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Brandi Rhodes Is Putting Her Flag Down With Women of Honor, Talks WAGS Atlanta Casting

December 13, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Brandi Rhodes

– Brandi Rhodes spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview talking about her plans to do more with Women of Honor, being cast in WAGS Atlanta and more. Highlights are below:

On being cast in WAGS Atlanta: “It was a very bizarre situation. I was in LA and was working on another project in the unscripted television world. The way those things usually work is that if you start at the ground level with them it takes a pretty long time so I had been working within, I guess, contouring this project with a fantastic production team; we had gone through all these steps, and all fizzle, and all this film content; stuff where we were in the final stages of securing a contract on the network. This again took 6-8 months, so long process,” she said. “My management came to me and said that these folks want to talk to you. They want to have a Skype interview with you for a show called WAGS Atlanta. I said okay, sure. At the time, I was thinking that with what I am currently working on, within that timeline of the other project I am working on, I will be done with the other project. So, I had done the Skype interview with them and five days later they sent over a contract, which blew my mind. With the other project, I had to wait 6-8 months, but I do one Skype interview, I don’t even audition for anything, and I get this contract sent to me. It’s funny; it’s a testament to show how things mysteriously work out where you never know what you are going to get. From the time they sent me the contract, and to filming was within a couple of months. I had to race to Atlanta to be able to film, so yeah, very faded thing to happen.”

On how much she might appear on the show: “Well, they definitely did come and film ROH in Atlanta where I faced Kelly Klein, and that was a whole big thing, and very much hoping you will see that much, or at least bits and pieces from that match. You will definitely see some training aspects because in the most recent episode that came out you see me and Cody training in the ring so you know, I’m hoping that we will see as much as we can. We filmed forever, and this cast, for whatever reason, there are nine girls, which has the largest cast in history on a reality show like this. They went big with it, so usually you are seeing 6 or 7, we have 9, which is a lot to accomplish in an episode, so I would say, don’t get disheartened if you see an episode that I am not in. Two reasons: there are nine girls and another reason being, I had a full schedule when we were filming, so a lot of events like that, unfortunately I had to miss because I already had other stuff on the books. I wasn’t going to miss it to go to a baby shower, so that is kind of where we are at, and we will see what happens, so you will definitely see some wrestling; hopefully a lot, but there will be a lot of other fun stuff as well.”

On her plan to do more with Women of Honor in 2018: “Absolutely, 100%. I am kind of putting my flag down with Women of Honor. I am impressed with them and the presentation as far as being in conjunction with ROH. There are a lot of good things to come with Women of Honor in 2018, which I am definitely on board. I look forward to doing a lot more with Women of Honor.”