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Kofi Kingston On His Botched Spot At This Year’s WWE Royal Rumble, Already Working On Ideas For Next Year’s Match

February 27, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Kofi KIngston WWE Smackdown Image Credit: WWE

In a recent interview with Jim Varsallone, Kofi Kingston discussed his botched spot at this year’s Royal Rumble, already working on ideas for next year’s Royal Rumble Match, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Kofi Kingston on his botched spot at this year’s Royal Rumble: “We always go out there and try to top ourselves, whether we’re talking about tag team matches with The Usos or singles match we’ve had. The goal has always been to top yourself. Obviously, when the Royal Rumble comes around, it’s become synonymous with something I’m going to do in the match. What happened was not supposed to happen, but I was trying to land on the barricade. It was something I had walked through a few times, but it was always going to hurt. It was going to hurt no matter what, so I couldn’t really practice it full out. When I did it, I think I jumped too high, which has never been a problem. I could have jumped further out, but it’s okay. It was actually kind of exciting because I feel like anything you do in life, when you fail at your goal and doing what you’re trying to do, that’s when you learn about yourself and put yourself out there – whether it be rejection or failure, you go through all these emotions. But the result is you want to improve and do better next time.”

On already working on ideas for next year’s Royal Rumble Match: “I can’t wait for next year’s Rumble because I already have a bunch of different ideas. Normally, I wait until the day of or the week to think of something to do. Ironically, after having that failed attempt, my mind has been flooded with three, four, five different ideas already for next year. So it’s all good. It’s a lesson in putting yourself out there. Most importantly, what I’m trying to emphasize to people is not being afraid to fail. If you want to do something that’s epic, something that’s cool, something that’s fulfilling, there’s going to be a level of risk. Unfortunately at the Rumble, I didn’t quite make it. There will always be next year.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Jim Varsallone with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.