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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.14.22

September 15, 2022 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dynamite Jon Moxley Bryan Danielson Image Credit: AEW
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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.14.22  

AEW Dynamite

September 14th, 2022 | MVP Arena in Albany, New York

We are one week away from Grand Slam!

AEW Grand Slam Tournament Of Champions Semifinals: Jon Moxley (57-5-1) vs. Sammy Guevara (51-30)

As far as I know, their only prior meeting came at Bash at the Beach 2020 (**½), which Moxley won. I have made my feelings on Sammy clear and while I get that he’s a heel here but Darby/Moxley sounded way more interesting. No Tay Melo out with Sammy, showing he was taking this seriously. Sammy played into the idea of not being on Moxley’s level to start and used underhanded tactics to take control before getting more violent than expected with stomps into the steel steps. After a commercial break, Moxley rallied and started getting his offense in, including some submissions. I think this should’ve ended when Moxley countered the GTH into the Bulldog Choke as that came off well and was a great idea. It kept going after for an avalanche German suplex, run-ins from Tay and Anna, and the Death Rider, ending this in 13:25. That was good. It peaked a couple of minutes before finishing and there was never any drama. Plus, Sammy just isn’t that interesting to me. [***]

An angry MJF came out for a promo and had his music cut off. He ran down Jon Moxley, who was reportedly now in the showers and not listening. MJF said Moxley plays a character, isn’t real, and was raised by poor/uneducated people. He also said he’s not the same kid he was when they met in 2020. He brought up Moxley’s demons before saying he was the demon that will slay him. Then, MJF brought out a “stable for hire” led by his best friend Stokely Hathaway. Ah, so MJF isn’t with them, he just hired them. He left Hathaway to cut a promo about each member of The Firm. He laid out each member’s plans: Morrissey will go after whatever he wants, Lee Moriarty wants the ROH Pure Title, the Ass Boys will be taken seriously, and Ethan Page (who doesn’t need a mouthpiece) wants the All-Atlantic Title. This was a fine idea but it dragged on and wasn’t Hathaway’s best work.

Jay Lethal (20-7) vs. Jungle Boy (79-42-1)

JB issued an open challenge and Jay Lethal answered. Why does Tony Khan hate me? Just casually booking Sammy and Jay in back-to-back matches is like a form of torture. This was basically the Jay Lethal special in that almost everything in here was technically fine but it also lacked anything to make it stand out. They also just didn’t seem to click the way you would probably hope. Lethal worked the heat throughout a commercial before JB turned it around and got two with a Brainbuster. JB survived some interference from Sonjay and they went into counters revolving around the Snare Trap before JB won with it in 10:34. [**½]

We got training footage of Action Bronson and Hook preparing for next week. I’m stoked for this match.

Backstage, Luigi Primo went to showcase his pizza-making skills only for Ethan Page to kick him and lay him out. As Ethan spoke about taking this job seriously, Danhausen interrupted to put over his serious win on Dark yesterday. Page laughed and said that he’ll take out AEW’s jester on Rampage but Danhausen failed to understand that he’s the jester Ethan was talking about.

Matt Hardy cut a promo about being unimpressed with Darby’s risky antics and challenged him for Friday. Yawn.

Matt DiMartino (0-0) vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (54-21)

This jobber looked 12. Hobbs beat him in 26 seconds with the spinebuster. [NR]

After the bell, Hobbs (who somehow busted his lip) cut a promo on Ricky Starks who slowly walked down through the crowd for a confrontation. This time, he won out by hitting Hobbs with the microphone. Simple, yet effective.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Swerve In Our Glory [c] (13-2) vs. The Lucha Brothers (28-12)

The idea here is that the Lucha Brothers could become double champions like their partner PAC. It’s wild that The Acclaimed are so over that the champs have unexpectedly become heels due to it. Lucha Underground shining in this match (sans Lee). This was good stuff with Swerve showing good chemistry with his opponents and Lee playing the powerhouse role perfectly. They worked through a commercial break but didn’t get much time beyond that. The highlight came when Fénix hit Swerve with a top rope Spanish Fly followed by Penta jumping off of his brother’s back into a Mexican Destroyer on Lee. It rightfully got a standing ovation. Soon after, Penta fell to the Big Bang Catastrophe in 8:12. That was a quality match though again, it lacked any drama since the titles weren’t getting moved before the big match next week. It was also kept short, maybe to save stuff for a bigger match in the future. [***¼]

The Acclaimed arrived to a huge pop and cut a promo about Swerve “nut hugging famous people he knows” and that they will win the titles next week. Bowens called them “Drake and Josh,” which popped me. They’ve also got new Scissor Me Daddy shirts.

PAC had a short promo in the back about that loss not being a real bump in the road because of their momentum. Then, he was laid out by Orange Cassidy in a hilariously weak-looking punch. OC said he wanted a title shot. That wasn’t a face thing to do.

Athena (8-2) and Toni Storm (18-3) vs. Britt Baker (38-14) and Serena Deeb (22-2)

Oh, god. On top of Sammy and Jay, they booked the dentist too? This isn’t my day. Baker hasn’t spoken to Jamie Hayter since All Out. I like Toni but man, she really is out there every week when other women barely appear. As expected, this was given a decent amount of time and went through a commercial break. I popped for Athena busting out sweet offense like a modified rib breaker. I think that’s what I should call it. It was cool either way. Athena took the heat during that commercial with Deeb and Baker working well together. Toni got the hot tag and had a fine run though her interactions with Britt were kind of lackluster. Like, she awkwardly just walked into Slingblade and it didn’t look good. The finish saw distractions and a chair shot allow Deeb to pin Storm in 8:37. Why is Toni already losing as champ? Someone stop the dentist, please. [**½]

Post-match, the heels beat up the faces and went to use the chair but here came Jamie Hayter to a pop. She stopped Britt from using the chair only to hit Toni with it herself. She then shouted at Britt and showed her no love on the way out.


· Samoa Joe defends the ROH TV Title against Josh Woods

· Ethan Page vs. Danhausen

· Penelope Ford vs. Willow Nightingale

· Matt Hardy vs. Darby Allin


· Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho or Bryan Danielson to crown the AEW World Champion

· Swerve in Our Glory vs. The Acclaimed II

· Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm vs. Athena vs. Serena Deeb for the Women’s Title

· PAC vs. Orange Cassidy for the All-Atlantic Title


· Hook and Action Bronson vs. 2.0

AEW Grand Slam Tournament Of Champions Semifinals: Bryan Danielson (30-6-2) vs. Chris Jericho (47-19-1)

Their match at All Out was good but disappointing (***¼). “Judas” is a MID song but it appeared in Cobra Kai so I give it a boost. I love when a match makes sense and this one did right from the start. It sounds simple but it’s so important. Jericho controlled the pace last time and worked a slow style, so Danielson came out with chops and looked to prevent that this time around. Danielson held serve because of it and did things like joint manipulation (another match aspect that I love). Jericho found a way to swing the momentum and even hit a plancha to the outside before adding some disrespectful slaps. After a break, we returned to see Jericho hit a super rana that looked pretty sick. That triggered a pretty great final 10 minutes. They started throwing bigger moves and then we got the moment of Danielson’s foot getting injured. He had to unlace the boot and everything. Jericho pounced and did the ring post Figure Four, another favorite of mine. Danielson refused to give up despite everything Jericho threw at him. He turned the Walls into the LeBelle Lock, which got him the win after 19:40. A big step up from the PPV thanks to the kind of wrestling that was right up my alley. [****]

Jon Moxley came out and shook hands with Danielson, who was really limping.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I couldn’t totally get into a lot of that episode as the matches were good but not great and it focused on wrestlers I don’t really care for. Despite that, it moved along quickly, was mostly entertaining throughout, set up next week, and gave us a great main event.

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