move, rolls up for 1..2..NO!!!! HUGE KICK TO THE FACE! Britt locks the head, hooks the leg.

Swinging Fisherman’s neckbreaker. Britt stomps Red into the mat! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker
This was a squash, but it was a fun one, and Red tried her darndest. Britt showed some tenacity here, and looked good doing it. Solid match.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time:4:39

Britt isn’t done. She locks the arms behind Red Velvet. Reba comes in with a black glove, and Britt with a mandible claw to Red! Sick.

Next week, Brian Cage goes one-on-one with HOBBS! And the FTW title will be on the line.

Also, next week, the Dog Collar Match!

Lastly, Archer gets his match on October 14th.

Kingston is here with his homies and a ref. Butcher and Blade are noticeably gone.

WE RETURN to Kingston, who wants to break it down for the simple minded idiots. He wrestled the World’s Champion Jon Moxley, and he put Kingston in the bulldog choke, and guess what Kingston did not do. He did not tap. Here’s the thing; your World Champion – big bad Jon Moxley was so angry, so pissed off, he hit up Tony Khan and decided that he’ll fight anyone. Open contract. Eddie gets to pick who he fights. It won’t be Eddie; they beat each other up pretty well and he’s not feeling up to it. But before he discloses who will kick Moxley’s ass, he’s gotta talk to a friend of his.

Eddie says he never tapped, the ref never heard him say he quit, so what gave him the right – the balls – to ring the bell?

The ref says Eddie was unresponsive. They’ve been texting and calling all week. They go back. That’s their personal life, but in the ring is their professional life, and its his job to protect Eddie from himself.

Eddie says ok, then calls for an attack. Penta and Rey circle, and Eddie wraps something around his knuckles.

Jon’s music hits and he’s got a barbed wire bat and his title with him. Eddie is all smiles. Jon rolls into the ring and Penta, Rey, and Eddie roll out.

Eddie asks for the music to be cut, thanks or that. Look at big tough guy Moxley.

BUTCHER IS HERE!!! He enters the ring as Jon readies himself to fight Eddie. Eddie says he’s fighting The Butcher!

Bell rings and Jon turns right into an attack.

Match 6: The Butcher vs Jon Moxley

Butcher starts proper by chokeslamming Moxley down to the mat. He drives a right into the back of Moxley. Right hand to Jon’s chest. Butcher lifts Jon and chops in the corner. Jon with a right. Another. Hits the ropes, and Butcher drops him hard. Knee drop to the head of Moxley. Butcher chokes Jon up on the 2nd rope. Eddie talks some shit. Butcher chokes him up again. Ref stops him at 4. Jon fights back with right hands. Butcher Moxley is able to get Butcher to the outside. He hits the ropes for a suicide dive, but Butcher is there waiting with a right hand. He grabs the leg of Moxley and drops it onto the edge of the apron. Butcher grabs the leg in the ring and DDTs it down hard. Kick to the thigh of Moxley. Butcher works the leg from behind then slams the knee into the mat hard. Butcher mounts and hits some right hands to the head of Moxley. Butcher drops Jon down haard, then works the leg by twisting it around his own leg. Moxley kicks the chest of Butcher hard, Butcher with a right hand, Butcher with a body slam attempt, but Moxley drops to his feet. Kick. Another. Neckbreaker! Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Jon hangs onto the wrist. Arm breaker to Butcher. Butcher rolls over, escapes, and grabs the leg for a single leg Boston.

Jon Moxley rolls into the hold, but Butcher grabs the second leg, drops his weight, and hits some hard rights. Butcher stands. Stomp to Jon. He lifts Jon and hits a running powerslam and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Butcher grabs the left leg and gets the Single Leg Crab again. Butcher kicks the leg out from underneath Jon then drives a knee into his chin. Jon floats over thw powerslam attempt, goes for an underhook, but can’t quite get it. Butcher drops Moxley onto the back then drops some knees to the leg of Moxley. Butcher wants a Stretch Muffler, but Jon escapes. Butcher continues to work the leg, Moxley turns into the hol and kicks Butcher away. Clothesline to Moxley! Jon leaves the ring for a small break. Eddie talks some shit as The Butcher comes out to slap the back of Jon. Whip to Moxley but Jon falls to one knee. Butcher runs to him, and Moxley side steps and sends Butcher into the barricade!!!

Back in the ring, and we go back and forth in the center. Moxley tries to run, but his kne won’t let him. Butcher hits the ropes. CROSSBODY TO MOXLEY! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! They go forehead to forehead in the center of the ring. Moxley ducks under, waist lock, tries to German, but Butcher counters, pumphandle into a uranage! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Leg drop from The Butcher. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Eddie punks a camera man on the outside. Butcher hops to the 2nd rope. Moxley flies upwards with an elbow to the face. Moxley locks the head. SUPERPLEX TO BUTCHER!!! Butcher grabs the leg! He pulls back on it and gets Jon into the center of the ring. Jon sends Butcher into the corner. Jon kicks, locks up for a PILEDRIVER!!!! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!! Moxley is up, and he’s pissed. He grabs The Butcher by the head, backs him into the corner, and lifts him to the top rope. Butcher shoves Moxley off the top. Butcher dives off the 2nd rope with a crossbody!!! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Stomps to Moxley.

Butcher goes for a clothesline, but Moxley ducks under. DDT! BULLDOG CHOKE! Butcher taps!

Winner: Jon Moxley
The first half of the match was a little to Cena Formula for me, with Butcher getting in all the offense and the ‘resilient champion’ withstanding it all. Thankfully, it was more balanced as the match went on, and Moxley got to use his submission to knock out a big guy.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 14:24

Eddie seeths ringside, locking eyes with Jon Moxley.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight's episode certainly felt like a calm before the storm type episode, with nothing that was absolutely can't miss, yet everything still came off as important. I am not a fan of Luther, like at all, but the little exchange between him and Jericho will lead to the continued trek of Jericho and Hager trying to be a legit tag team, and I love that. Cody, admittedly, took a little too Long just to tell us he was accepting the match, and if that new entrance isn't a bit self-serving, then I don't know what is. Seeing Miro and Kip interact was much more fun than it has been, even if I wasn't up on "game" with who the weird looking dude was. Major props to FTR and SCU who put on a banger, and Jericho v Kassidy was a solid affair as well. Middle of the road show, but nothing I could complain about.

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