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AKIRA On Who He Wants to Face in MLW, Being Known As a Deathmatch Wrestler

February 7, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
MLW Superfight Image Credit: MLW

AKIRA is part of the MLW roster, and he recently discussed who he would like to wrestle and more. The MLW star spoke with PWMania for a new interview and you can see some highlights below:

On who he wants to face in MLW: “Who do I want to fight? The answer is everyone. Sorry for everyone else. I plan to kick you in the head. I plan to break your arm. I plan to put you through barbed wire. That’s just the game. Oh, definitely. I would definitely headbutt Jacob Fatu. I would. Listen, I took a headbutt from one of the craziest dudes on the Indies, Joker. The other wrestlers that were there that night said that somehow that was the worst part of that whole show. They’re like that was the nastiest thing. Hearing that thud and you just laughed in his face. So yes, Jacob Fatu, I want to headbutt you. I want to drive my skull into yours. Then I want you to drive your skull into mine. But once again, you just listed like the craziest roster to me. I mean, you got Davey Richards, Hammerstone, the Billingtons, Davey Boy, Alex Kane, very wide and diverse roster which I pride myself in because I’m [part of ] a very wide and diverse styled wrestler.”

On his reputation as a deathmatch wrestler: “Despite what people might think of death matches when you watch my death match work, and you watch my regular work, people tend to realize ‘Oh, this guy is a traditional grappler this guy will throw you under and then this guy will punch you in the face.’ The answer is yes to all that. I would gladly punch him sir, I would gladly take on any of these guys in any rule set because I know that not only can I hang, I can supersede, I can overcome that. Which is part of my whole mission statement, which is to prove that death match fighters, death match wrestlers aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago. We’re in a different league now.”

On if there’s one wrestler he particularly wants to face: “I’m all in and they all have something interesting about them. That makes me want to fight them. I mean, Davey Richards, it’s Davey Richards, who doesn’t want to fight Davey Richards who doesn’t want to test himself against the American Wolf? You know? Alex Kane and I could go and have a pure rules match. Guido’s on there. It can happen there. I would love to fight anybody on that roster and in the rule set that they feel they’re comfortable with. And if they dare to step into what I’m comfortable with, which is everything, good luck.'”

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