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March 9, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Contract Signing

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Hey guys, I’m back after one week on the shelf and it’s a great episode to return to. This is our go-home show for Sacrifice, which Scott D’Amore claims to make a major announcement towards the main event title defense of Rich Swann against Moose. X-Division personalities, Chris Bey and Ace Austin collide in a fresh matchup and The Good Brothers seal the deal and make their interpromotional title bout official, against Finjuice.


Fire n’ Flava defend their title belts against Jordynne Grace and Jazz this Saturday at Sacrifice. We have a nice Sacrifice graphic on the entrance screen. It’s the little things that count. The match starts slow, with Tasha avoiding the ring. Tasha gains confidence outwrestling Jazz on the mat, causing Jazz to up her game. Tasha goes off on Jazz with strikes in the corner finishing with a jumping neckbreaker for a two count. They go back and forth as Tasha hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Jazz fights back with a Samoan drop but eats a codebreaker. Jazz crushes her with a sit-out powerslam as Kiera gets on the apron. Grace at ringside takes care of that. Jazz secures the STF to score a win.


This match was pretty good actually. My expectations were pretty low but they managed to put on a fun sprint and Tasha looked great, making for a better Jazz performance.

Trey Miguel is walking backstage and sees Sam. Sam is loyal to Sami Callihan and repeats his words to Trey, accusing him of losing passion. Trey invites him to the ring tonight to settle their differences.

We get a very good video looking at the feud between Rich Swann and Moose, which has been well-built.


Rohit is reunited with his former Desi Hit Squad mate, Shera. Once upon a time Shera was Khoya, a member of The Revolution, led by James Storm, who finds himself reunited with one of his greatest rivals Chris Sabin, part of the Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns feud. There’s your TNA history lesson and preview for this bout. Sabin and Rohit start things off hot. Sabin and Storm work together to batter Rohit, who already needs a tag. Shera enters to clash with the familiar face in Storm. Shera blasts Storm with a big boot, as they get into a pretty nice exchange. Sabin comes in to double team the big man as we head to a break. Rohit and Shera have gained the advantage during the break. largely thanks to the power that Shera brings. Sabin tries to fight both men off but quickly opts for the tag to Storm. The Cowboy nails a spinebuster and hands the tag to Sabin, where they destroy Rohit. Rohit fights back as things get chaotic. Shera and Rohit start arguing, allowing Sabin to capitalize. Storm and Sabin hit an amazing combo leading to a Cradle Shock for a victory.



This was a good match thanks to the incredible tag team work from Sabin and Storm. The sequence at the end was great, and shows that Beer Guns is gaining chemistry. Rohit looked good as well and Shera did his thing. Good little tag match here, my kind of match.

Violent by Design is doing some sketchy stuff backstage as James Storm and Chris Sabin approach. Storm acknowledges the abuse towards Deaner, who suddenly snaps and attacks them. Very eerie segment here with music and lighting. I’m interested to see how Violent by Design goes.

Brian Myers storms into D’Amore’s office, pushing for Eddie Edwards to be erased from IMPACT. D’Amore books a Hold Harmless match between Myers and Edwards for Sacrifice. He describes that this means that there are no rules.


Callihan makes his cool entrance talking about the packed crowd at the IMPACT Zone, and how they think Trey is a quitter. Sami Callihan introduces Trey’s trainee, and his new protoge Sam Beale. Hardcore mullet on Beale who clubs Trey in the back. Trey locks eye contact with Callihan as he makes Beale tap quickly. Trey Miguel comes towards Callihan on the ramp who uses his phone to teleport to the ring and piledrive Beale, and teleport out. Wow.


This was fine I suppose. I feel that it was a bit overacted for my taste but then again, there is a dude teleporting and playing mind games, so I would be freaking out too. This angle is different, but I’m still waiting for it to really pick up.

Sabin and Storm are fired up vowing to hurt them at Sacrifice. Jake Something offers to be at ringside for them to even things up.

The AEW paid ad airs reviewing their Revolution PPV which was off the charts and explosive. Tony Khan mentions how Kenny Omega is terrible at building exploding rings.

D’Amore leaves The Good Brothers and FinJuice to sign their contract. They agree to some shots of Talk n Shop Bourbon Whiskey. They dive in for round two as FinJuice attempts to match the champs by going for number three. They sign the papers, splash some whiskey, and brawl in classic contract signing fashion.


These two have never fought aside from a quick Xplosion match a few years ago before Bey was on the roster. Ace Austin immediately fetches a chair so Fulton can be comfortable at ringside. Fulton pouts in his chair as Ace and Bey lock up. Bey pressures Ace on the mat but Ace fights back, controlling Bey with standing holds. Both men known for being flashy, remain grounded and intense. Ace unloads some heavier moves but Bey is still fresh. Bey knocks Ace to the floor and meets him with a flip. Fulton wants to snap and take out Bey but Ace keeps him seated. Ace flips into ring from the apron, and comes back out with a Fosbury Flop. Back inside, Ace hits his double springboard kick which looks smoother than ever. A beautiful seamless exchange ends with a Bey Code Red for a near fall. Ace attempts a quick pinfall but ends up dealing some heavy damage with a springboard senton. Ace reveals his playing card and attempts The Fold, which Bey evades. More fantastic exchanges between the two as Bey creates separation and heads to the top. Ace hits a spinning back kick and clocks him. From the top, Bey dumps Ace back first onto the apron as we head to a break from what has been a very good match. We return to them trading shots from their knees as Ace gains the advantage. Ace sets Bey up on the second rope, allowing Bey to recover and fight back. He shoots for the Art of Finesse but misses and settles for the Vertebaker. Very close near fall on that one as Bey gets frustrated. Ace eats a DDT but avoids the Art of Finesse once more, heading outside. Bey comes towards Ace on the outside where Fulton meets him. Ace taps him on the back and Fulton ducks where Ace kicks Bey in the face. TJP comes down to the stage taking a seat, distracting Ace. Back inside, Ace sets up the fold but Bey counters with a cutter and the Art of Finesse to win.


That match was great and everything you would want it to be. Ace largely controlled the match with Bey attempting to hit his bombs and eventually securing it with some assistance. Ace Austin is lighting it up this year and Bey isn’t far behind. A big upset win for Bey.

We hit up Swinger’s Palace where TJP collects his wager on Bey. Josh Alexander reminds TJP that he has his eyes on his title.

Rohit is heated with Shera who has no patience for this. He says he does not owe him anything, and tosses him.


Susan is not having a good time early on as ODB unloads with chops. ODB hits a Bronco Buster, followed by a fall away slam, leading to a commercial. We return to see Susan attempting a low blow which fails. ODB hits her dirty dozen and a chest press for a near fall. Susan avoids ODB and attempts a Full Nelson which is ineffective. Susan starts getting angry and yanks ODB’s hair. Susan fetches ODB’s flask and empties it. Now things are personal and ODB snaps and puts her away. ODB gets the dub but Deonna and Kimber attack immediately. Jazz and Jordynne come down and clean house. Fire n’ Flava make their way down to ring and do the same. All of the champions stand tall.


This match was not good, nor did I expect it to be. Honestly there is not much to say other than the Knockouts division needs a spark.

We go to D’Amore’s office where he prepares his announcement. Moose is already in the ring acknowledging this. He invites the boss to share the news. Back in his office, he tells a man in a suit that he will go share the news with the world. D’Amore finally makes his way down to the ring. His first order of business is introducing the World Champion Rich Swann to the ring. D’Amore says that two world titles is one too many, and the TNA World Title is now on the line as well. The Unified Champion will go on to Rebellion, for an additional Title vs. Title match against AEW’s Kenny Omega. We see Don Callis backstage on the phone ensuring that things are going as planned.

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