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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.26.22

September 26, 2022 | Posted by Tony Acero
Edge WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.26.22  

It’s the last Monday of September, my birthday is coming up, and spooky season is upon us! The most wonderful time of the year! What scary movies are we watching!?!?!

Who knows…maybe I’ll take some time off to recalibrate.

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

We startin off with some hotness, as Bianca Belair’s music hits, and out she comes with Asuka and Alexa Bliss by her side.

We get a preview of the card tonight, and it’s lookin good. Bianca has a mic as we cover what happened last Monday in the main event.

Bianca speaks directly to Bayley, telling her she cant fight her battles alone. If Bayley wants her title at Extreme Rules, good luck because Bliss and Asuka will be by her side to make sure it stays one-on-one.

Bayley is out with her homies, saying this will never be about her vs Bayley. It’s bigger than that. Bianca has been groomed for this position; hand picked and trained. But them? They groomed themselves. Bayley trained herself, wanting to do this since she was 12. She said she was going to take over, and that’s what she’s doing. Yes, Bianca is thriving and accomplished a lot, but she was picked and placed and chosen.

Bianca: “Girl…uh uh.”

Bianca says nothing was handed to her. She’s been showing up and showing out while Bayley has been rehabbing. Bianca is sorry Bayley got injured, but not sorry that Bayley came back to her being champion, and she is not about to downplay her accomplishments to meet Bayley at her level.

Bayley says ten months ago, she wasn’t able to walk. She taught herself how to walk again, and run. And she pinned Bianca at Clash, so all she has accomplished is because Bayley was not here. She tells Bianca to fall in line like everyone else.

Bianca says Bayley was here when she main evented Mania. She remembers KODing Bayley on top of a ladder. She gets why Bayley came back with some friends. She cant do it alone.

Bayley does not want to talk about the past. She has a great idea, now. At Extreme Rules…she wants a ladder match.

Bianca is down, and wants some action against Iyo.

Iyo calls for a ref.

Looks like here we go.

Earlier today, Sami Zayn and Solo arrive in a suburban.

Match 1: Iyo Sky vs Bianca Belair

We come about four minutes into the match already goin. Bianca shoots Iyo over the top rope in the corner and locks the hips, bringing her back in the ring. A slam down and Bianca keeps the waist lock in. Iyo to her feet, thorws an elbow back, Bianca hits a short armed clothesline. Bianca tosses Iyo across the ring with ease, then again. Iyo in the corner. Bianca hits a shoulder, another, another, she lifts Iyo to the shoulders. Iyo tries for a Sunset Flip, but Bianca wont go down. Rope work, head scissors from Iyo, but Bianca catches her and hits a backbreaker. Cover for 1..2..NO! Iyo sends Bianca to the corner, trips her up, then drives some boots into her stomach. Iyo grabs Bianca, tries for an Octopus, turns it into a Sunset Flip, gets a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Bianca to the corner, hops over the ropes then back into th ring and kicks. She mounts Iyo and hits a bunch of rights. Iyo slinks under, gets kicked, Bianca back flips over Iyo, hits a hard right to the face. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Bianca with a waist lock. Iyo elbows out, Bianca catches her again, Iyo slides through the ropes to break it up! Bianca hangs over the middle rope, so Iyo hits a running kick to the side of the head!

We are BACK and Iyo gets shoved away, then fires back with a right. Bianca shoves her away with a right, rope work, shoulder tackle from Bianca, a clothesline, dropkick and a kipup. Bianca attacks the back over and over, then sends Iyo into the corner. Bianca works the arm, spins, suplex into a second suplex, this one delayed with a march. A cover for 1..2…NO!!! Iyo stands on the braid of Bianca until she trips her up, hits the ropes, springboards for a moonsault, Sky rolls out of the way, hits the ropes, tries for her own, but Bianca side steps, hits a body slam, the ropes, moonsault off the ropes from Bianca! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Bianca lifts Iyo for a KOD, but Iyo spills over the ropes to the apron, she closk the chest, hits a high kick, then climbs the corner. Iyo flies with a crossbody, Bianca rolls through! She lifts Iyo, shakes her head no, hits a Fallaway Slam. Bianca jumps to a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Bianca to the top rope, Iyo smacks her in the face. She climbs ,hits some rights, headbutt, Iyo to the top, head scissors, but Bianca holds on! She drops Iyo, Iyo to her feet, kick from Bianca, Bianca stands. Iyo runs up, arm drag off the top!!!! Iyo with double knees in the corner!!! Iyo steps on her stomach to the ropes. Top rope, Bianca is up! She clips the ropes, then shoves Iyo into Damage Cotnrol! Bianca flies with a crossbody onto Bayley and Dakota!!!

Iyo with right palm strikes on the outside! She sends Bianca into the ring. Iyo to the apron.

Springboard, lands on her feet, Bianca catches her slippin, gets her to the shoulders, KOD! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Bianca Belair
A bit of a rough start, with it basically coming off like an elongated squash. We picked up after the break, and things got really good near the end. Solid opener.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 18:26

Dakota and Bayley check on Iyo as Bianca stands tall and proud.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Dakota hit the spinning over the head blockbuster double knee inside out smash to the back move that most definitely doesn’t have a name.

BACKSTAGE, Rey is with Patrick to talk about how Dom wanted to get hit in th face with the chair. Rey goes super sentimental and says there is nothing like the feeling of holding your newborn and envisioning the type of person they’ll become. He will always love his son, but he wont fight him under any circumstances. But last week, while holding the chair, he wondered what happened to the kid he raised. He knows deep down inside, that’s not his son, it’s Rhea manipulating his heart and mind. But tonight, he faces Rollins, so he is focused on that.

Miz is backstage with security that looks about as good as a comic-con in Ohio.

Seth has some mic time before his match, saying he should be US Champion, but there is only one reason why he is not. The entire world thinks the upcoming match is Riddle’s type of match. He has concluded that he is Seth Freakin Rollins, so it doenst matter what kind of match it is. He’s done it all and won em all.

Match 2: Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio

We come to the match already goin down and Rollins has a boot to the face of Rey. Seth is already bleeding, it appears, as Rey drove Seth face first into the steps. Seth attacks Rey from behind, then pulls back on his face gainst the ropes. Seth turns Rey, hits a right hand to the face. Seth works the arm, whips Srey into the corner ,Rey hops over, hits the ropes, rana to Seth. Rey with a right hand. Another, whip to the ropes, reversed, Rey kicks, hits the ropes again, dives right into a tilt a whirl back breaker. Seth grabs Rey by the tights, hits him with a kidney shot, then a back suplex and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sunset flip from Rey for 1..2.N!!! Seth up, hits a clothesline. Seth bullies Rey into the corner, hits a chop to the chest. Whip to Rey, then a splash in the corner. Seth tries for another splash, but takes too long as Rey dodes and hits some kicks. Whip to the corner, Rey hits a drop toe hold, climbs the corner, Rey beats down on Seth’s forehead a few times, then drops down, whips, its reversed, Rey holds onto the ropes, hits an elbow, springboard, but Seth catches him and drops him with a gutbuster.

Rey gets sent to the outside, and out comes Dom with a chair. He stares Seth down as a QR code shows up on the screen. Dom walks over to Seth, smiles at him, and stares down at his father with a chair in hand.

We come back to Dom chillin in a seat on the outside of the ring as Rollins attempts to hit the Three Amigos. He doest get the third because he takes the time to gloat and mock Eddie, allowing Rey to hit some knees and turn it into a DDT. Rey to the top rope, Seth is up, gets Rey on his shoulders, Rey turns and Seth tries for a buckle bomb, but Rey drops down with a rana into the corner! Rey to the apron. He heads to the top rope. Seth with a right hand, Rey hits a headbutt, Seth dives up, locks the head, Rey attacks the mid section, shoves Seth off again, Rey dives with a seated senton, hit the ropes, springboard crossbody and a cover for 1.2….NO!!!! Rey up, Seth catches him, Buckle bomb! Michinoku Driver! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Seth in the corner, goes for the stomp, Rey moves, Seth kicks, tries for a Pedigree, but Rey drops to his knee. Seth flips him up for a poewbomb, but Rey ranas him over the top rope! Rey hits the ropes and slides under the bottom rope for a splash onto Seth! Rey sends Seth into the ring, dives over the top with another splash and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Rey tries for a 619, Seth moves out the way! He drops Rey, still on the apron. Seth to the top rope! Rey clips the legs! Seth is crotched! Rey with a right hand on the top rope! Rey tries for a rana, but Seth holds on! He lifts Rey up and….NO!!! Rana from Rey off the top!! 619!!!! Seth flies to the outside of the ring! Rey to the apron. Another rana off the apron!

Dom is up! He has the chair in his hand. He tosses it down for Rey to use. Rey picks the chair up, stares at his son. Seth is in the ring by now, distracting the ref, and Rhea is here to shove Rey into the ringpost. Dom sends Rey into the ring, Seth hits the ropes.

STOMP TO REY! Seth, instead of pinning, locks in a Peruvian Neck Tie! Rey is out and the ref calls it.

Winner: Seth Rollins
A solid match, even if the ending was never in question. The Rey/Dom thing can end already, but at least it didn’t belittle the potential for the match that we got.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 17:44

Riddle is backstage watching TV like a normal person.

Lashley scares Riddle, then tells him good luck tonight. He doesn’t need it, but he wanted to offer it. He and Riddle know what it likes to fight in a cage. Tapout or Knockout. Don’t let Seth get out of this one. Bobby tells Riddle not to ever interrupt one of his matches again.

Kevin Owens and Gargano are walking and see a laid out security guard. Owens laughs it off as we go to break.

Match 3: The Alpha Academy vs Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano

Gable and Gargano to start. Drop toe hold from Johnny into a side headlock from Gable. Rope work and Gable hits a side headlock. Rope work, Johny with a head scissors, wheelbarrow, arm drag from Johnny and a drop kick! Gable tags in Otis. Tag to KO! Crowd loves it. LOCKUP! Owens with a side headlock, shoulder tackle but Owens doesn’t go down. Owens tries his own, but no budge. So Owens hits a dropkick. Nice. Tag to Gable. Right hands, whip and a back elbow to Gable. Owens with a senton. To the corner, moonsault to Gable, cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Gable and he drops a leg then sits on the chest for a cover. 1..2.NO!!! Gable sends Johnny to the apron, hits the ropes, Otis gets a tag, Johnny with a spear from the apron but Otis is the legal man! Right hands! Gorilla press into a capture and a slam!

We are back, and Owens locks in the Sharpshooter! Canada is goin wild! Gable is in the center, looking to tap, but in comes Otis to clothesline Owens to hell! He tells the crowd to suck it. Otis to the apron, Gable reaches for a tag. Gargano dropkicks the legs of Otis, sending him off the apron. Gable locks up behind, Owens gets a tag, snake eyes from Gargano. Owens with a swanton bomb! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Tag from Gargano, he dives in, goes for a DDT, but Gable hits a Northern Lights, side shifts, another suplex sends Gargano flying. Tag to Otis. Otis lifts Johnny to the shoulders, tag to Gable. Gable flies off the top rope and hits a bulldog off the shoulders of Otis! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Owens in to stop the pin, Otis in to smash Owens in the corner. Owens to the outside, Otis follows and trucks him down again. Otis to the table. He removes the lid, tries to splash Owens against the post, but Owens side steps. Superkick from Owens. Another Superkick! Otis falls on the table, Owens to the barricade! ELBOW DROP OFF THE BARRICADE THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

In the ring, Gargano is waiting for Gable to stand. AUSTIN THEORY IS HERE TO GRAB THE FOOT OF GARGANO! HARD PUNCH FROM GABLE!!! Cliffhanger DDT to Gargano! Cover! 1…2…..NO!!!!!! Gargano kicks out!!!

Gable is shocked! SHOCKED I SAY! He kicks Gargano to the outside, Theory tries to attack with the briefcase, Johnny with a superkick!! Gargano to the apron! Huge DDT INTO THE RING Cover! 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano
We started off with a little bit of a house show feel but that didn’t last long as we got a lot of action in a short amount of time. The Theory interference was fine, and Owens and Gargano continue to look amazing.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 12:50

AJ Styles is walking backstage. He sees another knocked out security guard before Kevin walks up on him to stop him, asking why he rejected Judgment Day. AJ says he has been on his own for a while now and ….

Finn is here to smirk and smile and tell AJ he comes in peace.

Backstage, Theory talks Otis up about an upcoming match with Gargano.

We come back to Omos in the ring waiting to destroy some jobbers.

Match 4: Omos vs Hall and Oates

Jobbers go splat.

Winner: Omos

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: NR

Omos piles the jobbers atop one another then stands on them, on the announce table.

Miz walks into the a pile of security guards laid out on the floor. There’s a “statue” nearby wearing an Oilers jersey and helmet. We quickly see that it is Dexter. He clocks Miz with a hockey stick then breaks it across his back. Dexter sits down and locks in a submission on Miz.


She is here with nicer wings than Athena.

Match 5: Candice LeRae vs Nikki Cross

Nikki kicks, LeRae catches it, kicks Nikki down, hits a dropkick, slides with a baseball slide but Nikki traps her, attacks with some rights. Nikki sends her back in the ring, tries for some rights, but gets blocked and Candace beats her into the corner with rights and lefts. Back elbow in the corner, snapmare, kick to the chin. LeRae with a Backstabber!

Candace to the corner, hangs off the top rope, Nikki meets her there, but LeRae hits the mid section and hits a swinging neckbreaker off the top and a cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Candice LeRae
Well I’ll be…
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: NR

Nikki is so upset in the corner that she rips her mask off and starts to cry.


Match 6: Sami Zayn (w/ Solo Sikoa) vs AJ Styles

Bell rings and Sami hits the corner. They meet in the middle, lockup and Sami gets a side headlock. AJ backs him into the ropes, then hits a sloppy shoulder tackle. He holds the 1 up in the air. AJ head scissors from below, then hops up for a dropkick to the head. Chop in the corner. Sami sends AJ into the corner again. Backbreaker from AJ. AJ hits the ropes, drives a knee to the forehead of Sami, covers for 1..2.NO!!! Whip from AJ. Hits the ropes, back body drop from Sami. Sami covers but cant even get a 1. Kick to the back fo the head by Sami. Samiy grabs the head, sends AJ into the corner, then hops up and dives off for an elbow to the dome. Cover for 1….NO!

Both men on the outside. Sami sends AJ face first into the apron’s edge. Sami breaks the count, kicks AJ away form the apron, then hits a springboard moonsault off the top rope onto AJ on the outside. Sami sends AJ into the ring, covers for 1….2.NO!!!!

Back from break and Sami hits a huge boot then the Blue Thunder Bomb into a pin for 1…2…NO!!! Sami corners AJ with some rights, lifts AJ up to the top rope, AJ hooks the head, Sami flips AJ mid air and slams him down with an awkward sit out powerbomb onto the back! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sami dives to the outside and sends AJ into the ring post, again, a third time this time to the timekeeper’s area. Sami rolls to the inside and tells the ref to count. Ref hits 7, and AJ rushes the ring, getting into the ring just before 10! Sami grabs him, AJ with a rollup! 1..2….NO!!!! Sami with a right hand, AJ returns it, they go back and forth. AJ with the boos and Sami getting some love. Big Boot to AJ. Pele from AJ!!! Both men down!

We are BACK and Sami hits an Exploder in the corner!!! He hits the corner, waiting for the big kick. AJ Rolls out of the ring! AJ back in the ring, rolls through, CALF CRUSHER!!!! Sami reaches to break the hold. HE GETS TO THE ROPES!! AJ breaks the hold. Sami struggles to stand. Jawbreaker from Sami. AJ tries for a Sunset Flip, rolls through, tries for Styles Clash, but Sami holds the ropes and flips around, sending Aj over the top rope. AJ on the apron. Right hand. Sami grabs the hair. Ref calls for the break.

Solo grabs AJ. ROCK BOTTOM ONTO THE APRON!!!! He rolls AJ into the ring. Sami in the corner, all smiles. HELLUVA KICK!!!!! Cover! 1..2…..3!!!

Winner: Sami Zayn
LOVED that Solo waited till the very end to make a move, almost as if he was over Sami trying and not succeeding and thought to just get it all over with. We also have to give props to just a great match, regardless of the end.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 20:02

Before AJ can leave the ring, the music of Judgment Day comes on, and out comes the purple people eaters.

Finn tells AJ it pains him to see him like this. He cant help but think that if AJ had accepted the offer, things may have been a bit different right now. AJ deserves better than this.

Priest and Rhea are now on either side of the ring, with Dom behind Finn. Finn stands center ring. He offers his hand to the downed AJ, asking him as a friend, to rise up and join The Judgment Day.

AJ stands on his own, Finn holds up the Too Sweet. AJ looks to do the same, but flips Finn off instead. Judgment Day attacks, stomping AJ down. Priest mounts and punches as Dom grabs a chair. They lock the chair around the neck of AJ. Finn looks to stomp it, hard, but stops just before doing so. Finn, instead, lays down and tells AJ that he could have ended his career, but he is his friend and that’s not what friends do.

Match 7: Matt Riddle vs Damien Priest

WE start with some mat wrestling until Riddle gets a sleeper hold. Priest to the corner, ref breaks the hol, and Priest swings back with a hard elbow, only for Riddle to dodge it and cause a pause Riddle with a side headlock takedown. Riddle and Priest both up, they go back and forth with counter after counter of each other’s greatest hits until Riddle gives Priest a little tap to the ass with his foot. Broton onto Priest and a cover for 1…NO!!! Riddle with a high kcik in the corner, then another, and another, he hits the ropes and Priest spins and kicks Riddle right in the face. Priest with some elbows.

Priest: “Want to embarrass me on my birthday?”

Priest sends Riddle to the corner, Riddle with a triangle, sends Priest over the top rope, Riddle to the apron. Kick to Balor! Priest with a huge right hand. He then lifts Riddle and just hits a sick ass suplex onto the edge of the barricade! Nice!

We are BACK and Riddle is trying to break a hold in the middle of the ring. Riddle hits some elbows, but Priest elbows the back then pulls the arms back behind Riddle. Riddle escapes, hits a right in the corner, tries for a suplex, Priest punches away, Priest hits the ropes, Riddle catches him and hits a suplex! Priest to the outside. Kick off the apron from Riddle!!! Floating Bro and he hits Priest with the shin! Ouch. Riddle sends Priest back into the ring, catches a kick, hits a poewrbomb, flips Priest up, hits a knee~ Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Riddle to the top rope. Preist is up! He shoves Riddle off the top, and Riddle crashes onto the barricade, ribs first. Priest follows, lifts Riddle up and sends him back first into another barricade.

We come back to Riddle hitting a superplex on Priest! Riddle is not so quick to cover! He finally does, gets a 1..2..NO!!! Priest kicks out. Both me nup, trading blows. Priest with a headbutt but Riddle goes crazy. Uppercut from priest. Knee from Riddle! He hits the ropes, tries for another knee, but Preist voxes the ear, spins for a fist, but Riddle kicks the side of his head! Another kick is missed, Priest sends Riddle to the coner ,Riddle hops up, Priest catches him on the shoulders, Riddle drops down into a Dragon Sleeper, he lifts Priest up for a BRO DEREK!!! Cover for 1…2….NO!!!! Riddle to the top rope, Rhea distracts, Priest attacks the back. He grabs Riddle for some Razor’s Edge, flips Riddle forward instead, and hits a running kick. He lifts Riddle up. Flatliner to Riddle! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Priest tries for a chokeslam, Riddle escapes, foes for an RKO, Priest escapes, tries for Reckoning, Riddle pushes away, Priest hits the ropes. HUGE KNEE TO PRIEST!! He calls for the RKO! Rhea distracts again!!!

Riddle hops up for an RKO, Priest tries to end it, Riddle in crucifix position, he rolls forward, gets a surprise pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Matt Riddle
Damn, I really really really enjoyed this! Amazing main event feel even without the main event claiber of Priest. This was a great showing with an ending that seemed a bit mistimed. I don’t want it to take away from the amazing chemistry these two had together, though. It’s almost as if they’ve worked closely together before…
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 18:51

Judgement Day attacks immediately! SOUTH OF HEAVEN FROM PRIEST!!!


Edge is here!!! He runs down the ramp. SPEAR TO PRIEST!!! SPEAR FOR BALOR!!!

Judgment Day scatters.

Edge grabs a mic, says they’ve tried to finish him over and over again, but he always comes back! And he came back in Edmonton tonight! He wants Finn at Extreme Rules.

Edge vs Finn Balor in an I Quit Match.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
If one of your biggest gripes against the WWE was short matches with nonsensical endings, then tonight is the official answer to that call for action. Most matches were longer than ten minutes, and more than half were beyond fifteen minutes. Even more impressive was that none of the matches really overstayed their welcome - an issue that AEW sometimes has in regards to pacing. What's that? A negative remark about AEW in a WWE report!? My, what a time to be alive. Anyway, we had some matches added to the PPV's card, and they all seem to circle around the fact that the event is called Extreme Rules. Don't look now, but the WWE is actually making sense of it all. Tonight, we had solid action, a welcomed return, a natural forward progression of storytelling, and even some intrigue as we still don't know which rabbit we are supposed to be getting. Great episode.

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