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Mike Chioda Reveals Money in the Bank Idea He Pitched to WWE

July 15, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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– During a recent edition of Monday Mailbag for AdFreeShows, former WWE referee Mike Chioda reveals he once pitched an idea to WWE to have wrestlers dual winners of a Money in the Bank Ladder Match, with someone getting the contract, and another person getting the briefcase. As a result, the holders of each would have to face each other to gain control of both. Chioda reveals his Money in the Bank idea he pitched to WWE (via WrestlingInc.com):

“It was always about Dolph Ziggler and somebody else … going for the briefcase, as they’re up there, the briefcase opens up. One falls down with the contract, [and] one falls down with the f***ing briefcase. So now, the case ain’t nothing without the contract, [and] the contract’s nothing without the briefcase, so now you gotta square off into a finals match. … I kept pitching that idea, but it never went through.”