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January 13, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE NXT Johnny Gargano Dexter Lumis

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Candice LeRae vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Quick start to Shotzi, who overwhelms Candice and hits a cross body off the top before working a rolling armbar style move. They end up jockeying for position on the mat with Shotzi gaining the first real upper hand. When Candice is sent outside, Indi Hartwell gets in Shotzi’s face, allowing Candice to escape. She then hits a baseball slide and springboard splash heading into break. Candice holds serve throughout the break and Shotzi starts to rally with a barrage of kicks and a rope-hung senton for two. A DDT on the apron allows Shotzi to then take out both Candice and Indi with a tope suicida. Inside, Shotzi is knocked into the turnbuckle and Candice gets two on a short superkick. Shotzi blocks the quebrada but gets put in the Gargano Escape. Shotzi finds a way out with some unique offense. She hits a corner knee and ads a second DDT. Indi gets on the apron as Shotzi climbs, so she boots her off. It opens the door for Candice to climb up and win with a top rope swinging neckbreaker.

Winner: Candice LeRae in 11:05

The Brand arrives at the arena.

Finn Balor is in the ring when we return. He talks about how the only difference from TakeOver is that now Kyle is eating his meals through a straw. The Brand interrupts when Finn mentions a next challenger. Pete Dunne talks, saying he knew their paths would cross. He’s the poster boy for UK wrestling and the only reason is because Pete hasn’t taken that title or the NXT Title from him yet. He’s not waiting in line anymore. They all hit the ring and Finn fights them off but the numbers game is too much. Kyle O’Reilly shockingly runs in to make the save but he also takes a beating. The Undisputed Era run out to send them packing. Finn stares down UE before leaving alone.

Johnny Gargano is interviewed and praises Candice. He says he will beat Dexter Lumis tonight and then The Way will win both Dusty Cups. Austin Theory comes up to him with pictures drawn by Lumis that depict both of them in comedic fashion. Gargano storms off.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: Ever-Rise vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

William Regal gave this a nice intro on the tron. I still don’t know who is who in Ever-Rise or even remember their individual names, so bear with me. GYV has the early upper hand but once Ever-Rise sends Drake outside, they do a loud “EVER-RISE RULES” shout. Gibson talks strategy to Drake and tags in. That turns it around and leads to  GYV hitting an elbow/backbreaker combo from the inside to the outside. I hear that the Ever-Rise guy getting isolated is named Parker. He gets dominated and Drake desperately holds him to prevent the tag. He still gets it and Martel comes in hot, hitting both opponents with strikes and chops. They hit a tandem popup spear but Gibson breaks up the pin. A Drake dropkick stems from GYV’s impressive chemistry. Gibson is tagged for Ticket to Mayhem to advance.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans in 7:58

A vignette airs to hype Raquel Gonzalez, who says there’s a new baddest bitch in NXT.

Shotzi Blackheart is interviewed about earlier. She knows that Candice and Indi are in the Dusty Cup and she needs a partner that she trusts. Someone she went to war with. Ember Moon steps into the picture and says they’re going to make history as the first Women’s Dusty Cup winners.

Dexter Lumis vs. Johnny Gargano

Johnny has the drawing and rips it up, prompting Dexter to level him. They go at it and Dexter scares him off by crawling towards him. Johnny goes outside and Dexter crawls to follow, freaking out Johnny. He kicks him but runs into a leaping uppercut. Johnny manages to turn the tide heading into commercial. Johnny is in control as we return, putting his target on Lumis’ back. He starts to rally and hits a belly to back suplex among other offense. Johnny gets two on a crucifix and then adds a kick to the head. Lumis pops up and takes another for two. Johnny hits an engziguri but has One Final Beat blocked. Theory keeps interfering and taking a beating. As Lumis goes to suplex him in, Johnny rolls him up to win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano in 11:12

Lumis puts Theory in the Silence but Johnny attacks. They get a chair to use on Lumis but KUSHIDA makes the save. He takes out Theory with the fastball punch and traps Gargano in the Hoverboard Lock. Lumis puts Theory back in the Silence.

Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa had a sitdown interview with Wade Barrett about Fight Pit next week. Thatcher says he’s cleared now. Ciampa is ready for next week but Thatcher questions how he could be if he’s never been in the pit. Ciampa will take liberties with him, but Thatcher says he’s a different animal in the Fight Pit and he feels Ciampa is still trying to see if he still has it.

The Undisputed Era get interviewed and say they’ll advance in the Dusty Cup and Kyle will have their back out there tonight in case The Brand show up.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Jake Atlas vs. MSK

MSK is a mystery team and are revealed as The Rascalz. I couldn’t really get their names. It’s Nash Carter and something Lee. Anyway, Atlas works over Carter, stopping their momentum. He and Swerve showcase some decent teamwork at teh bell. Carter flips out of a wrist lock. He impresses with a corkscrew cross body off the ropes.  It seems like his name is Wez Lee. Oh no. The match quickly breaks down into a fight outside so Lee can hit a fantastic tope con hilo heading into break. Returning, Carter is getting worked over but uses his athleticism to get free. Tag to Lee for a running corner forearm. Series of hard strikes and a hangtime dropkick to the back. Lee then shoves a midair Carter as he does a Shooting Star Press but the pin is broken up. Carter gets sent outside and Atlas hits Lee with a German suplex. Swerve rolls him into a brainbuster. They work more great tandem offense capped by a 450 splash and that pin is broken. All four men fall from the top after battling up there. Outstanding unique offense from MSK and they hit a Hart Attack style Blockbuster to win.

Winners: MSK in 11:55

Women’s’ Dusty Cup Teams are announced! Candice & Indi, Kacy & Kayden, Toni & Mercedes (!), and Shotzi & Ember are confirmed. It starts next week with Mercedes/Toni vs. Kayden/Kacy.

A vignette airs where Scarlett hypes Karrion Kross. Nothing more.

Jobber vs. Xia Li

We don’t get a name for the ham and egger. Xia knocks her out with a right hand and wins with the spin kick.

winner: Xia Li in 0:22

Post-match, the person on the stage signaled for Xia to continue the attack, which she did.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter talk backstage about how they can make history as the first team to advance next week. They know they’re the underdogs but they like that and they’re going to shock everyone.

During the break, Swerve and Atlas had to be separated by officials. Bronson Reed interrupted to tell Swerve to cool it, which pisses off Swerve.

NEXT WEEK ~ Lucha House Party vs. Imperium and KUSHIDA/Leon Ruff vs. The Way in the Dusty Cup! Plus, the Fight Pit!

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Quarterfinals: Breezango vs. The Undisputed Era

Cole and Breeze go to a stalemate to start so Strong and Fandango tag in. They also don’t have a clear cut winner of their exchange heading into commercial. Returning, Breeze has gotten the advantage and gets a near fall on Cole who hits an enziguri. It nearly sets up a tag but Breeze dumps him outside. He wants a dive but Cole cuts it off with a kick. Strong gets the tag and goes off, hitting forearms, backbreaker, and more. He tags Cole back in and he gets a near fall but misses Last Shot. Fandango boots him and tags Breeze, who runs into a pump kick. Still, he avoids worse and Breezango hit their slingshot splash combo but Strong breaks up the pin. Breeze hits Roddy with a jumping knee but then eats a superkick. Pump kick by Cole on Fandango who responds with a clothesline and everyone is down. The Brand show up and attack Kyle O’Reilly, jumping him. They hold him in place on the steel stricture to injure his jaw more but Finn Balor makes the save. Dunne still gets free to do more damage to Kyle’s jaw, running his knee into his face and guardrail. Cole is hurt by seeing it. Breeze with a superkick but Undisputed still fight them off. Cole catches a leaping Fandango with a superkick to win.

Winners: The Undisputed Era in 11:57

Kyle is bleeding and holds his jaw as he is checked on, while The Brand taunt him from the stage.

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