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Becky Lynch Stops Seth Rollins From Hitting Interviewer With Chair

February 22, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Seth Rollins Becky Lynch Stomping Grounds Image Credit: WWE

Seth Rollins looked to get a sneak attack on an interviewer ahead of Elimination Chamber, but Becky Lynch put a stop to it. WWE is in Australia for Saturday’s PPV and ABC Perth shared a clip of an interview Rollins and Lynch did promoting the PPV, which nearly turned to violence when Rollins seemingly got a bit of nostalgia for his turn on The Shield and picked up a chair to nail interviewer Mark Gibson with.

Luckily, Lynch noticed Rollins going for the chair and told him no, saying, “just remember what happened last time.” Rollins capitulated and they took the photo instead.

Elimination Chamber airs Saturday live on Peacock and WWE Network.