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Lance Anoa’i Says Cody Rhodes Has Messed With the Wrong Family

February 28, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Cody Rhodes Roman Reigns WrestleMania XL Kickoff Image Credit: WWE

Cody Rhodes is feuding with Roman Reigns and the Bloodline heading into WrestleMania, and Lance Anoa’i says Cody made a mistake with that. Anoaʻi is part of the Bloodline by relation, and he weighed in Rhodes’ feud with his family in an interview with WrestlingNews.co’s Steve Fall. You can check out the highlights below, per Fightful:

On Rhodes’ feud with the Bloodline: “Man, you know, just letting him know, man, he’s messing with the wrong family. He went after me, he went after Jey, he went after Roman. You better watch who you mess with because we got a big family. You just don’t know who’s next.”

On The Rock revealing the Bloodline family tree at the WrestleMania Kickoff: “I didn’t even really know about it. A bunch of people were just tagging me [about it] and all you see is my name all the way at the bottom [laughs], but hey man, that’s okay. I made the list with everybody else. Just to see how big our family is, and not everybody was even in it. There was a few guys missing still. Zilla was missing, Jacob’s younger brother, Journey Fatu, was missing. I guess the family tree is just so big. I don’t know where they got the family tree, if The Rock put it together or Roman put it all together, but the list just goes on, like how big our family is. It just keeps growing. Even if you look at it, we could keep adding to that tree. My kids, Jacob has seven kids. The list is huge. We’re not stopping. We’re reproducing, man [laughs]. The Bloodline can keep going. No story’s gonna end any time soon,” Anoa’i said.