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Freddie Prinze Jr. Says AEW Has No Leadership, Warns That If Tony Khan Doesn’t Fix Things, Triple H Will Run Away With Wrestling Business

September 7, 2022 | Posted by Ashish
Tony Khan AEW Image Credit: AEW

On the latest edition of Wrestling With Freddie, Freddie Prinze Jr. discussed all the backstage drama from AEW All Out, including CM Punk trashing Hangman Page, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega while seated next to AEW owner Tony Khan at the post-show media scrum. Prinze Jr. said that Punk making those types of comments with Khan seated right next to him indicated that AEW is lacking leadership. Highlights from his comments are below.

On how CM Punk’s comments took away the attention from the Punk vs. MJF feud: “This should have been the return of MJF, he’s going against CM Punk which is the best storyline in wrestling in the last 20 friggin’ years, and because of a bunch of backstage bullshit, everybody’s talking about guys that aren’t even wrestling for the friggin’ championship. They’re not talking about this storyline. MJF was a friggin’ afterthought which is disgusting.”

On how maybe the backstage brawl may be the best way to resolve this: “He sounds a lot like John Cena when CM Punk was saying a lot of shit that people didn’t like, which is kind of weird. However, he said it, if you have a problem with me, come confront me, he needs to do the exact same thing, I hope he is. Apparently there was some confrontation backstage which is, I think, the only good part of this whole thing, because hopefully they can have the fists, beat each other’s ass, and then it’s done.”

On how AEW needs someone backstage that everyone universally respects: “It’s bad there, there is no leadership. He’s saying stuff in front of his boss that is making Tony like cringe and become this shrinking violet, and that’s his boss. So there is no leadership backstage. Things have to be a mess back there. They have to find someone that everyone universally respects that, not have a wrestler’s court, or maybe that’s what they need, is a wrestler’s court. They have one of their EVPs, which is Adam Page, says he doesn’t need advice, he doesn’t take advice. I know a lot of actors that talked like that in their 20s.”

On his friends in AEW telling him it sucks backstage: “I have a couple of friends who work there who just say it sucks backstage. They need leadership, or someone from the outside that is in a position of power above the EVPs that ain’t having this, or at least can bring people together and say, hash it out right now, even if that means you guys have to throw some punches.”

“I don’t know what’s going on there but if they don’t get their shit together, Triple H is going to run away with the wrestling business.”

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