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Mark Briscoe Shares Message Of Faith After Jay Tribute Match On AEW Dynamite

February 1, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mark Brsicoe AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW

AEW has shared a video of footage from last week’s Jay Briscoe tribute match on Dynamite, with Mark Briscoe giving a message of faith after the bout. Mark wrestled Jay Lethal on last week’s show in a tribute to his brother, who tragically passed as the result of a care accident on January 17th. AEW posted the video on Wednesday that features highlights from the match as well as comments from Mark. You can check it out below:

The video starts with Mark saying that if he “didn’t know that Jamin [was] with God, in the arms of the savior Jesus Christ? If I didn’t know that, then there’s no way I could go on right now.”

The video then shows clips of the match on last week’s show before cutting to backstage after the match, during which Mark says:

“Life is gonna be changing. Souls are gonna be saved, you understand? But I know one thing. When I do stand face to face with him again, there’s gonna be a rack of souls, there’s gonna be thousands, tens of thousands, whatever it may be, that are gonna be up there on the other side of [the] pearly gates right there with us, because of what has happened this past week.

“Jamin did not die in vein. He did not live in vein. God has a plan, god has a purpose. Jesus is open for everyone. Jesus is available to everyone, everyone. You ain’t got to change your life, and come to Jesus. Come to Jesus, and if he wants to, he’ll change your life. Jesus is available for every one of us. No matter what, no matter what kind of life, what walk of life we walk. This is just a drop in the ocean. Vapor in the wind, man, that’s what this life is. Jamin knew that, ’cause that’s the only reason that I can continue on. That’s the only reason that I can carry on. Because I know this ain’t in vein, I know this ain’t for nothing. And man, thank y’all, and thank God. And thank you Jamin. And I love y’all, every one of y’all.”