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Jay Lethal Is Hyped For His AEW Full Gear Match With Jeff Jarrett

November 14, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Jay Lethal ROH Supercard of Honor Image Credit: ROH

In a recent appearance on The Kurt Angle Show, Jay Lethal talked about moving from ROH to AEW and how much he has enjoyed working alongside other talent for the company (via Fightful). He also spoke about his upcoming match alongside Jeff Jarrett when the pair face off against Darby Allin and Sting at AEW Full Gear. You can read some highlights from Lethal and listen to the full episode below.

On why he loves being part of AEW: “Well, to say I’m excited about being in AEW is an understatement. I’m getting to, on-screen, work with my best friend in life, Sonjay Dutt, there’s this adage that it doesn’t feel like work. I get to go there and, and perform with my best friend. How can I call this work? But I can because it’s an amazing job that I have. From the moment I got to AEW, I had known and met a lot of those people throughout my travels and on the road. So when I got there, it felt so welcoming and it felt like home because I had known everybody there were only a few faces that I hadn’t met. And now that I’ve met them, we’re friends too. So being a part of AEW is awesome.”

On why he’s looking forward to wrestling with Jeff Jarrett: “I’m really excited because — the feedback from when I teamed with Jeff at the last match against Flair everybody was so impressed with Jeff. They were like, ‘Wow, he can still go, he’s in great shape.’ So I’m excited to bring that onto a stage like AEW so that more people can see that he can still go, he is a great heel, and he still has a lot more to offer. Also, Jeff’s working behind the scenes with AEW helping with international markets and some other things that they’re doing, which is cool, too. Because AEW is just on this upward trend and the more help we can get the better. Just so that wrestling as a whole is surviving and doing well. So yeah, I’m excited. I get to wrestle Sting again! Darby and Sting. I get to wrestle Darby again, which I’ve had tremendous — I feel like every interaction I’ve had with him has been a homerun. For me personally, I don’t know how he feels, or everybody else but me personally walking away, when I feel like I hit a home run. I love that interaction, then sometimes I don’t care what other people think, which is, you know, sometimes you got to do that. Otherwise, you’ll go crazy, right.”

On his history with Sting: “I get to work with Sting alongside Jeff and this is going to be insane. I got to wrestle with Sting a long time ago, he took a liking to me because he’s he got to work with Savage and Flair both and I can pretend to be both of them, and I can say things to him that they have said in the past and he thinks it’s so funny. He loves it. Man Sting is — what a wonderful person. So I get to work with both these guys on pay-per-view and I can’t believe that years before that, I was playing with their action figures, and they were both beating Kurt Angle [laughs].”