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Leighty’s Retro Review: WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 7.29.89

April 20, 2024 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Saturday Night's Main Event 7-29-89 Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s Retro Review: WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 7.29.89  

-Announce Team: Vince McMahon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura
-Date Taped: July 18, 1989
-Location: The Centrum in Worcester, MA

-Opening promos with Randy Savage and Sherri trying to match each other’s craziness. It’s a summer theme tonight as they are going to roast Brutus like a Weiner. Brutus is ready to give them their summer cuts. The Brain Busters and Demolition hype their tag match. Big show tonight as Hulk Hogan defends The WWF Title against The Honky Tonk Man and Hogan quotes Elvis to end his promo. These are always great, and we know the main matches.

-Vince and Jesse run down the card and Jesse notes that Macho vs. Beefcake is the biggest match of the night. I know Jesse loves Macho, but the other two matches are for Titles including the WWF Title.

-Video package of Honky blasting people with his guitar. Just a way to show that Honky is some kind of threat to Hogan. Not really, but they are trying.

-Mean Gene is backstage at the pink curtains with Honky and Jimmy Hart. More Elvis songs are sung and Honky promises to be the greatest WWF Champion all all time.

-Honky Tonk Man makes his entrance!

-Back to Gene as now he is at the silver curtains with WWF Champion, Hulk Hogan. He mentions Hogan has his movie, No Holds Barred, and has been touring across the world, but now has a Title defense. Hogan says the WWF Title will always be his number one priority. He hopes Honky is in the best shape of his life as that is what The WWF Title is all about: fighting top contenders all around the world. He is leaving tonight as WWF Champion and is all fired up!

WWF Championship: Hulk Hogan (c) vs. The Honky Tonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart)

-It wasn’t until I heard his Hall of Fame speech that I knew Honky Tonk Man was brought into the WWF by Hogan. Honky tries to hit Hogan with the guitar, but misses so Hogan drags him to the floor and starts pounding away with punches. Jimmy Hart jumps on Hogan’s back and Hogan walks with him back into the ring. He runs Jimmy into the corner and Honky misses again with the guitar. Honky starts bouncing all over the place as Hogan sends him into the buckle and then gets a clothesline. Popeye punch followed by an atomic drop. Funny sell from Honky there! Running elbow in the corner and now Hogan can rip off his shirt. Jimmy tries to save, but gets brought into the ring again and Hogan rams Jimmy and HTM into each other as the crowd goes crazy. To the floor and Jimmy decks Hogan with the guitar as the ref was looking the other way. That’s one way to get HTM the advantage. HTM comes off the apron with a double ax to the back and he shoves Hogan back into the ring. Honky works the back with a series of double ax handles and then drops a series of knees to the back. Modified Camel Clutch but Hogan knows how to power out of this one. He runs Honky head first into the top buckle, but HTM delivers a clotheslin as Hogan tries to regroup. Shake, Rattle, and Roll connects, but HTM gloats to the crowd instead of covering as Jesse is losing his mind on commentary. He finally goes for the pin, but Hogan kicks out and it’s Hulk-up time. Hogan with a series of punches and a big boot that sends Honky to the floor. Jimmy tries a guitar shot again, but Hogan avoids, grabs the guitar and blasts Jimmy. He then decks Honky right in front of the ref, but I guess we are letting that slide. Back in the ring Hogan gets the leg-drop for the pin at 6:15.

Winner and Still WWF Champion: Hulk Hogan via pin at 6:15
-This was exactly what it needed to be. The crowd wanted to see Hogan and Honky was no longer a threat, but the guitar helped him keep this from being a SQUASH. Hogan using the guitar in front of the ref was weird, but it’s Hogan and the fans don’t care. **1/2

-Hulk Hogan poses in the ring while Ronnie Garvin comes out to ref the next match. Hogan and Garvin shake hands as that’s the WWF Champion shaking hands with a former NWA Champion!

-We go back to where Garvin lost a match to Greg Valentine that caused him to retire and become a referee. We then see Gavin getting pushed as a ref by the heels and fighting back. He gets into a brawl with Dino Bravo and Jack Tunney threatens a suspension if Garvin gets physical again.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

-Valentine attacks from behind and throws some chops. No Jimmy Hart out here for Valentine thanks to the beating from Hogan earlier in the night. Valentine chokes on the ropes and breaks before the five count. Valentine misses a clothesline and Snuka gets a chop. Jumping head-butt from Snuka and then he heads up to the middle rope. Valentine gets the knees up and Snuka hits his head off Valentine’s shin guard for a two count. Snuka gets kicked to the floor and Garvin starts his count. Snuka to the apron and Valentine kicks him to the floor again. It happens a few more times and Garvin has had enough so he shoves Valentine. Snuka heads up top while Valentine argues with Garvin. A punch from Garvin staggers Valentine and Snuka comes off with a crossbody for the pin at 3:14.

Winner: Jimmy Snuka via pin at 3:14
-This was all about Garvin/Valentine though the crowd was happy to see Snuka. *

-Flashback to The Brother Love Show in April where Sherri confronted Brutus which led to Savage attacking from behind. Sherri and Macho cut Beefcake’s hair, which I mean, Brutus can’t really complain because he did it others. As the old sage Sid Justice once said, “Do it to the man as the man would do it to you, but do it first.”

-Jesse is at the pink curtains with Randy Savage and Sherri and that robe Savage is rocking is SPECTACULAR. He cut Brutus’ hair because he disrespected Sherri. He will destroy Hogan’s best friend tonight and became the #1 contender for The WWF Title. Jesse asks about a surprise, but Savage can’t talk about that right now. How can anyone not watch this and become a fan of Savage?

-To the silver curtains where Gene is with Brutus Beefcake. He contains to insult Sherri as he apparently didn’t learn anything. Teach him again Mach!

”Macho Man” Randy Savage (w/ Sherri) vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

-Brutus charges the ring so Sherri and Macho bail to the floor. Savage tries to get Brutus to chase and catch him in the ring, but Brutus delivers a shoulder and tosses Savage to the floor. The bell rings and Beefcake goes after Sherri, but gets caught by Savage on the floor. Back in the ring Beefcake gets in a shot and uses his shirt to choke Savage as Jesse complains. Double axe to the face gets a two count. Savage lands a boot in the corner and sends Beefcake into the corner. Savage misses a charge in the corner and Beefcake gets two off a body press. Sherri up on the apron to offer a distraction, but Brutus catches Savage coming in with a shot to the gut. Clothesline and Savage is out at two again. Savage back with a right hand, but he misses trying to land on Beefcake and gets caught in the ropes. Beefcake delivers a high knee that sends Savage to the floor. Brutus follows, but Savage hides behind Sherri like he used to do with Liz. Sherri gets involved though and grabs Beefcake by the leg. Savage tosses him to the floor and comes off the top with a double axe. Sherri gets in some kicks on the floor as Savage distracts the ref. Jesse points out the difference between Sherri and Liz. Sherri removes her high heel and blasts Beefcake in the head. Somewhere Eric Bischoff was watching and got an idea to use years later in WCW. Back in the ring, Beefcake reverses a slam into a small package, but Sherri distracts the ref long enough for Savage to kick out. Backslide from Brutus gets two! Savage smashes Beefcake face first into the mat and goes to a choke. This is turning into a sweet kick ass fight between these two. Sherri gets involved again as she chokes Brutus with her nylon stocking. Savage heads up, but gets caught in the ribs on the way down. Brutus with a clothesline and he calls for the sleeper. Elbow to the head, but he sets too early on a backdrop. Savage punts him and Sherri grabs hold of Beefcake. Savage charges, but Beefcake moves and Sherri gets nailed and falls to the floor. Crazy ass bump from Savage as he gets backdropped over the top to the floor. DAMN! Savage sends Sherri to the back to get someone which is kind of a cool callback to the way Liz would head to the back to get Hogan. We head to commercial at 8:10.

-Peacock commercials!

-We are back at 9:18 with Beefcake still in control. Savage misses a knee and jams it on the canvas, but he is still able to drop Beefcake throat first on the top rope. Sherri is back with Zeus and the crowd is freaking out. Savage goes for pin after pin as Beefcake kicks out each time. The Hogan chants start as Beefcake nearly gets the pin with a desperation sunset flip. Savage ducks a clothesline, but gets caught with a sleeper and that brings Zeus in for the DQ at 10:49.

Winner via DQ at 10:49: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
-Fun match as Brutus was working hard here and Savage was his normal intense and batshit crazy self. The DQ made sense as they didn’t want either man losing at this point, but Beefcake probably could have ate a loss with all the interference. Sherri was working her ass off as well. ***1/2

-Zeus squeezes Beefcake and that brings out Hulk Hogan. Zeus no sells everything from Hogan and hooks a bear-hug. Savage comes off the top rope with a double axe. Savage tries to cut Hogan’s hair, but Beefcake makes the save. Zeus continues to no sell everything so Hogan grabs a chair. That has no effect either as Zeus smiles at him. Hogan looks terrified and the crowd is losing it. Beefcake grabs a chair as we have a stand-off. This is fantastic! Savage and Sherri hold Zeus back as he wants all the smoke. Sherri and Savage convince Zeus to leave and that lets Hogan and Beefcake celebrate.

-Back to the pink curtains with Jesse and he is joined by Savage, Sherri, and Zeus. Sherri cuts a hell of a promo on Hogan about him beating up women after taking his vitamins and saying his prayers. Savage is out of his mind in the best way and Zeus looks like a monster. I WANT TO SEE THIS MATCH NOW!

-Demolition are at the silver curtains with Gene. Their strategy is total destruction! They also threaten it will be Pop Goes the Weasel if they get their hands on Heenan.

WWF Tag Team Titles: 2 Out of 3 Falls: Demolition (c) vs. The Brain Busters (w/ Bobby “The Brain” Heenan)

-These two teams faced off on the last SNME and there was no real no winner due to a DQ so this is to settle things. Blanchard starts with Ax, but Tully turns around and punches Smash in the face. He then tries to run from Smash and when he gets on the floor, a pissed off Smash is there to meet him. He presses Tully over his head and throws him back in the ring. Tully backs into his corner to sucker Ax in, but he fights his way out. Arn pulls Smash to the floor and all four men start fighting. Now all four men in the ring, but Arn and Tully put on the brakes to avoid being hammered and they bail to the floor. Loud “Weasel” chant as Bobby regroups with The Busters. We go again with Arn and Smash, and Smash goes to a choke. Arn lands a shot to the gut, but Smash catches a boot and sends Arn flying on his ass. Arn gets hung up in the wrong corner and Demolition do some clubbering before Dusty coined the term. Blanchard is able to get a tag and he is screwed as he opts to punch it out with Smash. Thumb to the eye stops a bear hug. Smart! We get some miscommunication with who is legal and I think the ref ends up getting it right. Smash fights out of the corner again, but Arn PLANTS him with a spinebuster for two as Smash kicks out with power. Heenan is frustrated! Smash gets a stun-gun for the first pin at 4:55 thanks to Ax pulling Tully down by the hair from the apron. Demolition go up 1-0 as we take a break.

-60 seconds of Peacock commercials!

-Back with Smash stomping and choking Arn in the corner. Jesse puts over the tall task of trying to beat Demolition two straight falls. McMahon rightly points out that The Busters have tried to brawl with Demolition and it has failed spectacularly. Another stun-gun and Heenan looks like he is ready to cry. Arn escapes a chinlock by getting a thumb to the throat and the tag is made to Tully. He catapults Ax into the bottom rope and Arn delivers an elbow from the floor. The crowd is rocking with them! Heenan works in a slap to the face and then runs from Smash. “Weasel” chant breaks out again. Back in the ring Arn hooks a modified camel clutch and tag is made to Tully. He sets too early on a backdrop which lets Ax make the tag to Smash. He runs wild with slams and all four men get in the ring. Press Slam to Tully! Heenan gets run into the post and here comes Andre The Giant. Demolition hit their finisher, but we get a bell at 10:52 as Demolition were disqualified for being in the ring together past the five count. We are tied at 1. Nice touch as the match on the last show had The Demos losing that match by DQ, so they didn’t learn their lesson.

-44 seconds of Peacock commercials!

-Back with the third and final fall as Andre The Giant has a seat at ringside. Smash throws Blanchard over the top to the floor and Ax fires him back in. Ax gets the tag and hits a back elbow. Tully with a thumb to the eye and he sends Smash into his own partner and then makes the tag to Arn, who can barely stand. Probably not a smart move! Arn tries to out punch Ax and that doesn’t work. Atomic drop sends Arn into the buckle but as he bounces out he cracks heads with Ax. Each man makes a tag and Tully goes flying into the corner. All four men in the ring for a second before Ax and Arn do battle on the floor. Arn gets sent into the post. Things get chaotic as Heenan gets on the apron which lets Andre send a chair into the ring. Smash gets a cover on Arn, but Tully cracks him in the head with the chair and Arn rolls over for the pin and Tag Titles at 15:22.

Winners and New WWF Tag Team Champions: The Brain Busters via pin and 2 Falls to 1 at 15:22
-Good match, but it got a little sloppy and wonky at times. I liked the story of The Busters being toast when they tried to fight Demolition, so they had to wrestle and cheat as much as possible plus get an assist from Andre to get the job done. Historic Title change as it ended Demolition’s long run and gave Heenan another Title in the Family. ***1/4

-Jesse Ventura is already backstage with Rick Rude and Haku as they are waiting to celebrate. Heenan is here and he is so happy! This is fantastic and Bobby notes Hogan is next to give his family all three championships.

-Speaking of Hogan, Gene is at the silver curtains with Hogan and Beefcake. The get a rather long, coked up promo hyping a match with Savage and Zeus and having to protect Elizabeth from forces of nature and outer space.

-Vince and Jesse wrap things up and note the next episode will take place in October.

-We close with footage of Hogan and Zeus facing off with the crowd going crazy! Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Really fun show with star power and everyone working hard. The Tag Title switch was historic and Savage/Brutus had a sweet match prior to the DQ finish. Hogan/Honky is what everyone wanted out of the matchg as HTM continued his trek down the card after his IC Title reign ended. Again as much love as the NWA get for 1989, the WWF was firing on all cylinders as well,