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Mims Discusses Chasing Titles In NWA And Says He’s “Tired Of Being A Runner-Up”

January 31, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Mims NWA Alwayz Ready Image Credit: NWA

Speaking recently with PWMania.com, Mims shared some details about his efforts to win gold in the NWA ring, his time-limit draw against Jordan Clearwater, and what he hopes for himself and his team for 2023 (via Fightful). The wrestler cited some of the most significant names he’s worked with and learned from in NWA and who he has his sights set on defeating. You can read the full interview here and find some highlights below.

On ending his NWA World Television title match in a draw: “I’m not too happy with the way the match ended. I thought I would have been the NWA television champion right now. I’ve been chasing that championship for over a year now. If anyone thought it wasn’t near and dear to me beforehand, after all the sacrifices I’ve gone through, it’s become even more personal to me that I have to hold this championship, no matter who I have to beat for it. You can’t wrestle on your morals. You don’t have the title. None of it matters unless you win it. I have to step up and be better, plain and simple.”

On his goals for Team Rock N’ Roll this year: “My goal is to win this Championship Series. This is the second year in a row my team could be runner-up. I’m tired of being a runner-up, I’m tired of being the guy who can get to the end, but when it matters, comes up just short. I want that signature win. This year is no longer going to be controlled by Tyrus and his group. It is no longer going to be marred by the championship that has eluded me my whole career. When we have this team war, I want to win this. I want it to be me to defeat Team Tyrus. I want to let them know that their days are numbered.”

On making another attempt for the NWA World Television Championship: “I’m ready for the NWA Television Championship. I’m finally going to get what I deserve, what I want, and what I’ve earned. I’m confident this will happen. I’m coming for that title one more time and this time it will be different. It is inevitable.”

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