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Csonka’s MLW Saturday Night Superfight Review

November 2, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW Saturday Night Superfight Review  

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Csonka’s MLW Saturday Night Superfight Review

– Leo Brien defeated Savio Vega @ 7:00 via pin [**]
– Gino Medina defeated Air Wolf @ 4:20 via pin [**]
– Hijo de LA Park defeated Zenshi @ 7:50 via pin [***]
– CONTRA defeated Douglas James & Dominic Garrini & The Spirit Squad @ 7:05 via pin [**½]
MLW Tag Team Title Tornado Tag Match: The Von Erichs defeated Champions The Dynasty @ 9:55 via pin [***]
– Injustice defeated Gringo Loco, Septimo Dragon, and Puma King @ 10:30 via pin [***½]
Middleweight Title Match: Champion Teddy Hart defeated Austin Aries @ 18:45 via pin [***½]
– Low Ki defeated Brian Pillman Jr @ 8:20 via TKO/Ref Stoppage [**½]
– Tom Lawlor defeated Timothy Thatcher @ 15:20 via submission [****]
STAIRWAY TO HELL MATCH: Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc & Bestia 666 @ 14:10 via pin [****]
Openweight Title Match: Alexander Hammerstone defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr @ 13:40 via pin [***]
No DQ MLW Title Match: Champion Jacob Fatu defeated LA PARK @ 20:00 via pin [****]

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– AJ Kirsch & Rich Boccini are on commentary.

Leo Brien vs. Savio Vega: They lock up and quickly separate. Brien takes him to the ropes and they work into counters, but Brien makes the ropes. Brien gets in a cheap shot. Slaps Vega and Vega knocks him to the floor. He follows with chops, back in and Brien cuts him off and lays the boots to him. He then chokes him out and follows with a suplex for 2. Brien grounds the action, and then follows with a big boot. The knee drop follows for 2. Vega fires back, but Brien hits a spear. The slam follows and the second rope elbow misses. Vega follows with clotheslines, strikes and shoves the ref down. Brien hits him with the cow bell and the elbow drop finishes it. Leo Brien defeated Savio Vega @ 7:00 via pin [**] This was ok, but we really didn’t need a ref bump and shenanigans in the opener at all.

– Vega gets his heat back post match with a kendo stick attack.

Gino Medina vs. Air Wolf: Medina was trained by Booker T. They lock up and Medina cradles him for 2. They work into counters and Medina cradles him again for 2. Wolf follows with a head scissors, chops and dropkick for 2. Medina follows with an enziguri for 2. He lays in chops, chokes him out and grounds the action. Wolf fights to his feet, hits a jawbreaker and follows with a 619. The snap German follows, and then a PELE follows. Medina cuts him off, hits a knee strike and soul food for the win. Gino Medina defeated Air Wolf @ 4:20 via pin [**] This was another ok match where Wolf impressed more than the debuting Medina.

– We get a Dynasty video package, with MJF & Holiday being glorious assholes.

– Injustice arrives to do some protesting.

Hijo de LA Park vs. Zenshi: Salina de la Renta is at ringside. Zenshi attacks right away and follows with a dive. Back in and Park cuts him off and follows with a suicide dive. He follows with chops, slams Zenshi to the barricade and lays in chair shots. Park crotches him on the barricade and follows with more chair shots. Back in and Park covers for 2. he follows with kicks, chops and Zenshi then cradles him for 2. Park cuts him off, hits a superkick and covers for 2. Zenshi fires back with leg kicks, a dropkick and slingshot cutter for 2. Salina distracts him, but he ends up hitting a senton atomico for 2. Park fights back, hits the basement dropkick and coves for 2. The powerslam follows and the code red gets 2. They work up top and Park hits the Spanish fly. Zenshi cuts him off with a PELE, heads up top and goes coast to coast and covers for 2. Park cuts him off with a lariat and sunset driver for the win. Hijo de LA Park defeated Zenshi @ 7:50 via pin [***] This was a good little lucha sprint.

– Salina vows that Park will win the title tonight. Contra arrives for the next match.

CONTRA vs. Douglas James & Dominic Garrini vs. The Spirit Squad: James and Doane begin, locking up and Doane hitting a shoulder tackle. James fires back, works the arm and follows with a RANA. Doane cuts him off, Kwon tags in and James hits him with a dropkick. Kwon cuts him off as Gotch attacks Mondo. It completely breaks down, James & Kwon brawl in the ring and Garrini tags in and works over Mondo. The arm bar follows, but Gotch makes the save. Doane tags in and works over Garrini, Mondo tags in and they double team Garrini. The cover follows for 2. Gotch tags in, follows with kicks and follows with the sharpshooter. Garrini counters out and hits an XPLODER. Kwon tags in and follows with kicks, isolates Doane and James tags himself in, follows with kicks and a knee strike. He runs wild and heads up top, and is cut off with an eye poke. Garrini cuts off Mondo, and arm bars Doane and Kwon mists Mondo. Gotch hits the Gotch piledriver and pins Mondo. CONTRA defeated Douglas James & Dominic Garrini & The Spirit Squad @ 7:05 via pin [**½] This was a solid but at times disjointed tag match.

– MJF cuts a pre-match promo, running down the crowd and says the Von Erichs suck, and mocks the claw. Holiday says they are the best way to kickoff a PPV, and says we are breathing rarified air. The Von Erics are fake Texans living in Hawaii.

MLW Tag Team Title Tornado Tag Match: Champions The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holiday) vs. Ross & Marshall Von Erich: The Von Erich arrive and here we go. They take control with dropkicks but the champions cut them off on the floor. MJF nails Marshall with the bell and Holiday follows with an apron bomb. They isolate Ross in the ring and lay the boots to him. The champions follow with double teams and pick up a near fall. The double teams continue on Ross, Ross fires up and runs them together but is cut off right away. The strutting double elbow drops follow for 2. Marshall is back, hits clotheslines and runs wild as Ross joins in. Double cannonballs follow and they continue with double teams and Marshall covers for 2. He heads up top and MJF crotches him, Ross gets the claw on MJF but MJF low blows him. The Dynasty take control and the powerplex follows but Marshall hits a huge moonsault onto the pile to make the save. They dump Holiday, and the double team claw driver finishes MJF. The Von Erichs defeated Champions The Dynasty @ 9:55 via pin [***] They worked a good, basic story, taking out one of the faces and isolating the other with double teams for a long time. The match was good and we have new champions.

– We get a video package where Smith is firing up Pillman for tonight’s match.

Injustice vs. Gringo Loco, Septimo Dragon, and Puma King: Injustice attacks and here we go. They spill to the floor and brawl at ringside. In the ring, Loco & Oliver work into lucha passes and Reed attacks Loco, pulling him to the floor. Dragon in and hits a Spanish fly on Reed. King joins in for double teams and they then work over Kotto. King follows with superkicks, Loco tags in and triple teams follow on Kotto for 2. They then work over Oliver and King follows with a slingshot DDT. He follows with a plancha as Loco hits a suicide dive. Dragon then hits a moonsault onto the pile on the floor. Back in and Reed begs off, Injustice makes the comeback and run wild on Loco, covering for 2. Kotto follows with sling blade for 2. Reed tags back in and double teams follow on Loco. Oliver follows with a dropkick for 2. Loco then counters the RANA into a sitout powerbomb. The faces make the comeback, isolating Reed and Dragon follows with the missile dropkick. King hits a double stomp, and he and Dragon follow with dives. Loco hits split legged moonsault in the ring for 2. Reed counters back with a stunner, but Loco counters the cutter into a tombstone for 2. Kotto makes the save, he and Oliver follow with dives and Reed follows with a cuter onto Loco on the floor. Injustice runs wild and the 450 by Reed finishes it. Injustice defeated Gringo Loco, Septimo Dragon, and Puma King @ 10:30 via pin [***½] This was a really good, all action tag with no bullshit and these guys getting time to do their thing.

Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart vs. Austin Aries: Mr. Velvet the cat is out with Hart; Mr. Velvet is over big. Aries attacks with a suicide dive as hart was attending to Mr. Velvet. He whips Hart to the barricade, follows with chops and back in, Aries heads up top and hits the missile dropkick for 2. He grounds the action, rakes the eyes, heads up top and Hart shoves him to the floor. he follows him out, delivering strikes and chops. Back in and Hart is slow, selling the effects of his previous neck injury. He maintains control, but is slowed. They brawl back to the floor, and they work to the apron. Aries quickly counters into a DVD and Hart is down, selling the neck. The senton atomico follows for 2. Aries grounds the action, working a Muta lock as Hart makes the ropes. Hart fights off the brainbuster, so Aries follows with clubbing shots to the neck. Hart then counters the brainbuster into a stunner for the double down. They trade strikes, Hart follows with uppercuts and a backstabber. The suplex follows for 2. Aries cuts him off with the rolling forearm to the neck, lays in chops and slaps Hart around but Hart counters back into Project Ciampa. The cradled DDT follows for 2. They work up top and Aries hits a sunset bomb for 2. The last chancery follows, Hart fights, crawls and makes the ropes. Aries takes him to the apron, but Hart stuns him off the ropes. Hart follows with the Arabian press to the floor. Back in and Hart takes him up top but Aries crotches him, hits the shotgun dropkick and the bra8nbuste follows…. For 2! Aries is pissed, and argues with the ref. Aries looks for a suicide dive, Hart sidesteps him and Aries eats the barricade. Hart fires up and follows him out, rolls Aries back in and to the apron they go. Aries counters and slips out into the ring and cradles hart for 2. Hart hits the destroyer and retains. Champion Teddy Hart defeated Austin Aries @ 18:45 via pin [***½] The story going in was Aries injuring Hart’s neck to get this match and they played into that well here. The built in story was for Hart to lose and they teased that well, but he ended up being the resilient babyface and overcame the odds to retain; this was very good and different than I expected in a good way.

– Joseph Samael congratulated Hart and say he’s now a marked man, and then tells the Von Erichs they aren’t done with them yet. He promises that Fatu will commit a public execution of LA PARK tonight.

Low Ki vs. Brian Pillman Jr: Pillman is paying tribute to his dad tonight, wearing his Hollywood blondes gear. Ki slaps him and they brawl right away. Pillman slaps him back, and fires up and slaps the shit out of him. Ki rips his shirt off ands lights him up with chops. Pillman fires back, they trade and Pillman follows with kicks. Ki cuts him off with chops and slams him on the floor. back in and Ki follows with kicks, covering for 2. He grounds the action, but Pillman fires up, cuts him off and hits the belly to back suplex. Ki fires back, but Pillman follows with a powerslam for 2. Ki counters the neck breaker, follows with knee strikes and they workup top. Pillman fights back, knocks Ki to the mat and hits a springboard clothesline for 2. Ki fights off the neck breaker, lights up Pillman and Ki hits the tidal crush kick. The ref backs him of and checks on Pillman. Pillman fights to his feet, spits at Ki and Ki hits the rolling Liger kick and the ref calls it off. Low Ki defeated Brian Pillman Jr @ 8:20 via TKO/Ref Stoppage [**½] This was solid, they played the respect angle really well, Ki was great here, but Pillman is still really awkward in the ring at times and needs more work. He’s getting better but needs more work.

– Ki shows Pillman respect post match.

– They announce that MLW will be working with AAA going forward.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Tom Lawlor: They trade strikes, work to he floor as Lawlor works a hanging guillotine. Thatcher slams him to the barricade to escape. Back in and Thatcher works grounded strikes, counters the figure four and follows with kicks and knee strikes. The bow and arrow follows, Lawlor counters out and looks for an arm bar but Thatcher counters and works a half crab. Lawlor rolls into a heel hook, they trade slaps on the mat and continue to grapple around with Lawlor looking for a figure four and getting it, but Thatcher rolls to the ropes. They trade strikes, and Thatcher attacks the arm, but Lawlor powers up and hits an airplane spin into a DVD. Thatcher makes the ropes to escape the choke, picks the ankle and gets an arm bar until Lawlor makes the ropes. The trade strikes, throwing bombs and Thatcher follows with a belly to belly. Lawlor counters back and hits one of his own. Lawlor gets the guillotine on the floor and slams Thatcher to the barricade. He follows with chops, lighting up Thatcher. Back in and Lawlor follows with kicks, Thatcher takes them and Lawlor follows with the corner dropkick. Thatcher cuts him off with slaps, a butterfly suplex and transitions to the arm bar. Lawlor counters out into a German, but Thatcher hits a Saito suplex. Lawlor cuts him off with a lariat, and the filthy tombstone follows for 2. Thatcher counters kamigoye and hits head butts. Lawlor fires back with one of his own, hits a pump handle suplex and covers for 2. The kamigoye follows, and then soccer kicks connect as Lawlor follows with ground and pound. The choke follows and a bloody Thatcher taps. Tom Lawlor defeated Timothy Thatcher @ 15:20 via submission [****] This was dirty, intense, hard-hitting grapplefuck action and it was fucking great; best thing on the show so far.

– Lawlor says he can do anything he wants, and MLW will stay Filthy.

STAIRWAY TO HELL MATCH: Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Bestia 666: Salina is at ringside. Mance charges out and they brawl on the floor to begin. Warner runs wild, eye pokes Havoc and cuts off a Bestia 666 dive with a trashcan shot. He gets a ladder and slides it in. he drinks a beer and Havoc attacks with the staple gun but Mance staples him in the balls. He staples money to Havoc, Havoc fires back and makes a ladder bridge at ringside. Mance then chokeslams him on the ladder, and Bestia 666 attacks. Bestia 666 sets up the ladder, climbs and Havoc joins him. Mance topples over the ladder as he is busted open. He get a door and back in, Bestia 666 fires back on Havoc and slams him onto a ladder. He climbs, Mance cuts him off and follows with strikes. Havoc climbs but gets knocked off and through the door in the corner. Mance is a bloody mess, climbs and gets the barbed wire. Bestia 666 attacks, Havcoc hold him and Bestia 666 uses the barded wire on Mance, He gets a trashcan, lays the wire on it and suplex Mance onto it a havoc dumps Bestia 666 and covers for 2. Bestia 666 takes havoc to the floor, follows with a superkick and covers Mance for 2. Havoc slams Bestia 666 to the commentary table, follows with chair shots and back in the ring. Havoc sets up chairs and Bestia 666 hits a side slam onto the chairs. He climbs the ladder, groin claw by Havoc and slams Bestia 666 into the chairs. Havoc makes a door bridge on the chairs, Mance makes the comeback and Havoc attacks with the wire until Bestia 666 breaks it up. Lariat by Mance, Bestia 666 cuts him off and hits a superkick. The knee strike follows and lays Mance on the door bridge. He heads up top and Mance cuts him off, follows him up and superplexes him through the door for the win. Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc & Bestia 666 @ 14:10 via pin [****] This was a great, blood filled plunder brawl, exactly what was advertised and what it needed to be.

– Post match, Havoc piledrives Mance into a barricade and hits the acid rainmaker.

Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr: They look to go power for power to begin as Smith grounds the action. Hammerstone escapes and Smith grounds him again. He follows with knee strikes, maintaining control. Hammerstone powers up, follows with elbows and strikes. He chokes out Smith and follows with knee strikes. Smith cuts him off, but Hammerstone counters into a stalling suplex Smith pops up and he hits the delayed suplex. To the floor they go, Smith slams him to the barricade and follows with a big boot. Back in and Hammerstone exposes the buckle, attacks the back of Smith and grounds him. Smith hulks up, big boot and leg drop and the cover gets 2. He follows with strikes in the corner, Hammerstone counters back with an enziguri and missile dropkick for 2. Hammerstone heads back up top, but Smith cuts him off and follows him up, and the superplex follows. Smith up top and the flying head butt follows for 2. Hammerstone fires back, hits an XPLODER and covers for 2. Smith fires back, hits a German and Hammerstone pops up and hits one, but Smith pops up and hits rolling Germans for 2. The crossface follows, Hammerstone rolls but Smith hangs on, the Dynasty arrives, Smith gets sent to the exposed buckle and Hammerstone hits the bicycle kick for 2. Hammerstone looks for nightmare pendulum but Smith cradles him for 2, Hammerstone then cradles him with the ropes and retains. Alexander Hammerstone defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr @ 13:40 via pin [***] This was a good, hossy match with a flat finish.

No DQ MLW Title Match: Champion Jacob Fatu vs. LA PARK: Salina & Samael are at ringside. They shove each other and brawl at the bell, they trade Germans and PARK follows with a clothesline and knee strike. The suicide dive follows. Samael attacks and that allows Fatu to take control. Back in and Fatu follows with head butts, strikes and PARK is down. Fatu keeps attacking in the corner, lays in more strikes and a clothesline in the corner. Fatu rips at his mask, Samael spikes PARK and PARK is busted open. Fatu follows with head butts, chokes him out in the ropes and more strikes. They spill to the floor, and Fatu slams him to the barricade. He follows with body shots, whips him to the barricade again and dumps him into the crowd. They continue to brawl, with Fatu controlling. Back to ringside and into the ring. Fatu is dominating now, delivering more strikes and just pummeling PARK in the corner. PARK fires back, and hits the desperation powerslam for 2. Fatu cuts him of with the superkick and back handspring moonsault for 2. They work up top and PARK knocks him off and follows with corkscrew senton for 2. They brawl to the floor, PARK follows with chair shots and slams him to the steps, he breaks the bell over his head and PARK follows with head butts, back in and Fatu is busted open as well. PARK chokes him out in the ropes, follows with corner mounted strikes and whips him with his belt. PARK hits head butts, the crowd is into this as they brawl, Fatu counters back with a run up body attack for 2. he follows with a sweet fucking tope con hello! He gets a table, Samael lays the boots to PARK and Fatu sets up the table in the corner. Back in and Fatu hits a catatonic, and the moonsault misses. PARK crawls and Samael fire balls the ref! Salina is in and slaps him as PARK accidentally spears her through the table! Superkick and Samoan drop by Fatu, the double jump moonsault follows and he retains. Champion Jacob Fatu defeated LA PARK @ 20:00 via pin [****] This was a great, bloody brawl that played into the no DQ stipulation extremely well, featured PARK working hard, Salina finally getting her comeuppance after costing so many for so long and gave us the right winner in Fatu.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 63. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jeremy Lambert break down week five of the Wednesday Night Wars between NXT & AEW, and preview MLW Superfight. The show is approximately 96-minutes long.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
MLW Saturday Night Superfight, MLW’s debut on PPV was an overall good show that started slow with the pre-show but really kicked into gear with the main PPV card, delivering a lot of really good and sometimes great action in a variety of matches. We have new tag team champions, Fatu continues to rule as heavyweight champion, and for $20, MLW delivered a positive first foray into PPV in a really crowded market.