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CHIKARA Review: Young Lions Cup VI, Night II

April 9, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: Young Lions Cup VI, Night II  

The weekend of June 13th, 14th, and 15th of 2008 brings you the 6th annual CHIKARA Young Lions Cup tournament! Last night, Vin Gerard made it past six other feisty Young Lions to make his way to the finals of the tournament on night three. Tonight, the second dozen competitors look to make their mark in CHIKARA. Just like on night one, the 12 competitors will compete in singles competition and the winners will advance to a Six Man Elimination match. The winner of the elimination match advances to the Young Lions Cup finals on Night three to face Vin Gerard. Who will make it to the finals tonight?

Commentary is provided by Mitch Ryder, Louden Noxious, Bryce Remsburg, Mike Quackenbush, Ultramantis Black, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Louden Noxious comes to introduce the participants. Senior official Bryce Remsburg comes in the ring and stops Louden. Bryce tells the crowd that Jason Blade is a weenie, and will not be in tournament competition tonight. Bryce calls for the CHIKARA hat with names in it, hoping to pick a replacement for Jason tonight. Bryce pulls a name out of the hat and it is “Matt Bourne.” Bryce runs backstage, but he is not here. Bryce pulls another name out and it is “Evan Sydal”. He is also not there. Bryce pulls out a third name, being “Christian Faith.” Christian is here, and will take Jason’s spot in the tournament.

All 12 participants are then brought out, EXCEPT Worker Ant, who mysteriously does not show up! Anywho, the other 11 participants have the ceremonious picture taken.

Young Lions Cup Qualifier
Kyle Matthews vs. Lince Dorado

Lince says tonight is his night. He says it’s his second chance at the Young Lions Cup, and he is no stranger to second chances. Lince mentions his life-threatening injury back at Chapter 11, but had a second chance when he returned to the ring and won the 2008 King of Trios. He says his streak continues when he wins the Young Lions Cup this weekend.

Lince and Kyle switch waist locks in the beginning. Each men attempts some pinfalls during the exchange, but to no avail. Both men jump back to their feet to applause. Lince hip tosses Kyle and nips up but Kyle hits him on the neck with a forearm. He goes for a clothesline, but Lince rolls under Kyle and jumps off the ropes onto Kyle. Lince goes up for an inverted hurricanrana, but Kyle puts Lince on his shoulders and hot shots him off the ropes. Kyle follows up with a knee to the back that sends Lince to the outside. Kyle hits a dive onto Lince through the second ropes. Kyle rolls Lince back in the ring and kicks Lince in the back of the head. Kyle applies a headlock onto Lince, mocking Lince on the mat. Kyle then turns the headlock into a leg lock around Lince’s abs. Lince gets off the mat and whips Kyle to the ropes. Lince sunset flips Kyle for the two count. Kyle gets up and hits Lince with a leg drop. Kyle takes Lince to the top rope, but Lince gets out of it. Lince tosses Kyle out of the ring. Lince jumps up to the top rope and back flips onto Kyle, barely catching him with his feet. Lince gets Kyle back in the ring. Lince sets up for a Urinagi, but does a 180 flip holding Kyle to the mat! Lince locks on an Anaconda Vice variation, but Kyle escapes. Kyle gives Lince a flurry of offense. Lince kicks his leg out and follows up with a spinning heel kick for the two count. Kyle managed to throw Lince in the ropes and dropkicked him in the corner. Kyle then follows up with a double stomp to Lince’s back for the two count. Kyle fights some more and brings Lince to the corner. He puts Lince up top looking for a suplex. Lince fights out and pushes Kyle to the mat. Lince follows up with the Shooting Star Press for the victory! Lince advances to the semi-final elimination bout. *3/4

Young Lions Cup Qualifier
Ophidian vs. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner

Weiner cuts a promo saying how he is looking forward to his Young Lions debut and will win the Cup. He says that this is the last year he is eligible for the tournament. He points out some similarities between he and Ophidian, but he says that Turtle Power is going to explode and he will defeat Ophidian, and beat Vin Gerard on Night 3. He said the fans have wanted to see him be serious, and they will see just that. Not the worst thing ever, but I still hate Steve Weiner.

Ophidian becomes my new favorite wrestler as he attacks Steve with a knee. He chokes and kicks Steve in the corner. He takes Steve to the outside, slaps him on the chest, then sends Steve back in the ring. Ophidian kicks Steve in the chest then chokes him out on the ropes. He then wraps Steve in the ropes and applies a stretch. Ophidian takes Steve to the mat and puts on a double leg full nelson. Ophidian rolls it into a prawn hold, but only gets a two count. Ophidian hits Steve some more and rolls him up for a two. Ophidian tosses Steve into the ropes and follows. Steve moves out of the way and school boys Ophidian for the two count. Ophidian continues to beat him down, but hurts his hand on Steve’s shell. They stand up and Ophidian begins to attack but Steve feels no effect. Ophidian tries a double knee, but Steve turns around and Ophidian hits his knees against Steve’s shell! Steve takes advantage attacking Ophidian with terrible looking offense, except for the moves where Ophidian was mostly in control. Steve hits his Shellsational Slam, but only gets a two count. Steve then runs at Ophidian for a splash, but Ophidian turns it into the Ophidian Death Grip for the win! THANK GOD. This wasn’t awful, because Ophidian is so awesome. Weiner is so awful on offense, but isn’t the worst on defense. Still not so great. *

Young Lions Cup Qualifier
Chip Day vs. Worker Ant

Chip Day says he is here representing NWA Anarchy. He says the sent him there because they believe in his ability to bring the Cup home. He says he also believes in himself, and that is why he is bringing the cup home for Anarchy.

Leonard F. Chikarason is waiting to help Worker Ant down the stage, as he is limping with a crutch under one arm. Worker says to the camera “Hey Vin, a personal thank you for this, as you have given me more motivation to kill you.” They get in the ring. Leonard says that he hopes Vin can hear him, because he is sick of his antics. He says him attacking Worker Ant was out of line, and he refuses to let him cause the Colony the Young Lions Cup much like Vin cost them the King of Trios tournament. He says out of good consciousness, he can’t let Worker Ant compete tonight. But, he asks for both Soldier Ant and Fire Ant to come out. He says one, and only one of them can take Worker’s spot in the tournament. They play rock, paper, scissors, and Fire Ant wins! (Rock beat scissors, btw).

Young Lions Cup Qualifier
Chip Day vs. Fire Ant

Chip Day is a human shill for Mountain Dew. His tights look like the Mountain Dew can, and he comes out drinking a can of Mountain Dew. Day and Fire Ant go back and forth with Fire Ant getting an arm lock on Chip. He follows up with an arm drag off the top rope. He arm drags him into the mat, then chops him in the corner. Fire Ant attempts to throw Chip Day, but Chip reverses and hurricanranas Fire Ant to the outside. Chip follows up with a tope con hielo to the outside. Chips back thuds against the wooden floor, and only gets a two count. Chip worked over Fire Ant with some hard offense on the mat. Chip tosses Fire Ant into the corner. Fire Ant flips up and wraps his head around Chip’s head. Fire Ant tosses Chip into the corner with his legs. Fire Ant follows up by going to the top rope of the opposite corner and coming off with a missile dropkick. Fire Ant then follows up with a tope con hielo of his own. Fire Ant followed up with his own offense, and tossed Chip into the corner. Fire Ant followed, but at the same time Chip looked to run out of the corner. This caused both combatants to collide heads. Chip fell to the outside and took a swig of his Mountain Dew, causing him to “Chip Up” and head back into the ring. Chip chops Fire Ant down to the mat. Fire Ant nips up and tosses Chip to the ropes, but Chip comes off and dropkick’s Fire Ant’s legs out. Chip follows up with a big senton splash. He goes for a pin, but only gets a two. He goes off the ropes and is blocked by Fire Ant. Chip Day follows up with a leg sweep pinning combination for a two count only. Fire Ant ducks a clothesline and elbow and goes for a hurricanrana. Chip blocks it and picks him up for a power bomb instead. Chip looked to follow up with a Cancun Tornado but hit the mat. Both men get up as the crowd claps. As both men get to their feet, Vin Gerard comes out! Luckily, Worker Ant hit him with a crutch to block interference. Fire Ant nails a stunner and a Beach Break to get the victory! Fire Ant heads to the six way elimination later. This was excellent, much better than the first two qualifiers. **3/4

Young Lions Cup Qualifier
Tim Donst vs. Christian Faith

Donst is seconded by Crossbones, and Mantis is on commentary rooting for him. Donst and Faith lock up, and Faith throws Donst in the corner. Donst went for a couple of roll up pins early, but to no avail. Faith spends the majority of the match beating down on Donst. Donst try to counter Faith’s offense with a German suplex, but Faith bumped out of it. Faith hit some pretty cool offense for a big man including a nice knee to the corner and a sky high powerbomb. During this, Donst again tried for a German suplex, but Faith spun around while Donst had his arms wrapped around his waist. Donst spun around for awhile, then let go and splat against the mat. The tide turned in Donst’s favor when Faith went up top for a corkscrew senton, but hit the mat as Donst rolled away. Donst got to his feet and delivered some hard chops to Donst. Donst attempted to throw Faith to the ropes, but Faith reversed it throwing Donst to the ropes instead. Faith catches Donst with a rolling elbow for the two count. Faith picks up Donst and goes for another rolling elbow. Donst ducks the elbow and finally hits Faith with the German suplex. Donst then locks on the CHIKARA Special for the win! Donst advances to the six way elimination. Pretty good match; two worked well for a short notice no-show. **1/4

Young Lions Cup Qualifier
Shayne Hawke vs. Bobby Dempsey

Hawke cuts a promo saying he is going to win the Young Lions Cup for the Fabulous Two, and then he and Mitch Ryder are going to win the Campeones de Parejas. Pretty basic promo, but delivered greatly but young Mr. Hawke.

Hawke starts off by telling Bryce that Bobby pulled his hair, when neither man made a move. Bryce mocked Hawke by telling Bobby to no longer pull his hair. Shayne wants a high five from Bryce, but Bryce fakes out Shayne and slicks his hair back. Bryce, however, gives Bobby a high five leading Mitch (on commentary) to believe he’s biased; we’ll see. Hawke puts a headlock on Bobby. Bobby pushes Shayne to the ropes, but Shayne puts on the break and states “I will not do the tackle thing!” Bobby then pushes Shayne into the ropes, where he once again stops and re-claims his statement. Bobby calls him a chicken so Shayne goes off each of the ropes faking out Bobby. He blows Bobby off and goes to ridicule a fan. Once he turns around, Bobby hits him with a body block. The two men exchange holds with Bobby doing some stuff you wouldn’t expect. Both men come to a stand still and lock up. Bobby pushes Hawke against the ropes, and pokes him in the eye. Hawke tries to throw Bobby off the ropes but gets pushed down instead. Hawke goes to slam Bobby, but Bobby is far too large for Shayne to slam. Bobby takes advantage and hits Hawke with some elbows and a big body slam. He splashes on Hawke for the two count. Bobby attempts a Urinagi slam but Hawke kicks Bobby down to his knees. Hawke comes off the ropes, only to be caught in the Urinagi position once more. Hawke reverses it and hits the Tomahawke on Bobby! Shayne Hawke rolls through into a pin, and pins Bobby for the three count. Shayne Hawke advances to the six way elimination. VERY fun match here; easy to watch and certainly enjoyable. **1/2

Young Lions Cup Qualifier
Johnny Gargano vs. Marshe Rockett

Marshe is backstage with his manager C-Red. C-Red says that the fans that The Soul Touchaz were done, but they’re back. Marshe says he can feel it tonight. C-Red puts on his shades because Marshe was spitting in his face. Marshe says he was doing so because he is so excited, and he is going to prove himself tonight in CHIKARA. C-Red says he and the Soul Touchaz are going back to Chicago Sunday night with a big shiny cup, and they will be singing and dancing in Hellertown tonight. Marshe leaves, and C-Red sings to the camera. Marshe comes back to retrieve C-Red. I LOVE THE SOUL TOUCHAZ!

Marshe and C-Red do the whole “ugonmakemebuymesom” hand shake, only for Gargano to wonder what the heck is going on. Marshe and Gargano get in a cheering battle where each man stands on the second ropes and gets approval from the crowd. Marshe was the clear winner here. When Marshe was standing on the second rope, Gargano ran up from behind and attacked him. Gargano hit a flurry of offense on Marshe, but Marshe worked out of it and dropkicked Gargano to the outside. Gargano walks around, takes a seat, then comes back in at his leisure. Marshe dances off with Gargano, who does the whitest dance moves possible. Gargano and Marshe then do a beautiful sequence of drop downs, reversals, etc. to the delight of the fans. Marshe runs after Gargano in the corner. Gargano catches Marshe’s leg, throws it between the ropes, blasts Marshe with an Enzugiri, then cracks his back with double knees. This was really an excellent way for Gargano to get the advantage. Johnny beat down on Marshe and wore him out with submissions. Marshe would come back every once in awhile, only to be denied by Gargano. Gargano really impressed the crowd with the precision and sleekness of his moves. There was cool sequence where Marshe fought up and tried to get the advantage, but Gargano kicked out his legs and nailed a superkick on him. Gargano continued his domination on Marshe, but never was able to get the pin it seemed. Frustrated, Gargano headed up top. Marshe got to his feet and Gargano launched off the top. To everyone’s shock, Marshe caught Gargano with an Ace Crusher and the win! Marshe is the final man to advance to the six man elimination! This match was excellent; just like Night One the final qualifying match is far and away the best. ***1/4

Lightning Storm (Mike Quackenbush & Shane Storm) vs. The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied)

We go backstage with Uno and Stupefied arguing over which is better; hot dogs and hamburgers. Uno says that tonight is the re-debut of their quest for three points, and asks Stupefied to speak. Stupefied speaks in French for awhile. Uno says that he was talking about cowboy boots, which has nothing to do with anything. Uno says tonight that Quackenbush and Storm are going to get “pwned”! The Super Smash Bros. go to high five, but miss. This was great.

Stupefied and Quack start off, with them exchanging arm locks and such. Quack seems to get the one up on Stupefied each time, but Stupefied is right there with him. Uno gets tagged in and those two exchange holds. They exchange some leap frogs and other moves, ending with Uno giving Quack the Hadoken. Quack is able to get his arms up in time to block. Quack and Uno shake one another’s hands and tag in their partners. Storm and Stupefied begin to go at it and also exchange holds much like Uno and Quack. Stupefied gets tagged in and Storm knocks Stupefied down, giving Lightning Storm the advantage. Quack is tagged in and takes Stupefied down. Quack begins to stretch Stupefied like a pretzel with a zany lucha submission and a surfboard. As soon as he is able. Stupefied rolls out of the ring. Quack follows him with a tope con helio over the top. Shane and Uno come in as the legal men and immediately get in a face slap battle. Storm gets the mild advantage until Stupefied comes in to help. Stupefied and Uno hit Storm with a double stunner called “Indian Jones and the Temple of Gold.” Stupefied leave his partner and hits a tope con helio on Quack himself. Stupefied then goes up top looking for a drop kick on Storm, but hits Uno instead! Quack comes back in and Lightning Storm begins working over Uno. Stupefied makes the save, and Lightning Storm tries throwing him to the ropes. Instead, Stupefied hits them both with a back flip kick. Uno gets up, but Lightning Storm grabs him, wraps his legs around Stupefied’s head, and throws Uno backwards. This causes Uno to hit a backwards hurricanrana onto his own partner! Storm picks up Stupefied and spins him right into a knee drop. Quackenbush picks up Stupefied and hits him with a gut wrench DDT. Storm sets up as Quack goes up top, and the duo hits the double stomp Air Raid Crash! At this very moment, while Quack is resting in the corner, Tim Donst runs out and whispers something into Quackenbush’s ear. Storm rolls up Stupefied while this is happening, and gets the pin! Lightning Storm has accumulated the three points needed for a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas. Very good match between two very good teams. ***1/2

Quackenbush stands up as Bryce is raising Shane’s arm in victory. Quack immediately pounces on Storm and starts pounding him on the mat. Bryce tries pulling Quack off of Storm, and Storm rolls out as soon as he can. Storm leaves through the back with Quack trying to claw out of the ring to get Shane Storm. As soon as Storm leaves, Quackenbush sits on the mat and looks up at Donst with an angry look and says “You better be sure.” Quackenbush then lies on the mat grabbing his forehead. He stands up and starts walking as if he is going to the back, but turns around and runs out the exit where Shane Storm left. Tim Donst follows. And here, my friends, is the overlapping storyline for everything that’s going on in CHIKARA today.

The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Crossbones) vs. The Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson)

The Soul Touchaz and C-Red do the whole “ugonmakemebuymesom” hand shake, once again and Hydra tries his own handshake with the Order on the outside. Mantis tells Hydra they don’t need him at ringside, and orders Hydra to attend to Donst in the back. The crowd boos this decision as Hydra hangs his head and slowly walks to the back. Ultramantis and Acid Jaz start off. Jaz puts Mantis in a wrist lock, which Mantis twists into his own. Jaz works his way out of it with a flurry of offense and nails Mantis with a spinning heel kick. Jaz tags in Willie, which causes Mantis to flee to his corner. Mantis tags in the heavyweight horror Crossbones to even up the size difference. Crossbones and Willie go back and forth with chops and strikes. Crossbones throws Willie off the ropes, and Willie leap frogs over Crossbone. Willie comes back with a dropkick much to the delight of the fans. Willie follows up with an elbow off the second rope for the two count. Crossbones rolls out tagging in Mantis. Mantis gets attacked by Willie on the way in. Jaz comes in and Willie throws him up. Jaz lands a rana on Mantis on his way down. Jaz comes off the ropes twice with two leg drops onto Mantis. On his third time off the ropes, Jaz breakdances on the mat into a fist drop onto Mantis! Very cool spot. Jaz tries throwing Mantis into the ropes, but Mantis reverses. Crossbones kicks Jaz in the back as he hits the rope leading to an advantage for the Order. The Order spends a long time keeping Jaz in the ring. Mantis and Crossbones made frequent tags and taking advantage of a distracted official. Mantis and Crossbones stretched Jaz on the mat in addition to wearing him out with strikes and kicks. Jaz was able to turn one of Mantis’ moves into a bridge, but Mantis got right back on him. Jaz got out of the beatdown after reversing a rope throw attempt by Mantis. Jaz stopped it by crushing his knee into Mantis’ face and following up with a nice Enzugiri. Jaz tags in Willie who comes in knocking down both members of the Temple. Willie goes for a move on Mantis only to be countered by a DDT. Crossbones comes crashinig down off the top rope with a splash, but Jaz breaks up the pin. Jaz takes down Crossbones with an X-Factor, then tosses Mantis into a Pounce by Willie Richardson! Willie goes up top to prepare for his big legdrop, but Crossbones crotches him on the top rope. Crossbones then hits a big time suplex on Willie off the top rope while Mantis keeps Jaz busy. Willie rolls out of the ring after the suplex making Acid Jaz the legal man. Jaz tries his best to take out both members. Unfortunately for him, Crossbones catches Acid Jaz with the Friggin’ Sweet Driver for the pin. The Order combo of Mantis and Crossbones now have two points! This was great fun; The Soul Touchaz are far and away some of the best outside talent CHIKARA brings in. ***1/2

Young Lions Cup Six Way Elimination Semi-Finals
Lince Dorado vs. Ophidian vs. Fire Ant vs. Tim Donst vs. Shayne Hawke vs. Marshe Rockett

All six men pose, with all the Tecnicos getting cheered and the two Rudos being booed. Shayne and Lince start off. They bounce back and forth off the ropes until Shayne knocks Lince down to the mat. Shayne lies next to him and begins convulsing; openly mocking Lince’s real life seizure he had back in 2007. Lince chases Shayne around the ring. Both men run back in and Shayne tags in Ophidian. Lince tags in Marshe Rockett. Marshe and Ophidian also go back and forth with Marshe getting the advantage. Marshe hits a big leg drop off the ropes, causing Ophidian to roll out of the ring. Shayne comes in and sets up for a double axe handle. He runs at Marshe who throws him against the ropes. Shayne bounces off the ropes screaming while still in the double axe handle position until Marshe takes him down with a big boot, sending Shayne to the outside. Ophidian runs in, but Marshe puts up his fist causing Ophidian to flinch. Marshe tags in Donst. Ophidian and Donst lock up. Ophidian attempts a victory roll but only gets a two. They roll on the mat, until Ophidian throws Donst in the corner. Ophidian uses the ropes to wrap his legs around Donst’s head and toss him. Ophidian gut wrenches Donst and rolls forward into a pin but only gets two. Ophidian slaps Lince on the chest, tagging Lince into the match. Donst and Lince begin rolling on the mat with each of them attempting a pin. Lince then asks for something and is handed a black singlet. He puts on the singlet and gets in the Amateur position. Donst grabs his waist and Bryce signals for them to go. Both men begin exchanging waist locks back and forth with Bryce even getting in the middle! Eventually this ceases and all three men drop to the mat. Lince and Donst look at Bryce wondering why he got involved, and Bryce swears it was unintentional. Donst tags in Fire Ant. Lince and Fire Ant do some lucha ending with Fire Ant locking on an Anaconda Vice on Lince in the ropes. Fire Ant relinquishes the hold and goes to the outside. Lince does a tope con heilo to the outside onto Fire Ant. Shayne Hawke and Ophidian toss in Marshe Rockett and double team him. They toss him off the ropes looking for a double team clothesline, but Marshe ducks and flies over the top onto Fire Ant and Lince Dorado. Ophidian and Shayne high five and lock to both fly over the top, but Shayne puts on the breaks and chops Ophidian instead. Shayne tosses Ophidian over the top rope. Ophidian lands on Marshe and takes him down with a headscissors. Shayne then goes up top and hits everyone with a senton. The crowd chants “Donst!” as he is the last one in the ring. Donst looks to go over, but Fire Ant comes back and takes him down with a fireman’s carry. Fire Ant then takes out every other competitor in the match with a fireman’s carry and almost hit Bryce with one as well. Donst takes Fire Ant down with an STO for a two count. Fire Ant is taken out with a suplex into the ropes. Lince comes in and knocks down Donst and hits a backflip onto Donst causing him to leave the ring. Shayne comes in and pounds away on Lince. Shayne follows up with an elbow to Lince off the second rope for the two count. Marshe tries a pin on Shayne for a two, followed by Ophidian striking Marshe with double knees for a two count. Lince and Marshe are in the ring. Marshe hits a chin breaker on Lince for the two count. Marshe catches Lince in mid-leap frog for a roll up, but Lince turns it into the CHIKARA Special! Marshe submits, giving us our first elimination.

Ophidian immediately locks on the Ophidian Death Grip on Lince! He gets Lince on the mat near the point of him passing out, but Lince is able to escape. Lince hits Ophidian with a flurry of offense and comes off the top rope with a senton. Lince rolls up for a two count. Lince picks up Ophidian and hits a flip Urinagi, and locks on the Anaconda Vice! Ophidian slaps Lince in the chest to alleviate some of the grip. Ophidian rolls through into a reverse Rolling Prawn Hold and pins Lince Dorado! Lince is eliminated.

Donst comes in looking for an STO, but Ophidian rolls him into a reverse Rolling Prawn Hold for the pin! Tim Donst is also eliminated.

Fire Ant comes and Ophidian locks on the Ophidian Death Grip. Fire Ant backs Ophidian into the corner forcing him to let the move go. Ophidian gets Fire Ant into the reverse Rolling Prawn Hold, but Fire Ant reverses it into a regular Prawn Hold and gets the pin on Ophidian! Ophidian is eliminated, leaving Fire Ant and Shayne Hawke as the last two men.

Hawke comes in and goes for the Tomahawke on Fire Ant, but Fire Ant gets him in the Beach Break position. Hawke rolls out of that and lands a hard super kick on Fire Ant for the two count. Fire Ant gets up and takes Hawke down. He lands a back senton on Shayne but only gets two. Shayne hits a second super kick on Fire Ant and follows up with a Swanton off the top. Shayne hits a third super kick and goes for the pin, only to get two. Shayne picks up Fire Ant and hits the Tomahawke, yet Fire Ant kicks out! Shayne then takes Fire Ant up top looking for a Tomahawke off the second rope. Fire Ant nails his elbow into the head of Shayne and picks him up. Fire Ant hits an awesome Beach Break off the rope onto Shayne. That’s enough to get Fire Ant the three count! Fire Ant heads to the Young Lions Cup finals tomorrow night opposite Vin Gerard. This was a great match; not as good as last night’s six way, but still very good. ***3/4

Speaking of Vin Gerard, he comes out and stands on the merchandise table. He tells Fire Ant that the cup is his.

The 411: The night started off not so hot, but by the end of the elimination matches it picked up immensely. While the wrestling tonight may not have been better than Night One, I think this Night moved more fluently and was more enjoyable overall (especially the last five matches). Not to mention that the revelation in the Shane Storm match is such a huge part of CHIKARA's future, that it really is important to see. Recommended!
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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