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Jon Moxley On Most Rewarding Part Of Working For AEW, How Long He Wants To Continue Wrestling, Starring In Cagefighter: Worlds Collide

October 20, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Jon Moxley Shrug AEW All Out

In a recent interview on Reel Talker, Jon Moxley discussed starring in Cagefighter: Worlds Collide, how AEW has revitalized his career, how long he wants to wrestle, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Jon Moxley on starring in Cagefighter: Worlds Collide: “One of the elements they wanted to make was almost like you’re watching a sporting event more so than a movie as much. You have that kind of classic Rocky story but also it sucks you into feeling like you’re watching a sporting event early on and kind of get you hyped for a fight the same way you get hyped for a pay-per-view in boxing or wrestling or whatever. As soon as I became available for it, they were looking for somebody in the pro wrestling world with some name value, and I just happened to become available…..it’s kind of all my interests rolled into one, and I read the script and immediately said ‘I can play this guy.’ It almost seemed like it was written for me and it was meant to be. I pretty much said yes immediately, and we were off to the races from there. It was super fun.”

Jon Moxley on how AEW has revitalized his career: “The most rewarding part of the last year or so – even though it sucks we’re in a pandemic and it’s not gonna be an era of wrestling we look back on like ‘Remember the glory years when there was no one in the crowd?’ The rewarding part and the opportunity to tell stories – that’s what you’re doing in movies, that’s what you’re doing in wrestling, that’s what entertainment is. You put on Netflix or whatever, it’s because you want stories. That’s why you read a book or listen to a podcast. In AEW, I get the opportunity to come up with an idea in my head and actualize it in the ring. It’s no different than painting a picture or writing a song. Hopefully a lot of people like it, maybe some people like it and some people don’t. But as long as it’s actually how you picture it in your head, it’s gonna be satisfying to see it actualized on film and TV. I had a match with MJF and had a match with Darby Allin – I pictured these things in my head exactly how they would play out and the beats and the moments and the story, and then I get to paint that on the canvas and show it to people. Maybe they like it, maybe they don’t. But it’s exactly the picture I had in my head, and that’s the rewarding part. That’s the artistry of pro wrestling.”

On his future in wrestling: “I’ve become great friends with Tony Khan. He’s a great dude and has been the most successful promoter outside of Vince in the last however many years. We’ve been able to create something as a team and to get through the challenge of this pandemic and everything……I’m incredibly proud of everybody from the guys in the truck to the men and women in the ring to the referees to the producers to literally everybody for what we’ve been able to create and what we’ve been able to survive through. I have no idea how I see my career ending – I’d like to wrestle until I’m in my 50s hopefully, and whatever that means, I don’t know. AEW in the United States will always be my home I think. It’s just done so much for me and I’ve done everything I could to help build the brand and to solidify it as a legitimate alternative. I think it’s vital to the wrestling industry that AEW be successful. I don’t see that changing ever. I have loyalty to the people who treat me well, and they’ve treated me extremely well.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Reel Talker with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.