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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 4.8.24

April 8, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
Jey Uso WWE Raw 4-8-24 Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 4.8.24  

Michael Ornelas is more excited about Costco than a mildly successful middle income white family of five!


Triple H is here to start RAW! WE’re in Philly, still, and the stands are PACKED! A Triple H chant welcomes Mr. Helmsley as he stands in the center of the ring.

After a THANK YOU, HUNTER chant, HHH says here’s the thing, he came here to help us. Less than 24 hours ago, we all made something very special happen. He can now tell us that this weekend was the greatest Wrestlemania of all time. By every metric, comments, and standards, it was the biggest Mania ever.

He now welcomes us to RAW. He welcomes us to a new time and a new era, and welcomes the man that will lead us into that new era.

Here comes Cody Rhodes to a few cheers.

Kidding, it’s lit.

They’ve got the entrance set up similar to Madison Square Garden, only about ten times bigger in terms of crowd size.

Triple H is about to give him some alone time, but he says congratulations first. He congratulates Cody for bringing an end to one of the most incredible reigns of all time to headlining the greatest Mania of all time, and also, for setting an attendance and gate record ever in the company. Over 20,000. Before he goes, he got a call last night when Mania was over, about two hours later, from a few guys at the studio and they asked him if they could air something special for Cody. H is here to share it with him, but moreover, he’s going to share it with everyone.

Because he set a record, they had to make room, so they had to go bootleg and set up monitors for everyone to see.

Damn, that’s wild.

Lucky for us, they go full screen, and we get a video that covers Cody’s career from the beginning, to Dashing to Stardust, to him leaving, going to the indys (glossing over a stint elsewhere) and returning just to lose to Reigns and spend a year trying to regain the respect and adulation of the crowd only to win it all in the end.

After the vid, Triple H hugs Cody and makes his leave.

Cody stands center ring and lays the title on the ground. He dorps to his knees and gives the title a kiss.

So…what do we want to talk about?

He thought he knew, but this whole business changed that. Something he heard…

He mentions Samantha. Looks over to her. He has something to ask of her, and wants to hear it one more time.

Samantha gives it to him.


Huge pop for Samantha.

Two years ago, the RAW after Mania, he laid out his goals and dreamed in the open. Last night, that dream became reality. He has been told the altitude in Philly is 39 feet above sea level, but the air in here feels thin. It must be because they both are standing on top of the mountain. The champion before him, the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, with a 1,316 day reign, we don’t have to like him but Cody acknowledges what he has done. He may be the most important superstar of our generation.


A big question he is asked is why, why is he doing this? He wants to show him one of the main whys.

We look up to a short video of his daughter telling him to finish the story.

Her papa doesn’t just go to work, he goes to work in the main event. He is no longer fighting as challenger, but as champion. His name is Cody Rhodes. Once undesirable, become undeniable, and now undisputed.


The Rock is here!

UNDERTAKER chant! Hahha.

The crowd is giving him the ol Dom Dom treatment, with some boos any time he tries to speak.

STFU chant!!! Hahahaha

The Rock is a lot of things, Philly, but sucks isn’t one of them. Which doesn’t exactly make sense, but ok.

ASSHOLE chant!!

He says he came out here to deliver flowers to Cody Rhodes, and also say that Philadelphia broke another record for the longest gathering of trailer park trash. He then goes on a cuss-filled tirade telling them to shut the fuck up.

His entire line was divided by WHAT chants, which made it oh so beautiful when he dropped “of trailer park trash.”

That was beautiful!

Cody tries to quiet them down by holding up the title.

The Rock holds his up and gets boos.

He say he came out, no fireworks, no blood being spilled, just these two, and The Rock wants to give him his flowers. Cody did it. They can chant what they want, but this is between them two. Cody completed his story and beat Reigns in the middle of the ring. You think all that he had to overcome – Rock making him bleed, ripping his clothes, split his skin, and Cody still did it all. The Rock even made a belt and whipped Cody like a dog. He even put his Mama’s name on it. She was so happy last night. Big ol smile on her face. She’s proud of her boy, and she should be. Someone else was smiling. Dusty in heaven.

As we all know, Dusty was The Rock’s hero. Rock’s dad and Dusty ran the towns, they were good friends. The Rock doesn’t know if his dad is proud, but The Rock doesn’t care. But Cody did it, he finished the story, and look at that belt. The Rock segues into the story of him asking Ali for The People’s Champion moniker.

The Rock then asks Cody if there is any way he can hold the title. The Rock says no fireworks, no harms, he’s held every title except the one Cody has on his shoulder.

Cody confirms the request, The Rock says yes, and Cody says he can hold it for a moment, so long as Cody can hold The Rock’s.

They switch belts.

The Rock then informs us that he’s gotta go away for a little while, now. He gets a little choked up, but the crowd is ready for him to go, as they start with a “Nahnahnahnah” song. Lol. Damn.

The Rock says when he comes back, whether Cody is champ or not, he’s coming back for Cody only.

Cody says he’s looking forward to it.

The Rock tells Cody that the story with Reigns is over, and he’s done it. But the story between him and The Rock…has just begun.

Cody seems confused, says he believes this, because The Rock is the boss, right? The Final Boss, but also on the board with TKO. The Roc kis his literal boss. Right?

The Rock: “That is right.”

Cody doesn’t argue, but he is the champion. He is our champion. And Boss…that means he is The Rock’s champion.

The Rock says all of this is true. There is one last thing before The Final Boss rides off into the sunset. He’s got something to give Cody. No fireworks.

The Rock puts his hand in his pocket, asks Cody to hold out his hand, and palms something into it. Don’t ever break his heart again, says The Rock. If you smell what The Final Boss is cooking.

We are informed that on April 26 and April 29, we will have The Draft.

Shinsuke Nakamura is out for some action and it’s against a hell of a surprise in Ilja Dragunov!

Ilja Dragunov vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Ilja attacks on the offset, but Shin breaks him down, hits some knees to the side, then a few boots to the face. Kicks to the chest of Shin. Kick from Dragunov, head ot the 2nd buckle, falls off with a knee to the chest. Lockup from behind, and a German. He holds on, and hits Shin with another! The Constantine Special! Ilja goes up top, flies with a senton, but Shin moves! Sliding German on the ropes! Shin to th 2nd rope, high knee. Cover for 1..2.NO!!!! German from Shin! Kick to the back of the head! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Shin grabs Ilja by the hed, locks in a cravat, crowd firmly behind Ilja. He is able to lock the head ,hit a knee, then a hard chop. Back body dorp from Shin, running knee to the face! Antoher attempt, but Ilja hits a huge kick to the face! He lifts Shin up for a powerbomb, hits it with ease!

H-BOMB!!!! Shin slow to stand, Ilja points, running with a flying headbutt! TORPEDO MOSCOW TO SHIN! Cover! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov
A great, albeit short, showing for Ilja
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 4:16

A recap of Seth vs Drew.

We then see the arrival of Drew and are informed he’ll face Kevin Owens, Ricochet, and Bronson Reed to see who faces Priest for the title next.

Finn Balor stands in the ring with Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh. Finn wants everyone to know that we were all wrong.

Dom tries to speak but gets the Dom Dom Treatment, which is still somehow louder than it was for The Rock.

He introduces Rhea, and out comes the champion, Rhea Ripley.

Rhea says Mania was almost perfect, but they do have some problems they need to deal with. Two things came out this weeknd, though. One – Mami is always on top. The other being – that this is a new era for The Judgment Day. She ontroduces Damien Priest to some nice YOU DESERVE IT chants.

Priest is in the ring, says you’re damned right he does, then calls him and Rhea “The Terror Twins.” Priest says all rise for The Judgment Day, and R-Truth holds his newly won tag title in the air next to them all. Hahaha.

He says he brought the tag title back to The Judgment Day. He wants to change subjects and wants to talk about bringing The Miz into the Judgment Day.

The Miz’s music hits and he is out to tell Truth that he doenst want to be in The Judgment Day, and he knows Truth doesn’t want to be either.

Priest says he isn’t in, but Truth says he is. Miz pulls Truth to his side as the crowd chants, “Yes he is!” The Miz says since new champs are being introduces, he wants us to meet the new RAW Tag Team Champions, Awesome Truth.

Finn wants the titles on the line right here and now.

Truth says although that sounds like fun, they cant because there is only three of them…

Miz wonders if Little Jimmy is present, but Truth says no he wants a six man of JD, Finn, and Dom against Truth, Miz, and “A guy we can’t see.”

JD takes the match.

The Miz wants to see their partner. Truth says he will. He brought him to celebrate, but he’d rather tag instead.

Truth is about to announce who it is, but Judgment Day attacks Miz and Truth!

Truth and Miz get sent out of the ring with ease then Judgment Day celebrate, standing tall.

AWesome Truth vs JD McDonagh, Finn Balor, and Dominik Mysterio

I’m a bit late, but we only see Truth and Miz against the others, making this a handicap match for now. I’m sure Cena will show face shortly.

JD tags in Dom when I take my seat and he is stomping Truth a few times then gets a quick cover for 1..2..NO!! Dom whips Truth into the corner, a big splash, Dom misses. Truth tags in The Miz. Miz springboards and hits a crossbody, then punches JD off th apron. Kicks from Miz to Dom into the corner over and over. The Miz with The Mizline (I’m calling it that now, get over it). Kick to Finn, in comes JD and he and Dom both get DDTs! Cover for 1..2.NO!!!

We are BACK and Finn and Miz collide in the middle of the ring. Finn ets a tag, Miz cant quit do the same. JD grabs a boot, Miz kicks him away, and shoots for the tag, but Dom is there to pull Truth off the apron. He and Finn jump Truth with stomps. JD mounts Miz and hits punches galore.

JOHN CENA!!!! is late as fuck, but he’s here!

Cena runs down to the ring, hops on the apron, removes his shirt, grabs the tag rope. TAG FROM MIZ!! He enters! Ducks under, hits the ropes, shoulder tackle to JD! Another! PROTOBOMB! IN comes Finn! Truth is there to hit the same! Here comes Dom, and Mi hits HIM with one!!!

Cena, Truth, and Miz stand above Judgment Day! Miz gets approval from the crowd. YOU CANT SEEEEE MEEEEEEEEE FIFTEEN KNCUCKLE SHUFFLE!!! A Trio of FUs!. COVER! 1….2…3!!!!

Winners: Awesome Truth and John Cena
I can’t even rate this thing properly, and that’s a great thing. Lol.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:37

Bronson Reed cuts a quick promo in front of his Andre the Giant Over the Top Rope Maybe This Year He’ll Get a Push Winner Trophy warning his opponents tonight.

Rhea Ripley talks with Dominik Mysterio who didn’t think Cena was actually going to show up. Rhea says Cena is not their problem, Andrade is. He betrayed Dom. Now go figure that shit out.

Dom says he’ll go talk to Pearce and walks away.

From out of nowhere, a chair flies into the face of Rhea. We pan over to see Liv Morgan. And the attack starts! Liv with a beatdown until agents and Dom come to make the save.

We follow the camera from backstage to the ring where Indi Hartwell will be in action…


Indi Hartwell vs Roxanne Perez

Perez offers a handshake. Indi takes it, and Perez smacks the foundation off of Indi. Perez hops on the back and locks in a sleeper. Indi shoots her off with a toss. Tackle sends Perez down. Indi misses an elbow drop. Dropkick to the knee from Perez. She hits rights and lefts over and over. Peresz yells at Indi, Indi shoves her away, lifts for a body slam, but Perez hits a Russian Leg Sweep and a cover for 1…2..NO!!!! Perez grabs the boot, kicks the back of the leg. Again. Another. Perez wraps the leg up but Indi kicks her away. Perez tries to grab her but another kick sends her flying. Indi shoots her off of her and stands. Big clothesline from Indi, another, a big kick, an axe and a right hand. Indi misses a clothesline, Perez with an uppercut, Indi shoots Perez into the ropes, but Candice grabs the boot! Ref doesn’t see it. Indi is upset. She talks to Candice on the apron, tells her to stop.

Perez with a kick off the distraction, rake of the eyes! POP ROX! Pin! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Roxanne Perez
This was too short to matter quality-wise, but what we got mattered. A sick NXT debut, and a continuation of the Candice/Indi storyline.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:42

From the outside of the ring, Candice gives Indi some “I told you so.”

Recap of the IC Title Match.

Sami Zayn is walking backstage with his title. Here is Jey Uso to congratulate him. Sami returns the favor, they clap hands, do their lil handshake, and we head to break.

Roxanne Perez is walking backstage, all smiles. In comes the charisma vaccum known as Natalya who tells Perez that she’ll see her tomorrow night on NXT. Perez is quick to inform her that no, it is her show .

Sami is out wearing a shirt that says, “Yo Khadija, I did it!” Nice.

Sami has done some pretty historic things at Mania before, and this year he wanted to do the same. He feels like he did. But the person who really made history is Gunther. We can boo, but cant take it away from him. 666 days. He is, without question, the best IC Champ of all time. But guess what…SAMI BEAT HIM!

Sami says he had a lot of help with this, a lot of it from all of us. There were times he didn’t believe, and we helped him with that. Seeing his wife and son, that helped. Seeing his brother, Kevin Owens…

Sami is interrupted by Ludwig Kaiser and Giovani Vinci who come out to talk about Gunther making the title the most prestigious within the WWE. Kaiser says it breaks his heart to see someone like Sami holding that title. Look at him. He looks just like all these peasants in Philly tonight. They are here to make this right.

Kaiser and Vinci circle the ring, removing their jacket while they do so.

We’re looking to see a two-on-one, as they both hop on the apron, but here comes Chad Gable to run down and even the odds.

Sheamus return video.

Chad Gable and Sami Zayn vs Imperium

Gable and Vinci to start. Gable outwrestles the mn and sits onto a pin for 1..NO! Crossbody off the 2nd rope inot an arm bar to Vinci. Gable works the left arm, Vinci sends Gable into the corner, rope work and Vinci hits a quick crossbody. Uppercut and a tag to Kaiser. He corners Gable. Big right. Kaiser marches around the ring then grabs Gable only to get hit with a back body drop. Tag to Sami, who fies off the 2nd rope with an axe. Sami with a big elbow to the head. Kick from Kaiser. He backs Sami nito the corner, tag from Vinci who kicks, antoher kick, uppercut, Sami with a right, one for Ludwg, one for Vinci. Side headlock, Vinci runs the ropes, blind tag from Kaiser, who gets sent over the top. Tag to Gable. Gable flies. Big clothesline to both men! Cross body from Gable! Tag to Sami. Sami against the ropes, Vinci holds him up, Kaiser with a huge right to the back of the head as the ref is distracted. Vinci corners him, tag to Ludwig, he hits th ropes, and they double team Sami with dropkicks!

WE ARE BACK! Quick tag from Gable. He beats on both men hitting an inverted to Kaiser, then a t-bone ssuplex. Pop up to Vinci, then a big t-bone to him as well. A crossbody sends Kaiser to the outside, and Gable follows. He runs the aprn and cannoballs onto Kaiser. He heads to th top rope again, HEADBUTT! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Looks like he maybe have missed but they sell it.

A double team move from Imperium only gets 2 as Sami breaks it up, so they try fo another only for Chad to hit a back body drop. Kaiser jumps off the top rope for a forearm, but Gable spins him and turns this into aGerman! In comes Sami, he grabs Kiaser, Gable has Vinci. Double GermAn! Again. Sami in with a an ankle lock, Gable pulled off the apron.

Kaiser kicks Sami with an Exploder! He is going for the Helluva Kick, but instead, he tags in Gable! HELLUVA KICK CHAOS THEORY!!! PIN!! 1…2….3!!!!

Winners: Sami Zayn
A feel good moment with some good wrasslin. What more can you ask for.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:18


Jey Uso says tonight it’s just him. Ric, Reed, Drew, they bout to get the Yeetdown.

Ricochet is shadow boxing in the shadows.

Backstage, Nick Aldis, Adam Pearce, AND Ava! Are talking to Andrade! They talk about the draft. Ava says to keep it civil for tonight.

Here is…..Chelsea Green to complain about not being on Mania. If they don’t think that she wont contact top brass, they are mistaken.

Perace says they saw the e mails, DMs, text! They got a special match for Green. She wants someone worthy of the spotlight, she wants her moment.

Pearce tells her that this moment she wants awaits.

Chelsea Green vs Jade Cargill

Green yells about moments. She wants the match cut, she didn’t agree to this. She yells at commentary that this is not happening, then turns into a pump kick. Cargill lifts her up, slams her down, covers for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Jade Cargill
Light work
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :32

Sami walks by Alpha Academy and asks Otis, Akira Tozawa, and Maxxine if they can give them a minute.

Sami says they should be square, now, after that match, right? Gable seems upset, but Sami is just kidding. He knows what Gable wants. He deserves a shot at the title. It would be his honor to defend the title against Gable, next week in Montreal.

They shake on it.

Drew McIntyre is PISSED! He rushes out and says what happened last night was BS. Five minutes and 46 seconds. That’s how long his moment lasted. 5 minutes longer than most of last in bed, so shut it, he says. He wants to tell Rollins he may not like him, but he respects him. They shared a moment only warriors know about. He says the MitB is a joke. He calls Priest a transitional champion, and after tonight, that belt belongs to him.

Priest had the contract, but he didn’t cause that finish. That was the prick CM Punk. He told Punk what he was going to do. That he’d win the title and rub it in Punk’s face. It was no accident that he was that close. He looked Punk in his eyes and said what he said, and Punk did nothing. The second he took his eyes off Punk, Punk attacked. So Punk, you thought tearing your tricep was bad before. From now on, it’s on sight, and he’ll go for punk’s weakest part.

Jey Uso has heard enough. He is out for the match.

Jey does his YEET thing up in the corner. Drew is shown walking towards the timekeepers area, and possibly grabbing a chair? Yeah, he’s tossing it around as we go to break.

Drew McIntyre vs Jey Uso vs Bronson Reed vs Ricochet

Ricochet starts off hot, flying onto everyone on the outside as we go to break.

We are back and Reed is just tossing the little dudes around. He sends Ricochet out of the ring then grabs Jey and looks to send him through a table that’s set up in the ring. Superkick from Jey. He tries to spear Reed, but Reed stops him with ease. He lifts Jey up, hits Ricochet off the apron, then runs Jey into the table back first!

Back from another break and Ricochet is trying to do damage to the big men, but Drew catches him off a splash and tosses him across the ring nearly hitting Reed. Reed is pissed. He grabs Ric and tosses him OVER Drew! Drew is on his knees. He stands as Reeds stares him down. Drew stands taller than Reed and they go head to head with right hands. Chop from Drw, chop from Reed. Chop from Drew, Reed. Drew. Reed shoves, splash in the corner, whip to the corner, Drew side steps and lifts Reed and hits a freakin sick ass Michinoku Driver! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! JEy Uso here to stop the pin!

Superkick! Ric in! Superkick to Drew! Reed in! TRIPLE SUPERKICK TO DREW! Then a double to Reed! Another to Reed! Jey tries for one on Ric, Ric bloks, kicks, high knee, Reed drops Ricochet! Spear from Jey! Cover! 1..2…NO!!!! Drew is there to stop it! All four men down! Drew sits Jey on the top rope, and climbs. Drw locks the head. He pulls up, Jey blocks, attacks the ribs, headbutt crotches Drew! Another headbutt drops Drew in the tree of Woe, but Ricochet jumps over Drew, to the top rope, headbutt to Jey! Drew pulls himself up and tosses Jey!! Dropkick from Ricochet! Reed in with a buckle bomb INTO Drew! Reed with a DVD to Ricochet! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Senton to Ricochet! Reed to the top rope! Drew catches the boot! Kick to Drew sends him down and Reed flies with a shoulder tackle off the apron! Reed removes the cover of the announce table. He clears it of debris. Drew with a Glasgow Kiss. He sends Reed into the ringpost. Drew with another headbutt! Reed is laid out on the table. JEY USO WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!! Jey to the top rope! Ricochet kips up! ENZIGURI TO THE HEAD!!! Jey falls outside! Ric sees everyone laid out, then spots Reed on the announce table! Ricochet! Springboard! 450 splash onto Reed!!!!!

Jey in the ring. Drew is in the ring! Crowd loves it! They meet in the middle! Yeet!!!!!!!! Drew kicks! Future Shock! Kip up! Drew calls for it! CLAYMO—-


Superkick from JEY! SPEAR!!! USO SPLASH!!!! COVVER! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Jey Uso
Good for Jey! Even though he stunk up his Mania match, he’s proven to be a hot commodity, so why not continue fueling th fire? Drew and Punk are destined to do this for a while, and I’m loving the dance.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 17:34

CM Punk stands on top of the announce table, all smiles, and Yeets along with Jey Uso!

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Now THIS felt like a RAW after Mania. The surprises were fun, stories were spun, and the feel good hangover of Mania allowed for an easily digestible show. The wrestling was lacking, but the overall feeling more than made up for that, and the main event had some high quality moments. I will say that Cody and The Rock went on way too lomg, but I get why. I just hope they keep the Cody “family man” thing to a minimum, because if I know wrestling fans, it will be the reason they sour on the guy. The main event could have been good but was cut into pieces, possibly due to the commercial free first hour. So it was more of a wait til the end than a bell to bell bad ass battle.

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