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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 2.10.21

February 10, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 2.10.21  

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Legado Del Fantasma vs. MSK

Wilde begins with Lee and they exchange some fast-paced grappling. Wilde wins out and taunts. MSK really gets going with a series of quick kicks that lead to a near fall for Lee. Legado fires off their own succession of strikes and moves, putting Lee on the defensive. Carter gets the tag and hits a knee and a pump kick before an enziguri and roll-through soccer kick on Mendoza. That gets two. Mendoza tags out and launches Wilde into a dropkick that sends Carter off the apron going into commercial break. Returning, Carter lands on his feet on a German suplex and ducks a kick. He connects on an enziguri and makes the tag. Lee fires off clotheslines and forearms, sending Mendoza outside. Wilde is sent packing too. Lee shoves Carter off the apron on his shooting star press, putting a twist on their signature move. Lee follows with a tope con hilo. Back inside, Wilde comes back with a reverse rana and Mendoza hits a twisting brainbuster but the pin is broken up. Wilde hits a 450 on Lee while also jumping off of Carter who was on Mendoza’s shoulders but a roll through pin leads to a near fall. Carter cuts off the Legado finisher. Wilde eats a superkick. Hart Attack Blockbuster ends it.

Winners: MSK in 12:58 [That was an awesome sprint. Just four guys going out, having a balls to the wall match, and stealing the show. ***3/4]

A vignette airs to hype Mercedes Martinez, who says she has worked 20 years to get this kind of opportunity.

Kora Jade vs. Xia Li

Kacy and Kayden come to ringside to talk to Xia since they’re worried about her. It allows Jade to get in a shot but Xia immediately turns it around and wins with her spin kick.

Winner: Xia Li in 0:46 [NR]

Xia continues the attack, causing Kacy and Kayden to get on the apron. They argue and Kayden goes up to the stage to yell at the ancient warrior lady on the throne. Xia interrupts and launches her off the stage before apologizing to Mei Ying. Mei chokes Boa for a bit and Xia also beats up Kacy.

William Regal is interviewed and congratulates MSK. He enters his office to find Scarlett. She says time is up for Escobar next week. Regal books it.

The Way comes out and Johnny Gargano is in a wheelchair despite only having an arm injury. He even needs to be carried to enter the ring. Johnny discusses the injury as a video plays of it happening. He says he can’t defend his title at TakeOver because of it. William Regal comes out and says that Johnny was cleared but Johnny doesn’t trust those quacks. He shows off x-rays from his own doctors that say he broke the strongest bone in his arm. Regal says the photo is of a right arm but his left arm is hurt. Johnny says the “r” on the image is for “real.” Regal suggests that Austin Theory is his surrogate and his match with KUSHIDA is for the title. The other option is for Johnny to forfeit. Hilariously, KUSHIDA is in the ring standing with The Way. He lays out Theory and goes to snatch the belt from Johnny, proving his arm is okay. KUSHIDA knocks him out of the chair and Indi holds Candice back from attacking him.

Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell vs. Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart

We join this match in progress with Candice getting worked over by the faces. Candice fights out and makes the tag as Hartwell does her best Diesel with a sidewalk slam and Snake Eyes. Candice takes over by wearing down Shotzi. She picks up some near falls in between working the arm. Ember gets the tag after a bit and runs over Candice with shoulder blocks and a barrage of kicks. A dropkick sends Candice to tag Indi, who runs into a spinning forearm. Shotzi and Ember work a combo involving a leaping Codebreaker and kick but it gets two. Shotzi applies her hanging submission on the ropes as Ember nails a dropkick for two. Shotzi is sent into the announce table by Candice and Indi trips up Ember. The faces are in trouble going into break. During the break, The Way isolated Ember but she tags to Shotzi when we return. Shotzi gets in a bunch of offense on Candice. Ember joins in for some tandem stuff but Indi breaks it up. She sends Shotzi out but Ember pump kicks her and Candice then levels Ember. Tag to Indi, who holds Ember in place for a Quebrada. Candice nearly dies on a tope suicida to Shotzi and Ember kicks out inside at two. Soon after, Shotzi gets the tag but eats a series of kicks from Candice. Tag to Indi and a Wicked Stepsister and springboard elbow nearly end it but Ember breaks up the pin. Indi takes a sick DDT from Shotzi while Candice gets hit with the Eclipse. Indi lays on Candice to protect her from a senton but Indi is legal. She takes the move and the pin.

Winners: Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart in 14:15 [It started a bit slow but really got going late. Indi has had a few issues with sloppiness in the past but this was her best performance. They built to some great close calls as well. ***1/4]

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez come out to confront their opponents for Sunday. William Regal shows up to say the winner will make history and earn a future Women’s Tag Team Title match.

Thatcher and Ciampa cut a promo saying they’ll win tonight and the entire cup.

Santos Escobar is asked about Karrion Kross. He says he’s actually the one giving Kross the gift of time. Wilde and Mendoza enter and he tells them not to apologize for losing. He suggests they take out Kross ahead of next week.

A vignette airs to hype Finn Balor vs. Pete Dunne.

Austin Theory vs. KUSHIDA

No entrances for this and they get right into the action. As they go at it, Gargano hilariously still has his arm in a sling. KUSHIDA fires off strikes and hits a hip toss into a cartwheel dropkick. Fastball punch connects but Theory blocks a German suplex. KUSHIDA wrenches on the arm in various ways while looking at Johnny. Whenever Theory seems to get an opening, KUSHIDA kicks his ass. He’s a stop ahead at every turn until he slips on the ropes and is knocked outside going into commercial. Returning, Theory has the upper hand. He hits a beautiful fallaway slam. KUSHIDA starts to get going and drives Theory into the turnbuckle before hitting a German suplex and a series of kicks. KUSHIDA misses a spot off the apron and Theory just runs him over with ease. However, KUSHIDA comes back with an armbar on the apron. While he does that, Johnny superkicks him for a DQ.

WInner via disqualification: KUSHIDA in 11:58 [Good while it lasted. It was hurt by the commercial break though. **3/4]

Johnny says his arm has miraculously healed as he and Theory beat up KUSHIDA. He wants to get a chair and break KUSHIDA’s arm but as he leaves Theory alone, he is pulled under the ring. Johnny reaches in for him and instead pulls out Dexter Lumis, who scares him with one of his creepy looks. Johnny scurries and Theory returns only to find Lumis, who he runs from right into a Hoverboard Lock. Johnny runs back in, avoiding Dexter, and gets put in the same hold. Theory tries to interrupt but he is put in the Silence and The Way are out.

We get to hear from Toni Storm who reminds us that she beat Io Shirai in the Mae Young Classic. She beats Io whenever they face off.

An Imperium vignette airs now that Alexander Wolfe has arrived in NXT. It explains what aspect each guy brings to the table and their roles.

Backstage, Legado del Fantasma are found out cold. Karrion Kross cuts a promo and says that next week he’ll do to Escobar what he did to his buddies.

Commentary is interrupted by a car horn. It’s Cameron Grimes arriving in a fancy car. He’s got on his hat, a blazer, and no shirt. He hands out money to random valets and starts walking towards the arena. He cuts a promo about Timothy Thatcher putting him on the shelf. He went home to think about revenge but did other stuff too. He got into video games and walked into GameStop, realizing that he should invest in it. It made him rich and he says that he’s so rich that nobody can tell him anything. If William Regal wants to tell him something, he can kiss his grits. He says money is power and he makes a snow angel in cash.

Johnny Gargano is interviewed by “real” McKenzie. He gets serious and says Johnny TakeOver will beat KUSHIDA at TakeOver.

Time for a final vignette from the Women’s Title match. This one sees Io Shirai say that she’s looking forward to the title match and reminds that it has been three years since Toni won the MYC.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa

Zack Gibson talks trash to the ring so their opponents jump them. That sets up a pre-match brawl outside for a bit. Once it begins, Gibson and Thatcher go at it. GYV get the first upper hand with a series of offensive moves on Thatcher and then they take out Ciampa with an apron powerbomb before a commercial break. Returning, Thatcher is isolated as medics check on Ciampa’s neck. That lasts a bit until Ciampa is back on the apron and fires up. He throws German suplexes but has the Fairytale Ending blocked. He trades shots with Gibson and the teams go at it until a rather abrupt ending. Willow’s Bell gets cut off and Ciampa eats Ticket to Mayhem while Drake cuts off Thatcher from interrupting.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans in 11:39 [I didn’t love this. The Ciampa medic spot felt forced and I couldn’t get behind his run of offense. It was still good but not great. ***]

The commentators run down the card and the participants of each match are oddly around the arena facing off, capped by Pete and Finn in the ring.

The final score: review Good
The 411
As usual, NXT delivers a very good show. I really enjoyed the first hour with the two tag matches and the hilarious segment from The Way. The second half slipped a bit but still did what it had to.

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