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Cook’s ROH TV Review 4.30.21

May 4, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 4.30.21  

Hey kids! Big show this week, we’ve got a World Television Championship match and two grudge matches. Let’s hook em up!

Cook’s ROH Review 4.30.21

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling! Today we have a jam packed episode with three big matches. Tracy Williams defends the World Television Championship against Tony Deppen in the main event. Plus, the OGK take on Beer City Bruiser & Ken Dixon. Brian Milonas will be on commentary. Next week, Quinn won’t be hosting because she’ll be taking on Angelina Love. She’s been having issues with Angelina & Mandy Leon for some time now. She’s excited & nervous, and hopes this settles things. In the opener, Bandido takes on Flamita!

Ian & Caprice are on commentary as usual.

Quinn talks to Flamita before the match. Will this match help him work things out of his system? Flamita doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Is Bandido sure he wants to play with fire? Meanwhile, Bandido tells Quinn that he’s sure that he & Flamits will be friends at the end of all this. Quinn says that he’s so nice, I’d argue that he’s so naive. Especially for a bandit.

Flamita vs. Bandido: Bandido has won five consecutive matches against Flamita outside of ROH. They go at it right away. Evenly matched, as they know each other’s moveset pretty well. Flamita gets a dropkick that sends Bandido outside, then hits the tope suicida. He sends Bandido into both barricades as we go to commercial.

Flamita stomps away in the ring, as we see clips of him targeting Bandido’s shoulder during the commercial. Takes Bandido’s head off with a helluva kick in the corner that gets two. Tornado DDT blocked by Bandido, then a twisting splash off the top by Bandido, then a flying headscissors with a few rotations. Fosbury Flop on the outside by Bandido. He rams Flamita’s leg against the ringpost repeatedly. Bandido gets a broom from under the ring, then hits Flamita’s leg with it! Not sure why Todd Sinclair didn’t call for the bell there other than he’s Todd Sinclair. Bandido continues targeting the knee in the ring. It’s working pretty well, as a Flamita kick fails. He does manage to whip Bandido into another barricade on the outside. Bandido gets crotched on said barricade and wants his mommy. Flamita breaks the count, goes outside and sets up…well, nothing as they both stand on top of the barricade. Bandido with the rana off the barricade! We’re teasing a countout here, and they both get in at 19 as we go to commercial.

Bandido & Flamita trade shots. Crucifix bomb by Bandido gets 2. Bandido misses in the corner, gets his head kicked off. Flamita hits a 450 for 2. He then tries a musclebuster into a codebreaker, but Bandido pauses before hitting Flamita’s knee, then locks in a kneebar! Flamita slaps his way out of the hold, and now they slap each other back & forth. Kicks, eventually we get a popup cutter from Bandido, then a superkick from Flamita. They get back up, Bandido puts Flamita up top, goes for the flipping fallaway slam, Flamita gets out, Bandido with the West Coast Pop for two, then hits the X-knee, but ol’ Todd was hit by Flamita’s legs during the set up. Flamita with the foul! Puts his boot on Bandido’s face for the three count!

Winner: Flamita (13:20 via pin)
Match Rating: ****

I mean, nobody sold much of anything here, but who’s watching Bandido or Flamita matches for selling? We watch them for good times, and that’s what we got here.

Brian Milonas joins Ian & Caprice on commentary. Caprice kind of winds him up during the match, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Caprice lean heel like this but I dig it.

Ken Dison & Beer City Bruiser vs. The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett): Prior to the match, the OGK discussed how Vincent was out of the picture, & how BCB had the audacity to smash Taven with a beer bottle and keep posting the picture on the social media. Taven is going to take care of BCB, Vincent & Rush in no particular order.

Dixon goes to town on Bennett & Taven right away. Taven stays in the ring and gets worked over in the corner by Dixon. Taven gets the advantage with a dropkick, teases a dive to the outside, sunset flip roll through by Dixon, but the OGK double teams Dixon to gain the advantage. Purple Thunder Bomb by Taven gets two. Tag to Bennett, who works over Dixon in the corner. Tide turns when Bennett slips on that bad ankle of this, and BCB gets the tag. BCB mocks Taven as we go to commercial.

During the break, BCB & Dixon worked Bennett over. Dixon taunting Taven as he dominates Bennett. DVD by Bennett, but BCB comes in and keeps Bennett from making the tag with an elbow drop. Well, never mind, as BCB took the opportunity to berate Dixon, and Taven tags in anyway. Taven goes all ham on these fools. DDT to Dixon, spinning neckbreaker to BCB. Taven barely escapes a BCB sit-down splash, then hits the Just the Tip knee strike for two. OGK chops away on BCB, Todd letting this all fly like he’s an AEW official. Dixon breaks up the pinfall attempt. Brainbuster on BCB by Bennett, but Taven misses the knee drop and gets pumphandle slammed into next week. Dixon tags in, knocks Bennett off the apron, powerslam to Taven gets 2…well, Dixon broke up his own count there because he wanted to do something else. Kids these days! BCB is flummoxed. Blind tag to Bennett, combo backpack stunner & superkick gets the three count!

Winners: The OGK (8:45 via pin)
Match Rating: **3/4

Some good story-telling here with veteran BCB and the young kid Dixon. Bennett slips Taven a beer bottle, which Taven smashes over Bruiser’s head! I mean, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Taven says Bruiser knew it was coming. Milonas isn’t happy about it & yells at Taven. He’s been defending those guys, and that’s what they do? Milonas tells Bruiser that he’s been right all along, and kicks Dixon right in the face! Punching the man down as Bruiser smiles. I think the BCB got exactly what he wanted here, minus the whole losing bit.

ROH World Television Championship Match: Tony Deppen vs. Champion Tracy Williams: The Foundation wish Tracy luck on his way to the ring. Tracy with a height & weight advantage here. They shake hands, then jaw back & forth. Williams wins the first mat exchange, gets the wrist control, but Deppen eventually works his way out of it. Gut shot by Deppen, some foul language, and ol’ Hot Sauce gets hot. Kicks Deppen down in the corner. Williams locks in the Gory special, Deppen works out of it, back & forth counter wrestling. Double stomp to the back of Williams as we go to commercial.

Williams on top when we return, stomping Deppen down. Tony jacks Tracy’s shoulder on the top rope, and they exchange shots on the apron. Deppen kicks Williams down to the floor, then hits the Homicide dive! They’re in the same group so I guess it’s ok. Flying bodypress, atomic drop, foot stomp, shot to the knee, knee drop to the back of the head gets two! Chops by Deppen, but Williams fights back. DDT’s Deppen into the top turnbuckle for two, then goes to the facelock! It’s a little too high though, so Deppen can reach the ropes. Back & forth action, DVD by Williams gets 2.65! Deppen seems out of it, but tells Todd he can still continue. Deppen nearly gets a pin, then punches Williams twice! That’s legal here, and Deppen locks in a modified Cattle Mutilation! One arm is locked, but Williams manages to get on the ropes. Deppen runs into a clothesline & Williams hits the piledriver! Foot on the ropes! Williams yanks off his shoulder sling & yells at Deppen about violence. He slugs away, then Deppen gets him in a splaydel pin for the three count! We got a new champion!

Winner: Tony Deppen (11:30 via pin)
Match Rating: ***1/2

Chris Dickinson, Brody King & Homicide come down to celebrate! Deppen seemed like an odd choice when VLNCE UNLTD was formed, but he’s the first one to claim singles gold.

That’s all, folks!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
I really liked this show. Not a ton of BS, just some good ol' wrestling with different styles showcased. Plus a title change, which always livens things up.

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