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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.17.22

November 17, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling 11-17-22 Violent By Design Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.17.22  

Hello, everyone and welcome to our live Impact Wrestling coverage on 411! I’m Jeremy Thomas, stepping in for Himanshu tonight as he has some personal things taking his time tonight. Impact is just a day away from their Over Drive Impact! Plus event, and we have a big show tonight as Sami Callihan vs. Eric Young will try to make each other bleed in a Double Jeopardy Match! Plus, PJ Black battles Black Taurus in a semifinal match for the X-Division Championship tournament and Tommy Dreamer and Steve Maclin fight under Old School Rules.

In addition, a four-team match will pit The Motor City Machine Guns, Aussie Open, Bullet Club, and Mahabali Shera & Raj Singh against each other, while and Rich Swann takes on Laredo Kid and Jessicka fights Tasha Steelz. That’s a stacked card, so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We get a recap of Chelsea Green’s match with Mickie James and Deonna Purazzo being booted, which led to Taylor Wilde helping Mickie get the win. Chelsea then goes “home” afterward. We also see Zickie Dice get beat by Bully Ray and Moose low blow Bully before spearing him through the table, which leads to the Tables Match challenge. Finally, we get a recap of Gisele Shaw’s match with Jordynne Grace which led to Grace winning but Masha taking her out after.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (aka Title Sequence)

* The show starts with Crazzy Steve talking about the chill in the air and the sound of hearts collectively beating as fast as war drums. He tells Vega so brace themselves for the barrage that is Black Taurus.

X-Division Championship Tournament Semifinal Match
Black Taurus vs. PJ Black

Circle to start and a lockup, Taurus with a headlock. He’s shot into the ropes and runs Black over, back into the ropes and some counter wrestling, trip and cover by both men for less than one, into armdrags. Black rushes into Taurus’ arms and monkey flips him. Charge into the corner, he gets put on the top and Taurus smacks him onto the apron. Black with a shot to the head and goes for a springboard but gets knocked down. Taurus goes for a baseball slide but Black gets in the ring and DIVES onto Taurus!

Black moves up the ramp and takes aim, he flips up onto Taurus and drops him with a sitdown splash. Black back in the ring as the ref counts, Steve gets Taurus hyped up and Taurus is back in right into stomps from Black. Springboard moonsault but Taurus moves, then shoves Black into the ropes. He somersaults over, kicks Black, powerslam for two.

Taurus whipped into the corner but he comes out with a bulldog on Black. Sling Blade and cover for two. Irish whip, pop up Samoan drop for another two-count! Taurus throws Black into the ropes but Black turns a pop-up into a double knee stomp. Big splash off the top for two.

Black charges in the corner, Taurus goes up top — Spanish Fly! Cover but a nearfall. Taurus and Black start trading blows, into the ropes, double lariat and both men are down. They’re both slow to get up, they start trading punches and chops and kicks. Black takes over with kicks including a spin kick to the back of the head, off the ropes RIGHT into a headbutt! Destination Hellhole finishes it.

Winner: Black Taurus (6:18)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: A bit overly choreographed here, but it wasn’t bad. It had a few good moments, with the expected Taurus advancement to the finals against Trey Miguel.

* Scott D’Amore is presiding over the contract signing with Josh Alexander and Frankie Kazarian backstage. Alexander gets the contract and tells Frankie that he respects him as a competitor and a man. He says Frankie is one of his idols and he’s looking forward to the match. Frankie gets the contract and signs it, saying that he appreciates Josh saying that and has nothing but respect toward Josh. The way Josh has carried himself as a champion, man, husband and father makes him proud. He says Alexander successfully exrecised Option C and that’s what he plans to do. He hates that he has to cash in on Alexander but that’s what he’s gonna do.

Alexander says he appreciates that but it’s not going to happen. Kazarian says that Alexander needs to learn as a champion that hardships happen. He mentions Alexander’s family and Josh’s wife gets involved in the arguing. Things turn heated until Kazarian and his wife leave.

* Outside the room, Alexander and Kazarian come to each other and Frankie apologizes for things getting heated. Bully Ray comes in and says he’s not trying to make things worse and he’s glad to see Kazarian, one of the few faces he remebers from here. He says the match means a lot to both of them and says that he wants to tell Kazarian, just like he told Alexander, that he’ll call his shot after the match. Kazarian laughs and says that he can’t trust Bully. Bully leaves and Kazarian says that Alexander can’t trust Bully. Alexander asks why it matters and he doesn’t need everyone telling him who he needs to trust. He gets that Bully is a huge threat. Kazarian tells Alexander to talk to Dreamer — but after tomorrow night, it probably won’t matter.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Aussie Open vs. Bullet Club vs. Mahabali Shera & Raj Singh

Kyle Fletcher starts off the match with Ace Austin. They lockup and XXX gets a waistlock, which turns into some counterwrestling. Fletcher snaps Austin’s arm over his shoulder and they trade holds, with Austin ending up in a headlock. Fletcher throws him off but gets hit with an armdrag. Austin tags in Bey6 and kicks FLetcher in the head, Whisper in the Wind from Bey, double stomp to the back and Bey covers for two.

Shot to the head of Fletcher, Austin tags in. Fletcher is thrown into the turnbuckle and slammed down for a double backbreaker. Fletcher comes back with a bodyslam and Raj Singh tags in, knocking Fletcher out of the ring as Austin takes it to Singh but gets a snake eyes into the turnbuckle. Stomps by Raj, tag to Shera and Austin into the ropes for a drop toehold and elbowdrop. Shera manhandles Austin and tags in Singh, whipping him into Austin and then splashing Austin. FLatliner from Singh, cover but Alex Shelley breaks it up. Suplex to Austin as we go to break.

We’re back with Shera spearing Austin in the corner. He goes for a back suplex but Ace slips out and tags in Sabin! Sabin and Shelley jab away at Singh who also tagged in, Singh gets dropped. Austin charges in but gets kicked, up on the shoulders, Ace slides down, Shelly comes in and Sabin with an RKO. The Guns clear the ring, dropkick to Singh, Shera goes for a double chokeslam but they slid out, Shera off the ropes and runs them over. Davis is in now and they hit a couple superkicks on Shera and knock him out of the ring. Aussie Open grab the Guns and slam them into each other!

Sabin up on Davius’ shoulder but he slides off into the corner, Austin tags in and takes out Fletcher. Bay in now, Davis hits a one-arm powerbomb on Bey! And a slam on Austin! They wipe out Bey, assisted cutter and cover for a nearfall. Aussie Open go to take out Bey, they have to pause to take out Sabin on the apron, Bey is able to recover enough to rana Davis! Austin kicks Fletcher, and he’s calling for the tag! He dives WHILE tagging Austin! Finesse to Fletcher, The Fold, that’s it.

Winner: Bullet Club (13:03)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: This had some wild moments, I loved the dive with the tag and the rest of the finishing sequence in particular. It was chaotic but smoothly executed on the whole, and you’d expect nothing less from these guys.

* Rosemary says the Witching Hour is here and asks Taya where Jessicka is. Taya says the last place she saw Jessicka was last week, though she saw her on TikTok where she’s doing a dance. Rosemary says it’s horrible, and Taya agrees but says that if Jessicka isn’t here tonight she talked to Scott and can take Jessicka’s place. Rosemary says Jessicka better be here tomorrow.

* We get a quick ad for Over Drive, followed by a video from Jordynne Grace after last week’s Impact where she says Masha has learned nothing after losing their last match. She says if Masha wants a title shot, all she has to do is ask. And if Masha wants to use weapons, she’s okay with that. She proposes a Last Woman Standing stipulation for their match at Over Drive.

Tasha Steelz vs. Taya Valkyrie

Taya is taking Jessicka’s place after all. I like Jessicka, but I’m not complaining here. Taya accidentally knees the cameraman during her entrance, which is legitimately hilarious.

Taya starts off with kicks to Tasha and sends her across the ring into the opposing turnbuckle. Chop and then some kicks in the ring, clothesline and cover for two. Steelz sent headfirst into the turnbuckle, a short clothesline and then a splash. She backs up, charges in for the double knees, cover for two.

Splash attempt but Tasha moves, she hits a Codebreaker for two and then lays into Taya with mounted punches. Tasha goes for a cutter but is sent into the ropes, Taya blocks it and goes for Road to Valhalla. Tasha rolls through but Taya sits on her for three.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie (2:20)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: Barely a match, RIP Tasha.

Tasha attacks after the bell and Savannah Evans and Rosemary come in. The challengers are in control — AND HERE COMES JESSICKA with a beer hat on! She climbs into the ring and clotheslines Tasha and Savannah down. Jabs to the two and a Dusty Elbow to the head of Tasha. She throws Tasha into Evans in the corner and splashes them. The Death Dolls celebrate.

* Alexander walks up to Dreamer and asks him about Bully Ray. Dreamer says when you wrestle a guy long enough you have a weird bond. He points out that Bully has a scar from him and Bully broke Beulah’s neck, but they forgave him. Dreamer says he trusts Bully and Alexander can too.

* From last week: Trey Miguel talks about his attack at the hands of Kenny King last week and said when he’s done getting his back adjusted, he plans on taking back his X-Division title at Impact Over Drive.

Old School Rules Match
Steve Maclin vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Maclin lockup and Maclin takes over with a knee and a bodyslam, Dreamer dodges the elbowdrop. Dreamer with a shoulderlock but gets pushed into the ropes, Maclin with a shot and gets Irish whipped for an armdrag. Dreamer clotheslines Maclin over the ropes and goes over with him. Dreamer under the ring for cookie sheets to bash Maclin in the head with, then pulls back the ring padding to expose the floor. He gets a drink from the crowd and nails Maclin with it, going for piledriver on the floor but Maclin fights out, pushes Dreamer into the ringpost and elbowdrops him on the floor. Maclin back in, covers but only gets one.

Maclin with a knee to the spine of Dreamer and a chinlock, Dreamer fights out and comes off the ropes into a high knee. Maclin to the outside and tosses some chairs into the ring along with a plastic dustpan. He enters with a kendo stick but Dreamer knocks him down. Chair gets set up by Dreamer, he jabs away at Maclin and Dusty elbows him into the chair. Crossbody to Maclin through the chair for two.

Dreamer now goes to the second rope and goes for a clumsy elbowdrop, but Maclin moves and Dreamer lands on the chair. Maclin nails Dreamer in the leg and back with the kendo stick, he swings and Dreamer moves — side Russian legsweep with the stick. Shots from Dreamer to Maclin with the stick but Maclin hits an Olympic slam for two.

Dreamer manages to choke Maclin with the stick for a few, but Maclin escapes. Dreamer goes outside and throws the garbage can into the ring, right into Maclin’s head. Dreamer gets a water bottle out of the trash can and drinks some, then splashes the water and some Chinese food into Maclin’s face. Dreamer up in the corner for a few punches and a bite to the forehead. He drops down and charges in, Maclin nails him but Dreamer with a cutter for two.

Dreamer puts the garbage can between the ropes and climbs out of the ring, he pulls out a table. Dreamer calls for someone at ringside, it’s Mr. Impact who helps Dreamer get the table into the ring. Dreamer nails Maclin and sets the table in the corner, he gets Maclin on his shoulders but Maclin slides down and slams Dreamer into Schroedinger’s trash can. KIA into the chairs, cover for three.

Winner: Steve Maclin (8:10)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: As a hardcore match this was okay I guess. But really, we do not need Dreamer wrestling in 2022. I’m sorry, I love Tommy but we just don’t.

Bully Ray makes the save for Dreamer from further attack, but Moose attacks Bully Ray. Maclin and Moose team up to beat on Bully, Maclin sets up the table and they pick him up to put him through the table but Alexander is in for the save! He takes out Maclin and Moose with suplexes and they’re out of the ring. Bully has the title and Alexander turns to see him with it. He looked like he was gonna hit him with it, but they instead grab Maclin and put him through the table. Bully grabs the title, Alexander grabs the Call Your Shot trophy, and Alexander hands the trophy over. Bully Ray holds onto the title, but slowly hands it over.

* Gia is here with Masha Slamovich for her first interview here. Gia asks Masha about her loss to Grace, and Masha says in Russian that only a little girl would ask that. Gia knows nothing about fighting and nothing at all. For almost a year she fought and beat almost everyone here, and the loss was one day so forget about it. Gia asks where Masha’s been since BFG, and Masha says it’s a question only an idiot would ask. She’s not a fighter and doesn’t understand what needs to be done. Gia asks about the Last Knockout Standing match and what5 she expects to come out of that match. Masha says, “Death.”

Laredo Kid vs. Rich Swann

Laredo Kid charges to start but Swann moves. Some acrobatics end in a rana from Kid, who then kicks Swann and hits a cutter that sends Swann out of the ring. Kid up the turnbuckle and dives onto Swann on the outside!

Back in the ring, Kid charges in with a punch to Swann in the corner, followed by a Michinoku Driver and a senton and then moonsault off the corner for two. Kid stomps Swann and then goes up top again, moonsault but Swann gets the knees up. Swann recovers a bit and kicks a charging Kid in the head, neckbreaker from Swann and a leapfrog mule kick for two.

Swann goes up to the second rope, 450 splash but Kid moves, high German suplex and kick from Kid! Kid up top, FROG SPLASH! Cover for a nearfall.

Kid with some shoulders to the gut in the corner and a palm strike, he sets Swann on the top and goes up. Swann pushes him off, Swann dives but rolls through when Kid ducks — springboard cutter by Swann for two-plus! 450 splash, cover for three.

Winner: Rich Swann (3:40)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: As good as a match that is less than four minutes can be.

* Mickie James walks up to Taylor Wilde and is exicted for their match at Over Drive, but she has been stewing on the situation from last week because she asked Wilde not to come out. Wilde says she didn’t want James’ career to end because of Purrazzo — then says if anyone’s going to end it, it’ll be her.

* We get a video montage recapping Kazarian’s X-Division Title win and challenge of Josh Alexander, exercising Option C. Alexander says in voiceover he respect Kazarian because he’s never satisfied, and Kazarian says this is his chance to cement his legacy and he needs it more than anything in his career. We get a recap of the contract signing from earlier getting heated. Kaz says if he doesn’t win the World Title — he has to win. Alexander says he’s the Iron Man of Impact and the Standard, and Kazarian won’t have satisfaction after Over Drive. It’ll just be disappointment.

* Tom Hannifan runs down the Over Drive card, then this week’s NJPW on AXS TV.

Double Jeopardy Match
Eric Young vs. Sami Callihan

Violent By Design attack Callihan during his entrance, with Deaner delivering repeated headbutts to Callihan. Callihan is already bleeding, and he gets stomped down to the stage by Deaner.

We’re back and Callihan is in the ring, saying to ring the damn bell. Young goes on the attack and hits a DVD but Callihan rolls out to the apron and gets stomped to the floor. Young comes out and grabs Sami, slam into the apron before wrenching on his head. Young glares at the crowd who are chanting for Sami and picks him up, Sami with a water bottle shot to the head. Chop by Callihan, Young fires back and knocks Sami down. He grabs Sami and goes for a suplex, but Sami blocks it and hits his own suplex on the outside.

Sami back to his feet and grabs a photo out of a garbage can for a paper cut to the corner of the mouth! Sami rakes YOung’s back and locks in a side headlock, but Young back suplexes him onto the apron. Elbow to the head follows, and another. A third elbow to the head before Young yells at the audience, then gets on the apron to boot choke Sami against the apron. Elbow drop off the apron.

Young back up onto the apron and stomps Sami in the head. Sami to his knees and gets kicked, but Sami wants more. Fist to the head, responded by a chop. Young with an eye rack, Young goes for a piledriver but Sami blocks it and eye gouges Young, then bits his forehead! DVD onto the apron! Young is now busted open as we go to break.

We’re back and Callihan bites Young’s forehead some more. Sami grabs Young and squeezes it into the ringpost. Young fires back with punches to break free and pulls Sami shoulder-first into the ring post. Sami fires back with one of his own, they’re trading shoulder smashes into the post. Young grabs Sami, he goes for a piledriver on the outside but Sami reverses with a back bodydrop.

Callihan goes into the garbage can and empties it, then throws the can into the ring. He rolls EY in and gets hit in the leg with the trash can as he enters. Young waffles him with the trash can and then locks in a kneebar. Sami almost gets counted with his shoulders on the mat but pops up at two — and he turns it into a figure four! Young gets a two-count before lifting his shoulders.

EY breaks the hold and kicks Sami in the face to get fully free. EY with a crawling headbutt, Sami responds. They get back to their feet, Sami with a chop, Young with a punch. They trade blows and then repeatedly headbutt each other until they drop down.

Young finally gets back to his feet, as does Sami. Young comes off the ropes and hits a piledriver, cover for almost three. Young up, he goes for the piledriver again but Sami gets free and grabs the junk! Cactus Driver ’97, cover for two and a half! Callihan up and he nails Young repeatedly in the head with the garbage can lid, Cactus Driver ’97 and that’s it.

Winner: Sami Callihan (14:04)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: If you like hardcore matches, this one was quite good. It obviously won’t be for everyone, but it was effective in what it tried to accomplish.

VbD come out to the ring and climb in as Sami leaves, staring at Young. Young looks up at the three, and they look at each other uncertain as we go to black.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Average
The 411
As a go-home show for Impact Over Drive, this was moderately effective. Outside of the main event match though, it wasn't the most memorable show and even that won't be to everyone's taste. We did have a couple of pretty solid bouts between that and the four-way tag team match, and the Masha interview was fun. The attempt to generate heat for Alexander vs. Kazarian with that contract segment seemed forced. It's a show that Impact fans will definitely want to check out, but it's not must-see viewing overall.

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