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Eric Bischoff Says The Elite’s Attack On Tony Khan Was ‘Horrible’

April 30, 2024 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
The Elite Tony Khan AEW Dynamite 4-24-24 Image Credit: AEW

On the latest episode of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff talked about the angle where The Elite attacked AEW President Tony Khan on the April 24th episode of AEW Dynamite. You can check out some highlights below:

On the Tony Khan attack angle: “If they would have produced this whole angle as kind of like a parody, like the billionaire Ted skits in WWE? If they would have made it a parody of how the nWo started, and my scene in Baltimore where I got jackknife powerbombed off the stage and all that. If they had set this whole scene up as a parody last night, I probably would have been all about it. I would have enjoyed it. At least, it would have been entertaining… If they would have produced that segment — like Saturday Night Live. If Lorne Michaels and the team at Saturday Night Live was going to produce a wrestling skit of the beginning of the nWo, this would have been what they produced. It was so f**king bad, it was parody. It was comedy.

“And the really sad part is they are taking this s**t seriously. They meant that to be a serious angle. It was so f**king horrible… This was, without a doubt, the worst, most horribly produced professional wrestling show for primetime on a major cable outlet in the last — maybe forever years. It is, you can’t you cannot be honest — because you’re smarter than I am. You really are, and I acknowledge that. I have no problem acknowleding that. There are a lot of people out there that are smarter than me, f**k. I’m happy with who I am. I think I’ve got adequate intelligence, fairly vast amount of experience. And I know that you’re smarter than I am. But as someone who is smarter than I am and watches wrestling much more closely than I do right now, you can honestly tell me that wasn’t the worst television you’ve ever seen in modern primetime cable television viewing.”

On showing the All In footage as the setup for the angle: “Showing that footage makes sense, I’ll give you that. I mean, in the sense that okay, there was at least a reason that we can understand to do it. I get that, and I agree. It doesn’t change the fact that it was a f**king horrible idea to show the footage. Yes, there was a reason for it. The reason for it is to lay out this f**king horrible angle that’s not going to get anybody over. And I don’t want to skip over the part, because we’re talking about the end of the show? The entire show was the s**ts, some of it worse than others. I would refer to it as indieriffic, but that would be an insult to every indie promoter around the world.

“This — and I’m not going to blame the talent. Like the talent, everybody on that roster is doing what they can to advance their personal careers and represent their company, and that’s what they should do. That’s what, as a professional, if you don’t do that, you get no respect for me and probably won’t get much for anybody else who ever worked for me. So I’m not blaming the talent. The talent is taking advantage of an opportunity — probably in most cases the biggest opportunity they’ve ever had. In other cases, the only opportunity they have left. And there’s nothing wrong in either situation for doing your best, trying your best and going out there and taking advantage of that opportunity. So I’m not going to beat up on talent. And there’s some great talent on that show. But the way this show was formatted, the insight into the inner workings of Tony Khan’s creative mind, is right there for us all to see.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit 83 Weeks with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.