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On the Marc Reviews: Survivor Series 1994

November 3, 2011 | Posted by Marc Elusive
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On the Marc Reviews: Survivor Series 1994  

Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas, November 23, 1994

Commentators: Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon

This show is available on the WWE Survivor Series Anthology, Vol. 2 – 1992-1996 DVD.

The Bad Guys: Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, British Bulldog & Headshrinkers (w/Afa & Capt. Lou Albano) vs. The Teamsters: Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, “King of Harts” Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett:   Shawn and Diesel are the tag team champions; Razor Ramon is the IC champion. Neidhart returned at the King of the Ring and helped Owen win the tournament and was revealed as the one who “whispered in the ear” of Owen to turn on Bret Hart; the British Bulldog returned and came to Bret’s aide. Ramon is the captain for his team; Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon debate over who the captain of the heels is, Shawn or Diesel. 1-2-3 Kid and Owen start off; Headshrinker Fatu is fumbling with his boots on the floor. For some odd reason, Albano is trying to get his Samoans to wear boots in the ring but it is not working well. Anvil comes in and runs over the Kid; 1-2-3 Kid comes back with a leapfrog and a dropkick. He tries again but runs into a clothesline. Jarrett tags in and hammers away with a right hand. Jarrett, who looks like he glued Christmas tinsel to his tights tonight, floats over in the corner but celebrates too much and eats a kick right to the gut. Jarrett tries a slingshot sunset flip back in but the Kid moves and Jarrett splats on the mat. Headshrinker Sionne (formerly the Barbarian) comes in and misses a big boot but then press-slams Jarrett. Jarrett gets a few throat thrusts in but Sionne comes back; Jarrett climbs to the top and hits a crossbody but gets only two. Owen Hart tags in and gets huge boos; he calls out brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith. The Bulldog uses an Owen move, flipping out of an armbar into a hammerlock; Owen then uses an Owen move flipping out of an armbar but Bulldog quickly reverses into another hammerlock. Owen flips over to counter and the Bulldog reverses and slingshots Owen into the babyface corner; they pinball Owen into a Bulldog press-slam. Sunset flip by the Bulldog gets two; Owen nails the Bulldog with an enziguri and tags in Neidhart. Owen joins the Anvil but Bulldog clotheslines both of them; delayed vertical suplex by the Bulldog. Fatu tags in and, after having issues with his boots, gets to the top and drops a top rope head-butt. Fatu continues to fumble with his boots allowing the Anvil to tag in Jarrett. Fatu quickly turns it around and powerslams him; Razor tags in and Jarrett runs away. Jarrett hits an arm drag and struts; Jarrett amateurs Razor down and slaps the back of his head a few times. Jarrett applies a side headlock; Ramon fires him off and clotheslines him over the top rope, Razor nails Diesel for poops and giggles; Shawn calms the big guy down. Jarrett flips over a back suplex but gets caught in a fall-away slam. The Kid tags in and Razor fall-away slams him into Jarrett for a two count. Jarrett boots the Kid in the gut and applies an abdominal stretch. Shawn and Jarrett play red light, green light with the referee with illegal leverage. Referee catches Jarrett holding the ropes and the Kid reverses the hold; Jarrett hiptosses him to the floor. Back into the ring, Kidd hits a sit-out enziguri on Jarrett and tags in Fatu; Owen gets a reciprocating tag and floors him with a spinning wheel kick. Owen makes the mistake of ramming Fatu’s head in the corner so he dances (a precursor to Rikishi) proving it has no effect. Fatu dominates until Diesel tags in and turns Fatu 360º with a clothesline and Jackknifes him for three. Headshrinker Fatu is ELIMINATED.

1-2-3 Kid runs in and gets one dropkick; Kid to the top and tries a top rope sunset flip but Diesel grabs him and Tree Slams him, Jackknife follows and the 1-2-3 Kid is ELIMINATED.

Sionne comes in but Diesel quickly Jackknifes him as well and Headshrinker Sionne is ELIMINATED.

The British Bulldog comes in and actually gets a little offense in but Diesel boots him to the floor; Davey Boy lands next to the 1-2-3 Kid still out on the floor. The Bulldog is also out cold from the boot and gets counted out. British Bulldog is ELIMINATED; Owen and Jarrett attack him on the floor.

Diesel is talking to Michaels in lieu of paying attention to the count out and almost gets eliminated off a schoolboy roll-up by Razor. Ramon is alone five-on-one; he hammers on Diesel and knocks him down. Ramon hits a second-rope bulldog and gets a nuclear nearfall. Diesel begins to dominate; Shawn demands another Jackknife. Ramon fights back but eats Snake Eyes and clotheslines him. Diesel tries another Snake Eyes but Ramon counters and calls for the Razor’s Edge but gets backdropped. Big boot by Diesel and Ramon is out as well; Diesel kills Ramon with the Jackknife. Shawn wants the tag and gets one. Shawn wants Diesel to hold him for Sweet Chin Music; it backfires and Diesel takes the superkick. Diesel gets pissed and gets in Shawn’s face; Diesel destroys the entire heel team trying to get to Shawn. Diesel stalks Shawn up the aisle knocking out the Teamsters on his way. The referee counts out the entire Teamster team; Shawn Michaels is ELIMINATED, Diesel is ELIMINATED, Owen Hart is ELIMINATED, Jim Neidhart is ELIMINATED and Jeff Jarrett is ELIMINATED. Razor Ramon is the unlikely sole-survivor. 6.5/10 Put over Diesel much? I know he wins the WWF title the next night at MSG but jeez he essentially eliminated the ENTIRE babyface team all by himself and then dominated his own teammates to boot. The rest of the match was good considering all of the talent involved. Good fun opening match.

Todd Pettingill catches up with Shawn Michaels in the back, he has already packed and is headed out of the arena; Shawn calls Diesel ungrateful and a zero without him. Shawn speeds off into the night essentially breaking up the tag team champions and setting up the title match at WrestleMania XI.

Clowns ‘R’ Us: Doink the Clown, Dink, Pink & Wink vs. The Royal Family: Jerry “The King” Lawler, Sleazy, Queasy & Cheesy:   The partners of the Lawler and Doink are all little people; Doink and Lawler can only face each other and the little guys can only face the little guys. Lawler starts off with Doink; Doink hits an enziguri. Lawler tries an enziguri but Doink ducks and Lawler falls on his face. Doink applies an arm stretcher and all of the midgets chase each other around the ring and inadvertently run over Lawler. Lawler escapes and yells at his midgets. Lawler tries the same move with the arm stretcher but the little kings trip and fall all over each other. Doink slams Lawler three times and all of the little clowns pin him and Doink counts the nearfalls; Doink catches all of his little clowns off the kickouts. Lawler tries the same thing with the bodyslam but when he tries to catch Queasy off the kickout he falls on top of Lawler. Doink places a Burger king crown atop Lawler’s head pissing the King off. Doink places Dink atop his shoulders so Lawler tries to sit atop the shoulders of Sleazy and falls flat of his face. Lawler goads Doink into a test of strength; Cheesy tries to sneak in but Dink cuts him off and some of the midgets run the ropes and Dink and Pink running dropkick them. Lawler gets an illegal object and nails Doink with it and stuffs it in his tights; Lawler takes over and chokes Doink on the ropes. Lawler calls for all three midgets to hang on the ropes to whip Doink into their little feet; it, of course, backfires and Lawler accidentally takes them all out. Doink takes over and all of the midgets run around the apron. Meanwhile in the ring Doink tries a second rope crossbody and Lawler rolls through and pins Doink with tights; Doink the Clown is ELIMINATED.

Essentially the match is over because Lawler can only legally compete with Doink so he cannot be eliminated; or Lawler eliminated himself since he cannot legally get into the ring anymore. Where is Jack Tunney when I need him? Whatever. Queasy and Dink battle and he applies an armbar on Dink who bites him on the derriere to break it up. Lawler comes in to aide him so Dink bites him on the ass. Cheesy and Wink battle; Wink grabs his goatee and Dink comes off the top rope with a sledge. Dink monkey flips him and tags in Wink. Wink tries to monkey flip Cheesy out of the heel corner but Lawler holds onto Cheesy and then adds a boot from the apron (out of both referee’s view, of course) to help Cheesy pin Wink, ELIMINATING him.

Pink comes in all fired up; Lawler yells at his midgets and Queasy returns and spins Pink around on his head. Queasy tags in Cheesy then distracts the referee allowing Lawler to sneak in and splash Cheesy onto Pink; Cheesy pins Pink to ELIMINATE him.

Dink is alone with all three midgets and Lawler opponents; Dink dominates Sleazy and then knocks Cheesy and Queasy’s heads together. Dink vertical suplex slams Sleazy and climbs to the top rope and hits a top-rope flying body press; Lawler breaks up the three count. Queasy runs in and flips Sleazy over while Lawler distracts the referee. Sleazy pins Dink and is ELIMINATED. The survivors are Jerry Lawler, Cheesy, Sleazy and Queasy. Post-match Lawler yells at his midgets claiming he won the match all by himself; Lawler kicks his midgets out of the ring and then chases them around the ring. The clown midgets all reappear and chase Lawler around the ring and up the aisle where Doink shows up and splats a pie in Lawler’s face. 3.5/10 Old school harmless comedy match nothing wrong with it just that it is not a technical classic but as comedy relief, no one embarrasses himself better than the King.

Todd Pettingill shows highlights from the Egg Dome in Tokyo where Bull Nakano defeated Alundra Blayze to become the new WWF Women’s champion. Nakano cuts her promo in Japanese, to the chagrin of Pettingill. I’ve never seen the match but I’ve heard it is really, really good.

WWF Heavyweight Championship Bret “Hitman” Hart(w/British Bulldog) vs. Mr. Bob Backlund (w/Owen Hart) submission match (corner-person towel throw-in):   Back in 1983, Arnold Skaaland tossed in the towel costing Backlund the WWF title to the Iron Sheik; Backlund claimed to never have submitted and began a comeback back in 1993 and along the way lost him mind (after a loss to Bret Hart). This match is designed, and requested by Backlund, mirroring the way he lost the title; Owen and the Bulldog are the opposing towel bearers, and only they can end the match via tossing the towel in. Apparently, Owen had his “last chance” at Bret’s title so he offered to be Backlund’s corner-person here to try to prevent Bret from keeping the title. Stu Hart and Helen Hart are shown rooting on Bret from the front row, which would become important later on. Backlund runs into a bodyslam from Bret and a pair of arm drags puts Backlund on the floor. Bret head-butts Backlund to the floor where he rolls around on the floor for a little while until the Bulldog chucks him back into the ring. Bret slams Backlund and drives an elbow; Bret hits a rope-assisted bulldog and rides him into a side headlock. Backlund gets up and reverse suplexes himself free. Bret continues to dominate with a legdrop and back to the side headlock. Vince McMahon recounts a poll of the WWF fans where 79% felt Backlund’s crossface chicken-wing was a better hold than the Sharpshooter; not sure if that one was rigged. Bret maintains control with a side headlock; Backlund fires Bret off into a drop-toehold and almost gets the crossface chicken-wing in; Bret escapes into a side headlock. Backlund escapes but Bret continues to maintain advantage with another headlock. Bob gets to his feet again and attempts another chicken-wing but Bret counters into a belly-to-belly suplex; Backlund kicks off a Sharpshooter attempt. Bret applies a front chancery but Backlund grabs a leg and gets up so Bret segues into an abdominal stretch; Backlund powers out with a hiplock. Backlund tries a slam but Bret collapses on top of him; Bret looks at the referee wondering why he is not counting… submission match, remember? Bret misses a second rope elbow drop; Backlund works the arm over softening it up for the chicken-wing. Backlund applies a Fujiwara armbar to work the shoulder more; Backlund segues into an overhand wristlock. Bret nips-up to free himself but Backlund forces him to the floor where Owen is; Bret gets in his face almost allowing Backlund a chicken-wing on the floor. Back in the ring, both guys clunk heads (hardway, I think) and Backlund continues the armwork with an armbar. Bret bodyslams him but Backlund tenaciously hangs onto the armbar as the Bulldog leads a “let’s go Bret” chant. Bret neckbreakers free but Backlund still holds the wrist and then reapplies the armbar. Backlund chicken-wings the arm on the mat and stomps it he then applies a knee-keylock. Bret kicks the leg but Backlund keeps the advantage; Bret inverted atomic drops Backlund into a figure-four leglock. Backlund screams at Owen to throw in the towel but he sternly refuses; Backlund eventually reverses the hold. Owen places the towel on the ring steps and crosses his arms refusing to toss it in the ring. Bret reverses the hold again but Backlund grabs the ropes; Bret works the leg of Backlund who tries to walk but the leg gives out. Bret tries another figure-four but Bob forearms free; Bret Hart continues the legwork and tries the Sharpshooter but Backlund stops him. Backlund starts to control the match and hits a piledriver. Another chicken-wing attempt but Bret makes the ropes; Backlund with a swinging neckbreaker but he misses a corner charge soon after and posts his shoulder. Bret backdrops out of another piledriver but Backlund quickly applies a sleeper hold. Bret momentums him into the top turnbuckle and they both run the ropes and hit head-to-head for a double KO.  Bret begins his comeback with his own well executed piledriver; bulldog follows as does a side-Russian leg sweep and pendulum backbreaker. Bret applies the Sharpshooter. Owen gets into the ring; the Bulldog gives chase and when the referee is busy with Davey Boy, Owen bulldogs Bret, freeing Backlund. Davey Boy charges at Owen on the floor but he ducks and the Bulldog goes head first into the steel steps, knocking himself out. Owen checks on him and acts concerned; Bret wanders over and yells at him allowing Backlund the crossface chicken-wing. Bret tries to leg trip free as Owen tends to the Bulldog, now there is no one to toss the towel in for Bret Hart. Owen, having crises of conscience, says “I’m sorry” on the floor. Bret fades and Backlund leg scissors Bret to the canvas. Owen begs Davey Boy to get up and toss the towel. Bret fights back but Backlund reapplies the leg scissors and drops Bret back down. Owen begins to cry as Vince believes this to be the “true Owen Hart”. Owen, crying, goes over to Stu and Helen in the front row and cries to them to help Bret by tossing in the towel. Vince believes the match should be stopped but the stipulations prevent the referee from doing so. Owen cries to his mom “I didn’t mean for this to happen!” Shockingly, no one from the back has attended to the Bulldog who may be dead on the floor. Bret has been in the hold for at least five minutes; Owen does not know what to do. Owen pleads on his knees to his mom to throw in the towel; he separates the ring barricade allowing his parents to ringside. Owen gives the towel to Helen and tells her to toss it in; Stu grabs the towel from her. Owen begs and begs to toss the towel in, Stu still refuses. Bret has been in the chicken wing for about ten minutes; Owen continues to plead, and after a few minutes of begging, Helen grabs the towel from Stu and tosses it into the ring, costing Bret the title. Owen, grabs the towel and runs to the back with it in victory, Backlund looks like he saw a ghost as the referee presents him with the title. Officials help Bret to the back as Backlund celebrates in the ring… forever. Hopefully, someone came out to help the Bulldog who was still out at ringside. 9/10 Good old school-style match that Backlund, obviously, excels in. Owen did a great acting job selling the concern for his brother to his mom only to double cross everyone when they did what he wanted Helen to do and that was cost Bret the title. Unfortunately for Bret, Backlund and Owen; Diesel won the title from Backlund a day later at MSG, in about only eight seconds, making them all look like chumps.

In the back Owen Hart reveals his entire plan to cost Bret Hart the title and trick his parents into doing it for him and laughs at them. How wonderfully evil of him; Owen says he is now above Bret and rants about becoming a champion soon. Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon are practically speechless and damn Owen to Hell. Gorilla, with arms crossed, calls Owen a first-class creep.

Guts and Glory: Lex Luger, Mabel, Adam Bomb & Smokin’ Gunns (w/Oscar) vs. The Million Dollar Team: Tatanka, King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow & Heavenly Bodies (w/Ted Dibiase):   Tatanka double crossed Luger at Summerslam ’94 selling out to Dibiase. Bigelow leads a heel rally cry of “money”. Funny. Luger starts off Tatanka, not paying attention, backs right into him and they start off. Tatanka quickly fires back with a lot of Tomahawk chops; Luger no sells reverse knife edge chops in the corner but a boot keeps Tatanka in control. Luger pops right back up, flexes and nails a bulldog. Lex runs over him with a series of lariats and Tatanka tumbles to the floor. Luger wipes out the Bodies and Bigelow; Bundy steps in as does Mabel so Bundy heads back to the apron. Mabel gets a legal tag as does Dr. Tom Pritchard; Mabel catches Pritchard on a crossbody and slams him but misses a follow up elbow. Pritchard drops a knee but runs into a backdrop when Mabel erects himself. Mable squashes Pritchard with second-rope crossbody for a three count and Tom Pritchard is ELIMINATED.

Jimmy Del Ray comes in and eats a Bossman Slam from Mabel; he tags in Bundy and he tries Mabel. Bundy and Mabel have a shoulderblock battle; as usual the babyface ducks a clothesline on the third attempt and the heel goes down. Bam Bam tags in and gives Mabel a go; Mabel dominates, Bigelow misses an enziguri and Mabel scores with his spinning wheel kick. Mabel goes to the top rope but Bam Bam catches him and slams him off the top; Bigelow tries a top-rope sunset flip but Mabel sits on him, squashing him. Mabel Cactus clotheslines Bigelow to the floor, damn. Mabel hit the apron on his landing; Bam Bam reenters the ring and Mabel is counted out and ELIMINATED.

Billy Gunn charges in to battle Del Ray; Del Ray gouges his eyes and hits a superkick. They go through a bridge up/backslide combo and Billy tags in Adam Bomb as Bigelow returns. Bomb drop-toeholds Bam Bam and tries an O’Connor roll, but Bigelow hangs on; Bomb charges but Bigelow sidesteps him and Adam Bomb tumbles over the top rope to the floor. Bomb hits a slingshot clothesline back into the ring. Adam Bomb bodyslams him but Bundy takes a shot at him from the apron allowing a Bigelow bulldog; Bigelow finishes Adam Bomb off with the Bam Bam-sault. Adam Bomb is ELIMINATED.

Luger runs in and tries a schoolboy for two; Bigelow tags in Jimmy Del Ray who clobbers Luger with a superkick. Del Ray chokes and stomps away on Luger; Del Ray rakes his bootlaces into Luger’s face. Luger hits a bionic forearm out of nowhere and Jimmy Del Ray is ELIMINATED.

Tatanka attacks Luger from behind and shoves him into Bart Gunn who tags in; Bart atomic drops Tatanka, slams him and hits a nice dropkick. Bart tags in Billy and the Gunns hit a double-Russian leg sweep for two. Bart returns and kicks Tatanka; the Gunns quick tag on Tatanka’s arm. Billy drops a knee and Bart tags in to get a nearfall, that wasn’t very smart, why didn’t Billy just cover him? Bart hammers away in the corner; the Gunns team up for a dropdown/dropkick combo. Bart monkey flips Tatanka out of the corner, for two. The Gunns team up for the Sidewinder on Tatanka, for another two; Bart tries to crucifix Tatanka but that assists him in setting up the End of the Trail and Bart Gunn is ELIMINATED.

Billy comes in and hammers on Tatanka; Luger team up on him and work over his arm. Billy hits a hiptoss powerslam for two. Lex returns and works over Tatanka with a slam and an elbow drop. Billy returns and applies an arm wringer. Tatanka gets a desperation powerslam off a caught leapfrog; Tatanka tags in Bundy who quickly hits the Avalanche and drops an elbow on Billy’s carcass and Billy Gunn is ELIMINATED.

Luger is now alone three-on-one and Dibiase laughs at him from the floor; Tatanka distracts Lex allowing Bundy to nail him from behind. Bigelow tags back in and Luger dominates him and Bundy; Tatanka tags in charges right into a clothesline and almost gets pinned. Luger hits a sunset flip but Tatanka gets a tag to Bigelow on his way down; Bam Bam hits a vertical suplex and tags Bundy. King Kong Bundy drops a knee and they begin to quick tag on Lex. Tatanka returns and hammers away on Luger with Tomahawk chops; Dibiase gloats to the camera on the floor. Bigelow hits a low head-butt and kicks away at the gut; with Luger on the mat, Bigelow hits stalling head-butt gets a nearfall. Bundy sends Luger into the corner hard he ricochets out and lands on the canvas, which turns out better for him, considering Bundy could have hit the Avalanche in the corner. Tatanka returns and hits a powerslam for two so Tatanka drops three elbows off the ropes. Tatanka signals for the end but Luger sneaks in an inside cradle for three and Tatanka is ELIMINATED.

Before Luger can even turn over Bundy runs in and hits a big splash for three and Lex Luger is ELIMINATED; Bam Bam Bigelow and King Kong Bundy are the survivors. Post-match the surviving heels and Tatanka lays the chops into Lex. Tatanka hits the End of the Trail to Luger and Bigelow drops a head-butt. The rest of the Guts and Glory team charge out to make the save. 5/10 Not a particularly boring match except in the parts where Tatanka came in and chopped a lot; the eliminations were fast and furious preventing anyone from getting too winded.

Mr. Bob Backlund talks to Todd Pettingill claiming he has been the champion since 1978 and he reclaimed his belt tonight. Backlund is going to scrutinize, homogenize, pasteurize and synchronize the WWF back into morality. He whispers the rest of his promo and I cannot hear him. He claims to be God in the end of the promo.

Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Yokozuna (w/Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) casket match:   Chuck Norris is the special outside enforcer to prevent any outside interference like the last casket match between these two; let the Internet meme of awesome rekindle. This is the final stop on the Undertaker revenge tour since being put out at the 1994 Royal Rumble. The video wall separates and Paul Bearer and the Undertaker push the huge casket through to ringside. Taker cut-throat taunts Yoko at the bell and he sells it falling on his ass; Yoko tries to run away but Taker catches him. Yokozuna reverses a whip and avalanches the Undertaker who no-sells it and stalks Yoko. Taker scares Yoko knocking him onto the casket; Undertaker slams Yoko into the steel steps. Undertaker stalks Yoko around the ring so he reenters the ring. Taker continues to dominate and hits the Ropewalk Forearm, but Yoko doesn’t go down and catches Taker in a Samoan drop off the ropes. Taker sits up but Yoko refloors him with a clothesline; Yoko keeps knocking the Taker down but he keeps sitting up. Yokozuna tries for the casket but Taker comes back hotshotting Yoko off the top rope. Taker misses an elbow drop but sits up. Yokozuna hits an uranage slam and drops the Hulkbuster legdrop; Yoko asks for the casket opened. Taker prevents the casket from being closed and drags Yoko into the casket. They exchange fisticuffs in the casket; Mr. Fuji breaks it up, Cornette tries to come to his aide but eats an uppercut. Yoko drags him back into the ring but then quickly pitches Undertaker back to the floor. Yoko tosses Taker into the steps and then chokes him in the ropes back in the ring; Undertaker whiplashes Yoko down off a telegraphed backdrop. Taker to the top rope and hits a diving 360º clothesline. The casket lid is open and Taker starts to roll the huge ass carcass towards the casket. King Kong Bundy heads towards the ring but Chuck Norris stares him down. Bam Bam Bigelow heads out for backup but they still maintain their distance from Norris. Actually they are not “scared” of him, just distracting him, so that Irwin R. Schyster can come through the crowd and nail the Undertaker from behind and ram Taker into the turnbuckles a few times. Irwin applies a sleeper, yup, it’s an IRS beat-down, alright. Schyster drops Taker into the casket and escapes back into the crowd. Yoko flops around the ring trying to get to the casket to close it. Yoko goes to close the lid but Taker goozles him; Jeff Jarrett runs down but eats a crescent kick from Chuck Norris, possibly killing him. Meanwhile in the ring, Undertaker staggers Yokozuna with uppercuts and hits his 360º clothesline in the ring and a running DDT. Yoko gets up so Taker boots him through the ropes into the casket; Undertaker steals Mr. Fuji’s Japanese flag, breaks it, tosses it into the casket alongside Yokozuna and slams the lid shut finally defeating Yokozuna. 2.5/10 Not even the sheer awesomeness of Chuck Norris can save this match from boredom; it ran a little too long before the outside the ring shenanigans kicked in. Undertaker completes his revenge tour and head on to… battle Dibiase’s corporation again for the next year.

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The 411

Not awful because of the Bret/Backlund fiasco and the opening match as well, was fun, but not spectacular either. The other matches were average and the main event is boring; problem trying to end a show strong leaves with a bad taste in the mouth. Diesel’s face turn happens here and he gets the title the next night as Vince McMahon hitched his wagons to Big Daddy Cool for 1995. Between you, me and the lamppost, I’ve seen much, much worse in 1994.

Final Score:  5.5   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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