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Joey Janela & Dash Wilder Get Into Twitter Exchange, Joke About Enzo Fight & Saudi Arabia Flight Delay

November 3, 2019 | Posted by Ashish

Dash Wilder and Joey Janela got into a back and forth on Twitter tonight while both were at UFC 244. The exchange featured Wilder referencing the legit fight between Janela and Enzo outside of a Blink-182 concert last summer.

After Janela tweeted a photo from UFC 244, a fan responded with: “Find @DashWilderWWE and shoot an angle!”

Janela replied with: “Is he the bald one or the one with hair? I’ll say hello if I see him”

Wilder replied: “Please don’t.”

Janela replied: “The claw is on me pal! 🙌🏻”

A fan replied: “Dash is the one with the nice booty”

Janela replied: “Cool, I’ll look for the booty with the tennis racket imprints on it, thanks!”

Wilder replied: “I’ll look for the face that’s running away with Enzo’s hand imprint on it”

Scott Dawson then got involved, saying: “I’m the one with racket imprints on my ass, anyways. Get it right.”

Janela then replied: “I offer you a claw as a bridge of peace and you Unfortunately acted very rude, Shame that you guys weren’t stuck in Saudi for another 3 days….”