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Eddie Edwards Talks About Who Else Should Have Been In Honor No More

December 20, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Eddie Edwards Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Eddie Edwards spoke recently with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling and shared his thoughts on his history with Honor No More (via Fightful). He mentioned a few names he thinks would have benefited from allying with the faction and also shared some details about his standing against PCO. You can find a few highlights and waatch the complete interview below.

On who he would have liked to see join HNM: “Whenever I think of Ring of Honor, I think of The Briscoes. The Briscoes did come to IMPACT for a bit. They were the IMPACT Tag Champions, but I would have loved if we could have convinced them to join Honor No More. Even a guy that I’ve fought with numerous times over the years, Moose, I would have loved to have Moose come onboard to Honor No More. It just wasn’t in the cards, and in the end, we had who we had, and we did whatever we could do.”

On his current position with PCO: “I haven’t seen him. Where’s he at? Sure, his hand pokes up, but now what? He’s been quiet, hasn’t he? He’s been gone. At this point, I want to bury that part. I need to bury PCO, I need to bury Honor No More, I need to bury this past year and move forward. I just want to look towards the future. That’s what I’m focused on now. So PCO, hopefully he was just tired and stretched his hand out, and he’s gonna stay in that little hole pit that I put him in. But who knows what’s gonna happen down the road? I just want to think about the future.”