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Raw Retrospective: Monday Night Raw 10.04.93

December 13, 2011 | Posted by Trace Aber
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Raw Retrospective: Monday Night Raw 10.04.93  

WWF RAW Episode Thirty-Four
October 4, 1993
Taped from New Haven, CT
Hosts: Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan

We kick the show with Tatanka’s music playing over the PA as he enters the ring for the opening battle royal. Heenan and McMahon put over the danger of the match (which I never bought) as Adam Bomb shows his tongue. Heenan picks Booger, but who cares – the Quebecers are coming out and their glorious music is playing! We cut to commercial break as more people enter the ring.

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royale
Participants in this are; IRS, Randy Savage, Adam Bomb, Giant Gonzalez, Mr. Perfect, Owen Hart, Rick Martel, Jimmy Snuka , Bob Backlund, Pierre, Jacques, Razor Ramon, Mabel, Diesel, MVP, 123 Kid, Bigelow, Marty Jannetty, Tatanka, and Bastion Booger. Savage is the last one in the ring and he goes straight to Gonzalez, who is quickly eliminated by half the participants. I believe that’s the last we would see of him in America – WWF at least. IRS and Booger nearly eliminate Savage, but Jannetty for whatever reason makes the save. What a nice guy. Savage tries to throw Mabel over the top rope but that works about as well as you’d imagine. Mabel rakes Tatanka’s eyes and drools all over the place, which isn’t very face like. Jacques gets caught by Ramon and nearly tossed out, but Pierre saves him. Diesel throws Mabel over the top rope getting the second elimination of the match. Savage and Perfect battle for elimination in what may be the most believable of survival I’ve seen. IRS gets sent out by Ramon. Booger easily tosses the Kid out. Diesel charges at Perfect who ducks and eliminates the big man as we cut to commercial break. Backlund gets sent over as soon as we come back, but I’m not sure who eliminated him. Heenan brings up the rumor that Savage made sure Crush couldn’t enter the match, furthering the storyline between him. Snuka gets tossed by Martel, who follows up by having a horribly awkward sequence with Jannetty. Bigelow just THROWS Perfect over the top rope in a bump that could have ended poorly. Why the hell is MVP still in this match? Savage gets hooked in the ropes and good sport Jannetty unties him before being promptly eliminated by Adam Bomb. Tatanka starts chopping Bigelow down until Bigelow ducks, sending Tatanka over the top rope with his own momentum. Everytime they show Booger he’s on his knees looking out of breath. Savage, tired of this, throws Booger out with ease. Ramon clotheslines Bigelow over the top rope with ease. Seriously…how is MVP still in…oh, Owen Hart just eliminated him. Cool. Hart gets eliminated as well. Martel, Adam Bomb and the Quebecers conspire against Ramon and Savage. The Quebecers double team Ramon while Bomb and Martel take turns kicking Savage. Adam Bomb accidentally punches Martel out which leads to Bomb’s elimination by Savage. Bomb holds onto Savage’s foot, which allows the Quebecers and Martel to take him out. Ramon is surrounded by the three heels, which doesn’t start out well for him. They go for a triple dropkick but Ramon stops the momentum, causing them all to flop to the ground in a cool spot. Ramon begins fighting back, but Martel manages to sneak up from behind to give the heels the advantage once more. The Quebecers and Martel take turns holding Ramon up for the other to hit him, and the crowd is solidly behind Ramon. Martel gets taken down, so the Quebecers both a double team on Ramon leading to their eliminations at 19:15, which means next week it’s Ramon Vs Martel for the IC championship. The crowd is pretty stoked about it, so I guess the battle royal got the job done. It was odd having to wait so long before any eliminations took place, which meant there was a LOT of dead time. Got decent once all the fodder was out though. **
Winners: Rick Martel and Razor Ramon

The Heavenly Bodies Vs Scott Thomas and Mark Taylor
We come back from break with the match starting and Heenan saying Hogan would be on Superstars. Del Ray and Pritchard pick apart Thomas until he gets the tag to Taylor, who gets taken out all the same. Del Ray hit a scary-looking slingshot clothesline. Pritchard hits a second rope spinebuster and stalling suplex. Cornett climbs into the ring solely to yell at Taylor. Del Ray finishes with a DDT (assisted by Pritchard, who clothesline Del Ray?) for the pin at 3:20. DUD. Sloppy and uninspired.
Winners: The Heavenly Bodies

We go back to Superstars where Doink teases throwing water on Bigelow, but opts for confetti. Bigelow lets it slide this one time (always one to enjoy a good prank), but promises to “rip your head off” next time it happens. Luna yells at Doink as he’s walking away, so he puts the bucket over her head, spilling water everywhere. Bigelow chases after Doink but ends up getting tripped for his troubles. A random jobber in the ring checks on Luna, who keeps refusing help. Bigelow decides to take out the jobber, while Doink sets some trip wire. He runs in the ring and smacks Bigelow with a broom, leading to Bigelow tripping over the wire, obviously. Savage finds this “AWESOME!” They then show a recap of what happened…on a recap of what happened.

Doink the Clown Vs Corey Student
Doink comes out in a wagon. Corey may literally be the most generic human being in the world. Doink gets over just like any other great wrestler – throwing free cotton candy at the fans. Doink grabs a bucket from under the ring and walks towards Heenan who is begging to not get drenched, but it turns out to be popcorn anyways. Heenan overreacts in typical fashion and McMahon haves a hearty laugh. Student eats a backdrop and a hip toss, dropkick, belly to belly and Whoopie Cushion for the three at 1:56. Yokozuna should have stole that move. Would have been vicious. DUD, but you can only do so much in two minutes. Heenan continues selling the popcorn by saying its “200 pounds of caramel!”
Winner: Doink the Clown

After the match, Luna and Bigelow come out for revenge. A random official warns Bigelow not to take any action, so Bigelow breaks the wagon. Vince is outraged at this action. Seriously, Bigelow just repeatedly punches the wagon. Doink, much like myself, finds this hilarious.

Next week it’s Razor Ramon taking on Rick Martel for the Intercontinental Championship.

The 411: If you're a fan of battle royals and hate wagons, this is the show for you! Otherwise, you're not missing much.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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